January 18, 2016


Hey ya'll. 
This is a longish post.
Today we are blogging together. 
I'm regular type.
Brevin is Italic 
(Brevin didn't actually type, I typed what he said. 
Now you can experience the true randomness of my husband)
Welcome to a long, but exciting yawn-a-thon
I love to blog with a pash.

It's been quite an adjustment being away from family
but thank heavens there is such thing as Facetime and Facebook video chat. 
These cutenesses are like so cute, we enjoy technology and are 
glad it allows us to communicate in a swell way. 

We had a fun preschool luncheon with the kiddos and their families.
 I made these fun center piece turkeys, and was the photographer for the event.

Here's the preschool teacher crew. Love these ladies, such a pleasure to work with.

McCall is now 24, old enough to be 24.
We decided to get her a big girl gift of the camera variety. 
I'm 24. Yay. 
Brevin treated me to one of my favorite Italian restaurants Bella Italia. 
I got a new camera I've been wanting for like 5 years. 
My other camera is about 7 years old, so this was definitely a treat!

If you didn't get a greeting card, here it is! 

Putting Christmas decorations up in our new home. 
So much fun except for I hate those lights with a passion.

And for the puppy loves....
I just love these cutenesses. 

We celebrated the pups birthdays. They are 4. Well, Koda is 4, Molly's age is unknown. 
We celebrate anyway. Molly didn't want anything to do with the candles.
We made a special dog treat cake filled with meaty soft gooieness, 
they are some sweet mutts but we love them more than toast. 

Hanging out with me in the loft. 

nigh nigh land

Pinterest let me down. hahaha.
Thankfully I managed to tame the beast.
She looks beautiful even with an afro. 
Pretty much every morning she has an afro. 
just joking. el o el
We also tried a Pinterest face mask tutorial and it was weird. . . and it hurt.
I didn't like it cuz i couldn't like move my face and it felt so icky and sticky and 
picky, and she made me to do it. I ended up just washing it off, instead of peeling. 

As a preschool team we created the set for our Christmas performance. 
I got to bust out my jigsaw to cut the outlines of our Christmas village houses. 

And look how wonderful the set turned out! Our Preschool performance was adorable.
I had the opportunity to take Santa pictures. 
It was so cute to see the kid's telling Santa what they wanted.
So glad I went, so cute. My only regret is that I didn't get a picture with Santa. Someday.

We've been painting here and there. This is our living room so far. Looks way brighter. 
It look dang goooood. Just need to save up for a new TV mantel piece.

Brevin finally got all the 70's wallpaper down from the dining room and we've started painting.
I wanted to kill whoever put up the wallpaper, but after some long hard days of work and a little bit of elbow grease, it looks gooder than ezra, better than ezra i should say... minty fresh. 

I got my hair cut to a long pixie/ short bob. 
look swell. beautiful. pretty. I love McCall.

The greatest thing about Pasco is finding the BEST Mexican food.
I love me some Elote en vaso.
Just proves pasco is really Mexico. 
good times. good times. 

We had a fire drill at the club and these poor cutenesses had to go outside quickly and without coats.
But in reality that's what we'd have to do if it were real. They were good sports about it. 

We made Rudolph hats! Yeah for Christmas break! 

Brevin and I were able to go to an accapella concert on
behalf of Muellers Funeral Homes. It was lots of fun.
I thought it was fun to go to a concert after such a long time of not going to a concert. Wasn't expecting drums with an acapella concert but it was fun, and the singing was swell. 

Brevin got an early Christmas shirt.
I saw it at the store and thought to myself... now that is holiday as they say in the grinch. 

Jameson, Christelle, Stella, and Bayli came up to visit.
It was fun hanging with them and showing them our place.
The girls were adorable as usual. 

At the Mercantile Stella and I had fun going up and down the stairs, eating ice cweem, 
and trying all sorts of fun snacks. She's my little buddy. 

I wasn't feeling well one day when Brevin brought me this gift.
I was so honored until he told me that the roses were from leftover funeral
flowers and the CD was a gift someone at work didn't want. Shucks babe thanks. lol.
Although, I still loved it.
I thought McCall would love this CD because she told me that she wanted it for her birthday but we never ended up getting it. So when it became available I gave it to her.

that is all.
Not what I expected but it was a fun time. good movie with my favorite girl by my side.
Fun time had by all, except for Koda Ann and Molly cuz they couldn't go to the theater. 

While we wished we could have taken a plane to Utah for Christmas, we were excited to drive and be able to give bigger presents. We tetrased them up in the car. It was quite a squishy ride.
It was so much fun to spend 10 hours driving to Utah with a trunk full of presents with the dogs smashed onto one little part of the seat. And McCall and the dogs
 shared a bed it the hotel and I slept in the other queen. 
The dogs wouldn't move over when I had fallen asleep. They like to sprawl. 

