October 25, 2015

Unnecessary Noise!!

We made it! We are Washingtonians again!
and we love it! Feels like home!
because it is.

We are soooo blessed!
Everything is falling into place perfectly.

-Brevin's job is going great, he is so excited to be working with good owners who value him as an employee and a person. They seriously are the greatest.

-I was offered a Job at the Boys and Girls Club Preschool, so of course I said yes. Makes ya feel good when you don't have to go through the whole application process, it's like this job was just waiting for me. Plus who doesn't love hanging out with adorable 3 and 4 year olds?

-We have the internets. No more draining data. 
woot woot!

-I am exhausted. During all these fun shenanigans I got myself a bit of a sinus infection so now that things have settled, including the dust in my lungs, I've slept like 16 hours a night. Much needed.

-We have a home phone. Why? Well we are hoping to begin Foster Care/ adoption within the next couple of years and it's a requirement. 
Plus it's quite nice to have caller ID and a home phone for future kids.

-We've closed on the house with no issues! We are so grateful for the amazing people who have helped in the process and would recommend them 100000 times over. 
They got us in a house in only a month. That's dang impressive.
Thanks to:

-Yes our car broke down, but it was only a dead battery. Could'a been worse. Plus I'm pretty sure getting stranded in the Winco parking lot was top 10 on my bucket list. 

-We have an awesome 71 year old crazy dog lady neighbor. I feel like I'm looking in the mirror across the fence to the future me when I see her outside with her 4 dogs... or maybe 5. Not sure yet. Her dogs constantly bark and she comes out multiple times a day, and in the middle of the night saying "unnecessary noise!!" It's amazing. She has 2 dogs that probably are as old as her that come out like grumpy old grandpas chuffing and wheezing. lol.

-Our puppies are LOVING their yard. Koda officially knows how to play catch correctly. Molly still just wants to cuddle, even outside. ha. It's such a fun yard to just chill and play with them.

-We LOVE our house! It's not your average ideal house for everybody. In fact, there are lists of repairs and need of some serious paint jobs, but that's what we love about it! 
It has so much personality and potential.
That and I have a HUGE loft for my art room. 
Pictures coming later in post, I know the wait is killing you. ;)

-Let's talk about the help. 
We had a wonderful crew come up with us and help us out so much in moving in and all that jazz.
We enjoyed spending time with our peeps at the river having a picnic and drinking beer.... of the apple beer variety that is. My dad enjoyed collecting an abundance of leaves that size of your head and collecting rocks with Rosie by the river. Rosie decided to take a swim, or uh, fall in. ha. Little Mermaid. We had to take a selfie, but of course.

-We also hit up the Mercantile. Best produce ever, that and chocolate covered everything.

-We also had a fun time watching my mom get some natural avocado allergy Botox in her luscious lips at our favorite Mexican restaurant. haha. 
Poor mamma.

-My mom and dad treated our swell house to window treatments. Dad installed them and everything. We are so spoiled and so very grateful! Also we have a newish couch thanks to Jameson and Christelle giving up the one they don't like. lol. and we got all the doubles of my parents gardening stuff. Fan-freaking-tastic.

-Oh and happy birthday to my bro Jameson who turned 25 while everybody was moving us in.





did you know you're an Irish whiskey??

-The previous owner left us enough wood, screws and nails to last us through the millenium. 
We could definitely build a small house for our dogs, bunk-beds and all.

-I wrote a beautiful poem this week. 
Flies. Everywhere.
In the bedroom.
In the kitchen.
In the dining room.
In the loft.
In the living room.
In the bathroom.
In the Master.
Not outside.

-We LOVE our ward. I've never been to a ward so warm and welcoming. We were in this ward the first year we were married and feel right back at home. And... it's a small world, turns out one of my best friends from Jr. High, her family moved here and they're in the same ward! It seems like everybody from the TriCities knows somebody or are from Utah. 

Connie and Mike came over for dinner. It was so fun catching up.
We love those 2. They are family in a weird loop-dee-loop way but they 
are in the top 5 of our favorites to be around. 
(Brevin's Mom's sister's ex husband's sister) 
And honestly this sums it up. 

We bought thing 1 and thing 2 sweaters for the cold weather. 
Surprisingly Koda hasn't chewed his up, he loves it and looks like a cute little studly jock, 
and Molly, as usual looks like a cute little baby. 

Here's some more pupdorableness of the Koda and Molly variety. 


Christmas PJs anyone?

Brevin bought a skull bottle on Ebay. (use to be a vodka bottle) 
"Honey I'm going to buy another skull for my collection, it's a bottle!" 
"Ok...only if I can put gum balls in it." 

Things we have missed about Washington:

-Round abouts...JUST KIDDING we hate them. 

-Produce that is dang fresh.

-affordable essential oils. 

-nice antique/thrift shops. 

-genuine kindness and friendliness of all people. 

-slower paced lifestyle

-Brevin using Spanish almost every single day

-Hearing Spanish every single day and doing my best to whip out my best Spanglish.

-Our friends at Costa Vida. 
gymnastics animated GIF

-the natural wave in my hair staying from the extra humidity

AND NOW.... for all you who have been so patient and read this whole post (cause you're awesome sauce), here is a tour of our new place. 

DISCLAIMER: we are still in the process of completely unpacking. Please don't judge our awesome style by the random boxes and stuff lying around and especially by the wall paper in this home. 

Though it is quite lovely if we were like 80 years older. 

The front. Brevin creepin' at the door.

The back. Use to be all dirt/horse poop pasture.

They sodded it. and we are so happy. 

The living room.

The bathroom...since I knew you were all curious about this fantastic wall paper.

The dining room. With equally fabulous wall paper

looks a little better with the light on....

even a great photo prop. 

The Kitchen

The lounge

The ART loft

Lets talk about how rocking these wicker basket light fixtures are. 

 Brevin taking nigh nigh with doggies 

The laundry/mud room


Other fun stuff. 

-Brevin wearing a princess crown while watching barbie with lil miss Stella. 

-We had a going away BBQ with a great turn out of great people! Thanks to all who came.

-We had a swell Sunday dinner with the Clifford's. This right here is the crazy squad... of the awesome variety of course. 

Well, that's all for now.

Have a great week.