{about us}

We're the Cliffords!

I'm McCall! 

(The main voice behind the blog)
I am a wife to my best friend whom I love with all my heart, 
I am a photographer, an art addict, blogger, and neat freak. 
(not that it's always actually neat. ha) 
I wish.

I love to laugh and I love my dogs.
This blog was originally my online spew of thoughts, 
now transformed into "our" blog... so if you want a laugh you can look 
through all my adult lesson years posts. haha.

~Connect with McCall~

He's Brevin!
(The Hubs McGee)
He is a funeral director and licensed embalmer (aka Mortician) at Muellers Funeral Homes.
I promise it's not as creepy as it sounds. 
He also sells insurance. 
He is the most random kid you'll meet. 
He is not as quiet as he seems to the outside world...
 in fact that is quite opposite.
He loves llamas, hearses and collecting them. ha. 
He is very proud of his Scottish heritage and enjoys strutting
 around in his kilt, and making up the most random 
non comprehensible songs ever. 

~Connect with Brevin~ 

He's Koda! 
aka- Koda Ann, Teddy,  Krawdad-Ann, Kodashian,  Koda Bean, Soda, Annie, Frank, Teddy, The Kodes, Nugget, Poop head, Koda shugs, and "My Hell."  
{we try not to use that last one.} lol. 
Koda is our sweet mutt. 
He's a Basset, Coonhound, Terrier....Koda is a mutt. 
He loves to frolic and gallop like a reindeer.
He loves playing rough with dad and 
cuddlin' with mom and Molly. 
PitaPata Dog tickers

She's Molly!
aka- Molly-Bob, Moldemort, Mildrid, Piglet, little pig, Moldy, 
Malldie, Golden Nugget, Butter Ball, Milton Freewater, Tweenkie on stilts, Rollie Pollie, Squish face, and Stanky toot.
The newest member of our family. 
Molly Bob loves to cuddle, 
she would rather cuddle than play. 
She's a people person.
She's also the laziest dog we've ever met. 
She likes to use the carpet as her 2 ply and stretch out and sit like a frog.
She puts herself to bed at 10pm sharp and isn't afraid to stand up to her brother Koda.
PitaPata Dog tickers

We sure love our furry children!

Thanks for stopping by to meet us! 
Wanna read our love story?? Click HERE.


  1. McCall,
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    1. Well thank you so much! You're so sweet! I feel honored!


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