September 18, 2016

Lonely Pumpkin Pie

I'm here blogging alone in my lonely house with a lonely coke in my lonely hand. Okay so it's not that bad, but Brevin's out of town and the dogs have been napping ALL day long. 

Brevin is in Las Vegas for a National Board Exam Committee conference. He's super excited. He along side 15 others will go through each question in the Funeral directors exam and check for errors and make sure it's up to date with the standards. He plans on eating everything I don't like while he's away. He visited Aunt Becky and her family today for lunch and had a swell ole time. He took a walk around and hit 10,000 steps! Here's some fun stuff he found on his walk. Now off to the $25 buffet!

Funnest news of the funnest news ever! 
We have a new niece! Arya Skye Parrish! That make 5 nieces! 
So much fun. We wish we could be there. 
Here are some stolen pictures from the fam....

Brevin gave blood for our blood drive. I would have if I wasn't a ghost without blood to give. He then treated himself to some pretty creepin' Reeses.

The art teaching began. I teach 6 classes: beginning photography, advanced photography, painting, abstract art, art around the world and photo editing. You can see some details about my first 3 weeks here, here, and here. It's so fun and sometimes stressful to come up with activities, but I love having the freedom in teaching my classes and the kids are so fun. 

As I've said before, I've joined a gym. I'm taking some of the easier classes to start off from being out of shape. So I'm in there with people like me and a whole lot of senior citizens. They're the cutest. We Zumba it up. One brings produce to every class to share. Others tell me how they hate being diabetic and just want pumpkin pie this time of year.

Speaking of pumpkin pie....

We went to McDonalds to order some of their amazing pumpkin pies, cuz yah know, fall. and I was like "Brevin I want 2" he looked at me like 'girl are you serious' then turned to order "can I get 4 pumpkin pies?" We then drove up to pay and he loudly leans back to our empty backseat and says "now only one each kids." I about died. Which is funny because he's a mortician. hahahaha. I'm low blood sugared.
More mortician humor for you....Brevin says this person has to urns because they have split personalities. I don't know what's funnier, Brevin telling the joke or watching him giggle at it.

I've started school through pathway! It's very exciting and motivating to be going back to school. I'm required to take an institute class, so Brevin has joined me. We're taking the "Eternal Families" class. Then afterwards I have a gathering for school. So far the assignments have been cake, but I'm having fun getting to know people. 

We had a swell time going to the temple to do sealings for the family. We love our temple up here.

We finally figured out a pretty good laundry system, so we updated our laundry room. btw, there's like 5 people living here we don't know about by the amount of laundry we have. eek. No Christmas clothes palease. lol. I love having a silhouette machine so I can vinyl up the walls of our house.

I took pictures for the funeral homes to use on their websites, brochures and stuff. It was fun, not your average photography gig, but it's good to be well rounded. . . . like pumpkin pie. HA.  

I'm going to go eat now.
Have a great week ya'll!