December 10, 2016


Hello. I chopped my hair off again. Since you all care I'm sure. lol.

For starters let's get the puppy overload out of the way. Although we all know that's the only reason ya'll read our blog. ;) 

 We went to Salt Lake for Thanksgiving and the dogs enjoyed spending time with their Aunt Mini. 

We took a trip to the vet for some shots to get ready for boarding our pooches while we're away for Christmas.

Dec. 8th was Koda's birthday. We celebrate both of them considering we don't actually know how old or when Molly was born. 

They loved having a whole pizza to themselves. 

We had a young women recognition night. I am so impressed by the girls I work with in the young women's. They are truly the sweetest, most talented and sweet spirited individuals. 

I got glasses. I can see road signs at night now. Wahoo!

Here's some art as of lately at the club. 

This year Brevin got to be a judge for our Youth of the Year program through the Boys and Girls Club. 

Like I said before, we took a trip down to Salt Lake for Thanksgiving where Brevin met Arya for the first time. He sure loved spending time with her and all our cute nieces.

It was great to be in town for my golden birthday! 25 on the 25th. I was spoiled by both families. We went to Red Robbin with the Clifford's and had fun spending time with the nieces of the Parrish variety. 

How cute are these girlies?!

We had a mini family photo shoot. For indoor pictures they turned out pretty great. 

 I designed a Christmas card for my parents and ours too. 

Our card this year is going to be a little spastic. lol. The Koda has gained weight from last year and was practically impossible for me to pick him up. This picture got some impressive likage on facebook. lol. 

We had the fun opportunity of going to an Americans Hockey game. It was so fun! Thanks to the Muellers who decided to give up their weekly spot for us to go. 

Brevin's work had their annual service of remembrance. It's always good to see families that he'd served earlier in the year. Great way for them to give themselves permission to celebrate the holidays without their loved one they lost this year. 

Well thank for stopping by. We are headed back to Salt Lake in just a couple of weeks and are excited for all the upcoming festivities. 

November 12, 2016


Howdy. How have you been?
We've been busy.

To start here are some pictures from Brevin's trip to Vegas. He had a blast spending time with Aunt Becky and family. 

Brevin was on the Science committee.

We enjoyed our general conference weekend by snuggling up with the pups. We then went with Mike and Connie to dinner. We love them.

Facetiming my babies while I was away.

So I took a trip to Utah to meet my new niece and spend time with the family. Mom and I took a class at the Pinners conference. Lots of fun. 

Met Arya. She is the sweetest baby.

loved watching these two and their love for "pop pop"

We went to spaghetti factory per tradition of my being in town. Love that place. 

While in town I also had a fun lunch at Cafe Rio with Kristine and MaryAnn. Lots of fun catching up with them for a couple of hours.

Brevin enjoyed my time away as he ate at places I don't like. ha.

Mom spoiled me to new hair and eyebrows for an early birthday present. 

I've been a little bit crafty lately. Mostly just work art projects though. You can see more fun projects from work HERE. 

We had a fun Halloween haunted house carnival. I had the privilege of running the photo booth. 

Brevin loves Snapchat.

It's been quite a bit foggy up here lately. The kind where you can barely see your front yard. Kinda crazy. Scary to drive in. 

 Brevin's hearse collection is growing.

Can I just say I LOVE facetime.

We had a fun Halloween ward party chili cook off. 

Our living room is getting a face lift. We've been working on making it nicer here and there. We've painted a couple walls a nice grey and put up these classy window mirrors. 

Well that's all folks!