April 26, 2016


Hello there.

I got my Appendix out.

 That little stinker.
Over the last year I've been having terrible cramps and crazy pain thinking it was all because of my PCOS and my inability to conceive. Not completely true now.
I was in so much pain that Friday that I was grateful we were so low on kids for our licensed preschool, I was able to leave early and go straight to the ER.

Turns out the surgeon thinks that my appendix actually burst back in February and managed to callus over somehow as my body's way of protecting itself. We were on our anniversary trip when I had very similar pain and couldn't really function because of it, so yeah his predictions are on point.

This time around I was sure it was a ovarian cyst. I was soooo sure. I went to the ER expecting them to take me to ultra sound and be like, "boom!" Here's the answer to all your problems. Instead they're like, lets milk your insurance money cow and start with a CT scan. Well. Bam! Here's your answer to many if not all the problems that have been causing you severe pain for the last year.

So in a nutshell I had appendicitis that is assumed to be present for at least 2 months, with possible flair ups before. They went in with the attempt to bust that bad boy out lapriscopically but found he had too much fun making friends and getting attached to other intestines. like, ew. So instead of 3 small incisions I have 2 small and one gnarly one that's nearly a foot long that I'll get to gross my kids out with someday.
I would post a picture, but I shouldn't, but know this... I wanted to.

I got to have a "fun" sleepover at the hospital for 5 days. I do not wish it on anyone. and I applaud all those who work with people like me afterward surgeries. I'm a pretty happy camper but mix me with morphine, a wound, uncomfortable position, and coughing, I become a sassy grump. Brevin bought me a dog, kind of a tradition when I'm really sick, hopefully a tradition that will end soon. I named him Jon Morphine, after my favorite nurse and the drug they had me looped on. 

I can't even tell you the amount of joy I got when we were told I could go home. I went from not wanting to do anything at all to hey, I can at least blog, or watch something (not that there wasn't a tv, but you get to the point where you don't want to watch it. Plus like, no Netflix.), or maybe I'll draw. It amazes me how a small change of scenery can help. It's been a lot better than the hospital stay. So... I can't lift more than 10lbs for the next 2 months, doc has me out of work for a month, and I can't exercise (which sucks because I was starting a pretty good routine there.) All has gone well in healing for the most part, just a matter of re-positioning and looking like this in my sweat pants. 

Anyway, lets take a stroll away from the unexpected weekend stay at the hospital to some other fun happenings with us Clifford's lately.

We had the wonderful opportunity of attending a Sealing at the Columbia River Temple for a frie...family member of ours. We love our sorta family here in Washington.
So happy for Summer and Daryl.

Brevin got to puppy sit Zues. He's Kent's dog. Cute little guy.
He's half the size of Molly which is very itty bitty.

I'm so sad to leave my sweet preschoolers. I didn't even get a chance to say goodbye considering my last day was I rushed out to the ER. I'm in the process of making them owl crayons to give to each of them saying, "Owl miss you" Here are some of my last memories with the sweetnesses.I will become a substitute when needed at the preschool now.

And of course I'm going to miss the spunky ladies I worked with as well.

Oh! here's an adorable picture of my nephew Liam being all supportive. Such a stud muffin.

The dogs.....oh the dogs. I feel so bad for them, every time they want to cuddle with me I have to shut them down because they are pouncers. Especially around the belly area. I managed to sit with Molly for a while, since she's weird and sits like a human sometimes. They've enjoyed sleeping all day while I do little things like blog, draw, and find a comfy position to binge watch Once Upon a Time.

We went and saw My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2.
 It was cute, Brevin cried a little at the end, which is even cuter.

Brevin has a calling!
He is an Elder's Quorum teacher, he taught his first lesson on being a missionary.

I got my hair did. It's burgandy. I got to show it off for a week before it sadly stayed in bed for 3 weeks. sigh. The worse part is I already need to touch it up.

TriCities has a Jamba Juice! I was so excited to hear it came. Now all we need is a Maddox, Sills, Brick Oven, Spaghetti Factory, Noodles, etc.

Artsy fartsy as of lately.


I made a design team, it's called The Crafter's Workshop. I will be creating art using their stencils to help spark ideas for potential customers. That and I get free stuff, more craft supplies!!!

I've been chosen to create a mural for a community event. It will be 6ft x 18ft. I've submitted my concepts and now am working on fixes here and there from Numerica to capture their vision.
In other words, I can't show you yet.

I created these cute infograph signs for 2 of my nieces.

Ya know all the heat transfer vinyl I bought? You saw Brevin's hat, but check out my sweater.

We started painting tires I've gathered for free through craigslist and other sight. We plan to plant flowers in them to put in front of our house. Sadly the speed of that taking place is slowing down since I can't carry more than 10lbs.

 This is what we had in mind.

Brevin and I are the children of high end hand-me-downs. We received a beautiful living room set, with 2 end tables and a coffee table from his wonderful bosses. On Wednesday we are receiving... wait for it.... a KING size bed! Time to sprawl, and sprawl some more. The owners are leaving on a mission and getting rid of their stuff so we got to be a part of the line down. Like, so excited!

Well that's all for now.
We're excited to see what the next few months have in store for us kids.
Until then....