{Our Love Story}

{FIRST met}
We first met at a Church dance when I was 15 and Brevin was 16. I stalked him. He was cute. 
My friend approached him and said, 
"my friend here has been checking you out all night, you should dance with her." 
then walked away. 
we danced. awkwardly.
exchanged names. said nothing else.
freaking awkward.
He doesn't even remember this. 

The next year I started high school.
I walked in to my human biology class my first day, late, and that's when Brevin checked me out. 
oh yes. 
tables had turned. 

{FIRST time talking to him}
We were in the middle of a lab, I remember turning to him and saying, kind of snotty,
  "dude, hurry up with the squamos cell slide, you're taking forever."
 He said nothing. 
Handed it to me. 
Went home. 
Facebook friend request.
I was ecstatic.

{FIRST fake "I left my book at school}
I had my biology book in my car and was procrastinating studying for our test the next day. 
So, while instant messaging, I told him I forgot it.
 He got all spiffed up, cologne and all, showed up with the book. 
Then left.
Needless to say, I didn't study. 
Instead, I wrote a geeky poem and left it in his book. 
He still has it. 
failed the test.

{FIRST date}
Sweethearts Ball. 
McCall asked.
Brevin- Senior
McCall- Sophomore
February 23, 2008

{FIRST hand hold}
During 'School of Rock.'
sitting in an awkward bean bag chair.
everyone watching. 
my friends far from being subtle.
March 8th, 2008

{FIRST "I love you"}
will let you know when I find my journal. ha.
 it was cute though.
 whispered it in my ear during a movie.
 I almost threw up I had the butterflies so bad.

{FIRST kiss}
During 'Whose Line' at 2:00 am
awkward as heck.
January 1st 2009

Guatemala LDS Mission
August 5, 2009- August 11, 2011
we wrote.
we emailed sometimes. shhhh don't tell anyone.

{FIRST day back}
that's really all I can say.
August 11, 2011

Thankfully he was only in the "awkward missionary stage" for a day.
from here our adventures took off. we went on lots of dates.

after baptisms for the dead. 
at the Oquirrah Mountain Temple.
In the cold. with wet hair. on a bench that froze my bottom.
Got down on one knee.
I said yes.
November 8, 2011

{the move}
He moved to Kennewick WA 3 days later. 
left me to plan the wedding.
November 11, 2011

We were sealed in the Salt Lake Temple.
Reception at Magnolia Grove Reception Center.
Forever started.
February 10, 2012

{The move, for both of us}
Moved to Kennewick WA
... the day after our wedding. 
Feb 12, 2012
Sept 11, 2014

{The move, again}
Moved to Ogden UT
Sept 12, 2014
Oct 15, 2015

{The move back}
Moved to Kennewick, WA
Oct 15, 2015

and we lived happily ever after. 
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  1. I totally just read that. It I must admit, it was pretty dang cute. So happy for you guys!


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