August 19, 2016

the summer load


We've taken a couple trips to Utah this summer. Our first one was early June where all my nieces were together in the same place. Pretty rare. It was adorable to have them together playing, and I absolutely loved watching Brevin flip on Funcle mode. He's going to make a great daddy someday. 

We played at the park.

We went to Finding Dory.

We went to Cracker Barrel and Grandma came. I love this picture of Grandma and Gabby. Such a sweet memory. 

We rode the train at the mall.

and shopping

Probably the best part about our first visit to Utah was Taylorsville Dayzz. We had a blast riding rides with the nieces and Brevin's sister Rosie. 

We got our faces painted.

We watched fireworks and fell asleep on all car rides.

So we had a scare and couldn't find Molly. It's really sad to lose your dog in your dead grass.

Summer camp has been a fun adventure. It's really fun to enjoy the company of such crazy kiddos.
Brevin and I had a fun paint night. His turned out super cool.  

Alright, Pokemon Go.... fun way to get to the craft store without your husband complaining. lol. just kidding, he loves shopping with me. Especially since it's Halloween in August at Michaels. He loves checking out all the skulls, coffins, and hearses.

I had a fun time face timing my parents while Brevin's cousin, Quinton, cut my dad's beautiful white hair. 

The sweetnesses.

We had a fun mini photoshoot for our sweet little Parrish girlies. 

We had fun playing with Grandma's huge beach balls.

Brevin doesn't know his strength... he chucked one over the fence.

For our second trip down we took some fun pictures of the Clifford peeps before Ian left on his mission. 

We went to a fun King Singers/ Mormon Tabernacle performance. Great night. Before we got there we went up parking garage that was under construction. Immediately regretted that decision, it was creepy and at any given moment you could drive off the edges. Sticking to the City Center underground parking from now on. 

We celebrated Stella's 3rd Birthday. 

We got a doll that looks like her

We had a fun time celebrating by going to the aquarium. 

We went to Spaghetti Factory! Love of my stomach's life! ha. Had fun watching sweet Bayli being cute. We went to celebrate Mom and Brevin's shared birthday. 

Here's some fun activities from some of the summer camps.

Brevin's 26! He was spoiled with a new Fitbit and a model hearse.

Brevin surprised me with an awesome Bob Ross shirt. Pretty much the most epic thing ever. 

I was feeling depressed a couple Saturdays ago, so Brevin took me to Petsmart to see all the puppies for adoption. It took a lot for me not to adopt this cute scruffy face.

Anywho... that's our summer in a nutshell thus far.