March 9, 2017

Great things are coming


We went to the reception for one of our Sunday school kiddos from 5 years ago. It's crazy how time flies!

Brevin got to translate at Stake Conference. It was nerve racking. He needed a drink real bad but couldn't take a break until the closing hymn.

I started a boot camp. I was really nervous about it, but excited. I'm  starting to feel better. I've lost 14lbs so far and 25in of fat! And through it all I still hate running. lol. 

We box every Wednesday. I love it.

Puppy Cuteness. 

 My loves.

They like to sit with me while I do homework or blog.

The kids got their bark box for February! Koda loves his new hippo and Molly goes crazy over the treats. 

My sweet friend Brooke sent me this book when she heard about my struggles with infertility. So thoughtful of her! So far the book is great.Very motivating.  

I bought some Lipsense from Brooke as well. I love it. 

Here are some art projects at work as of lately. 

Brevin and I cleaned the entire kitchen then couldn't decided on what hand towel to use. So we used one of each of ours we got as presents from Christmas. 

We babysat some cute kiddos in our ward while their mom got her wisdom teeth out. They were so sweet. We watched Trolls and Hercules, colored, and ate peaches.

We've been married for 5 years now! Can you believe it?! We went out to dinner a couple nights earlier since Brevin wasn't on call. We went to Bella Italia, one of our favorite restaurants. 

We've continued our virtual runs. Brevin's most recent one was for suicide prevention.

My most recent was run for the rescues. For puppies. :) 

Love me some Facetime.

I took a trip to Utah while Brevin went to South Carolina for his national funeral exam committee meetings. Thanks to our sky miles my flight only cost $11!

I went to Dennys for breakfast with Kristine and MaryAnn. It was lots of fun catching up with them.

We had a girls night to Spaghetti Factory. Love seeing my sweet nieces and sister inlaw, Christelle. 

I had lunch at Zupas with one of my besties, Krista. She's such a sweetie, I wish we lived closer. 

Mom spoiled me hardcore with new clothes, manicure gel nails and new hair and eyebrows. I feel so glamorous. lol

I went with Mom and Dad and did family sealings in the Salt Lake Temple. It was such a neat experience, I got to be a daughter for at least 20 of the sealings. 

Brevin picked me up from the airport and surprised me with these lovely purple tulips. He's a keeper.

Brevin's trip was beautiful, full of palm trees, sunsets and just overall lovely weather. Brevin is the youngest member of this committee.

Brevin met a lot of funeral directors from all over the US and Canada. He had dinner with the Alabama state funeral board. 
 He spent time with the Science and Arts committees both during the meetings and free time.
 Brevin had to rub in the fact that he ate fresh seafood every day. I'm so jealous. 
Brevin reapplied for the Sciences NBE committee for this year. He's hoping to get in so he can go to New York. lol. 

Brevin completed his CFSP designation (Certified Funeral Service Practitioner) through the Academy of Funeral Service Practice. So a doctor says MD after their name while Brevin's will be Brevin Clifford, CFSP.

I've made a big decision... I'm quitting my job and returning to school full time to finish my associates in visual arts. I'm about a year away from finishing. It's super bitter sweet leaving my kiddos and coworkers, but I'm excited for the change. I'll continue to finish Pathway while starting up again at Columbia Basin College for my associates. Then I'll probably transfer to BYU-I online for my bachelors. All while getting licensed to be Foster parents in May. 
Great things are coming.