January 21, 2017

virtual post

We fed the Elders in our ward. We're pretty awesome cooks so naturally we bought pizza. lol. The boys loved it, it was fun to learn about them and hear of their successes. One of the Elders refuses to wear a coat which drives me crazy but whatever.

Brevin has had his fill of some chilly graveside services.
Thankfully it's a beautiful view!

We took our neighbor Peggy out to dinner at Sterling's. It was fun to spend time with her and learn new things about her life.

Check out this 9 ft icicle on the back of our house. Crazy!

I got these sweet Book of Mormon study guides to use as my elevated learning experience for institute. They're so awesome and helpful, especially if you're a visual learner. You can find them HERE.

Our sweet Louisiana nieces used the Build a Bear gift card we got them to buy new clothes for their bears. Look how cute these two are! 

Brevin and I are starting a new hobby of doing virtual runs. You pick out the medal you want and pay for it then do the run/walk on your own time and wa-la. Here's Brevin's first one. It's called Run of the Dead and proceeds go to blood cancer patients. My first one is in February and is for puppies. I'm excited, mine even comes with a Tshirt! Anyway, we plan to create a nice medal collection. Fun way to keep moving and feeling successful.

We are turning into some health nuts. I quite drinking pop and we've been working out a lot. It's been rough but good. 

We found a new frozen yogurt place in town called Yogurt Beach and had a sweet treat date night. 

Brevin bought me a Spire for an early anniversary gift. I struggle with major anxiety and this tracker helps me track my breathing. It will tell me when I'm focused, calm, or stressed out based on my breathing patterns. Pretty nifty. 

I only worked one day this week due to the snow days. The kids aren't getting out of school until the 20th of June at this point! Crazy weather. My art around the world class consists of 5 and 6 year olds so having sudden outburst of singing isn't uncommon. lol. They are so cute!

We went to a fun game night with some people in our ward around our age. It was fun making new friends. They told us about a game store and we went and checked it out. It has hundreds of games.

The kids got their Bark Box. Koda managed to destroy the plane plushy in a matter of minutes. Molly was super excited about the treats as usual. 

Koda likes to sit in the chair next to me when I'm doing homework. lol.

Anyways, I'm off to plan my lesson for young womens tomorrow.
Happy Saturday to you!

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