On Christmas Eve we had fun exploring down town, The soup kitchen (an actual restaurant) and Color me mine pottery with my parents.  

Dad decorated a switch plate, Mom decorated a frame,
Brevin decorated a skull (obviously), and I decorated a square vase.
Normally I'm not a pottery dude but it was a lot of fun to paint what 
I tried to be a Celtic skull, but it ended up being a green skull with 
some squiglies on it. Tear. one day I will be an artist, but not today Zurg.
His skull looks awesome.

Here's my vase before and after. 

Christmas with the Parrish Fam.
We were spoiled.

Bayli is the most smiley baby on the whole world. Brevin adores her.
Bayli is such a sweet spirit and a happy little girl, I love my little nieces.

I made Stella a "quilted" rocking chair because she loves mine on the right. She loved it. 
It was so much fun seeing Stella's face when she saw the chair inside the box. She right away sat down in it while saying "I love it!"

We had our Christmas exchange and fun was had by all. Lots of fun presents.
What a cool gift! 
When I saw "jewelry box" on the side of the cardboard box it's not 
what I expected to be inside. So awesome. 

Kids are the best. Stella's favorite gift from us was a puzzle that was $3.

Christmas with the Clifford Fam

We went to Grandma's house for the Christmas Adam party. This was my first year going. It was a lot of fun. Lots of singing, good food, and fun gift sacks from Grandma and Grandpa.
It was so much fun, I loved the sing along at grandma's house, it's been so long since we particiapated. Advil was needed but it was so much fun. 

We had our fun gift exchange.
Lots of funny gifts as usual.We were spoiled.
I enjoyed the gift exchange. Even though some of us who have grown up it's just fun to joke around and give funny gifts and be with the fam. The star wars pajamas are cooler than ezra.

Grandma and Grandpa got their Grandpups hoodies to match Aunt mini.
They are so stinkin' cute on them!
The doggies are so spoiled it was so funny to see all 3 dog just loving 
their hoodies like real home dogs. Spelled with a W G. Home dawgs. 

The fact this picture happened is amazing. Koda was so tired he didn't even mind being a present.

Brevin got a swell Christmas sweater vest. he loves it. Here's a cute selfie of him. 

Pooped Pup. The drives home from Utah are always relaxing with the 
dogs sleeping for almost the whole 10 hours.

New year. New hair.

Taught the preschoolers how to correctly use water color paint.
It sounds intriguing, but it was pretty much me telling them not to mix the colors. ha.

He's ready for St. Patty's already.
Date night at big lots is a holly jolly time. It's always fun, I always get so excited when St. Patties day comes around. I use to dye my hair green for St. Patrick's day. But now I just wear goofy stuff...at the store.. that I don't buy.

Octopus Gardens is our favorite random stuff store in TriCities.
I mean look at this awesome unicorn.
This is where we will be buying all our Christmas gifts next year.
McCall is so embarrassing sometimes and makes me wear weird 
shtuff all the time to take my picture. So cray cray. 

During our visit the the Cliffords we came across some
fun CD's of Brevin's that he would burn and name. This one is my favorite.
I don;t know, I was a weird wild child. I still am. 

We took an adventure around and took some senior pictures
of Igore Ian of the little brother in-law variety.
Such a cute little monkey. So much fun to see baby brother grow 
up, I can't believe he's a senior.

We also had an awesome time taking some early first
birthday pictures of this adorable nephew of ours.
Such a cute little monkey, he's growing up so fast, 
I can't believe he is one years old now. He sure loved that smash cake,
maybe I should have a smash cake this year. hmmmm...

I had the opportunity to take family photos for a sweet family I know from a previous ward. 

Brevin surprised me with flowers for our date night.
These ones he actually bought, not just leftover funeral flowers. lol.
I love treating my baby sweetness to surprises. So glad we 
got to go out to dinner for our date before going on a first call. And yes, 
the flowers were actually bought by me.

I got a new phone case that is sooo cool. Love me some Ebay.

I can't believe it is 2016. Another year gone, another year begun. 
Reminds me of the old saying "after midnight on new years eve, a new year begins"
that was deep.

Nothing says yummy like me eating a doughnut from Vieras bakery. Those Mexicans sure know to make doughnuts. Actually put those swell folks instead of Mexicans, that sounds kinda racist.

More Octopus gardens fun.
I got this cool 3d crystal skull puzzle. My sweet wife let me buy 
another skull. I had fun putting it together though it took patience and time to do so.

If you haven't seen this bad lip read... good for you. ha.
Brevin has played it over and over and he even burned a CD of it for his car.
Bad lip reading is my favorite Youtube. This jam is on a CD in my van, and I listen to it often, but not when McCall's in the car cuz it irritates her... 
well maybe sometimes when McCall's in the car, just for fun.
"The floors?"

And.... for the quote of the month.

Have a swell week!