August 31, 2015

plot twist

It's amazing how time changes everything. 
And how at one point something is right for you and the next it's not. 

Well folks we're moving (back) to Washington! 
Yes back to the exact place we just came from almost exactly a year ago. 

Truth is we haven't really felt like Ogden is our home. Not to say we made a mistake moving here though... We have learned a lot about ourselves, & what we want for our future and family that has been eternally beneficial. While it has been absolutely amazing being near family, we are being a little selfish and thinking about our needs and our future family needs. (no, not pregnant yet)

Brevin received a wonderful offer from the first funeral home he worked for that we just can't pass up. We are nervous but also thrilled as Brevin will be back working with very appreciative and uplifting people who love him almost as much as I do. ha. Especially his BFF Kent. 

and no... we won't be moving back to Utah anytime soon. 
We've started house hunting via online in the Tri-Cities and plan to make this our permanent residence where our future kiddos will go to school and leave on missions. 

Was this a hard decision? 
of course it was. 
We were torn at first... but through thoughts, 
promptings, and the feels, we knew we made the right decision. 

and guess what?!
We have a bazillion things to do before we move at the end of October....
but we're excited for the next adventurous chapter in our lives!

August 23, 2015


Hi there! Here's the buzz. 

We went to the mall with Rosie, Jeff, MaryAnn & Liam to the mall. We had a fun time 
exploring Claires and accesory shops. Also blowing $5 on a photo booth that broke down 
right as it was trying to print our pictures. *tear*

Liam clearly had the most fun. 

I made this fun giraffe sign for Bayli's nursery. Stella approved and all. 

Jameson, Christelle and I starting making more and started a facebook page 
for Sib Signs. Check it out HERE

Stella turned 2! She was so cute opening her presents. 

She got dressed up in the outfit we bought her and we had a mini photo shoot/booth in our backyard.

Her cake was a watermelon with cool whip frosting on top. So fancy!

Bayli loved the props the mostest. 

Puppy cutenesses of the "we can't eat any food unless it has zero
nutritional value or we will get sick" variety

They love sleeping over with their aunt Mini. (she's the not so mini dog)

Happy Birthday to my Mom and my sweet Hubby Brevin! 
They are exactly 30 years apart so I will NEVER forget how old my mom is. 
She hates that. lol.

Jameson and Christelle got her a semi inappropriate card... look at that face.

 We love Cheesecake factory & selfie sticks! 

My cute nieces. 

We went to the Clifford's to celebrate with a birthday dinner for Brevin. 
We sure had a fun time catching up with this lil cuteness. 

He's rocking the doodle shoes I did long ago. 

We had a fun family night with my parentals and went up cottonwood canyon 
to see all the purdy flowers and enjoy the crisp air. I love the smell of mountain! 

I chopped my hair off. Like one of those panic attacks 'gotta make a change, like now' 
So I cut it and it miraculously turned out pretty dang cute. 
I recently died it back to my usual color of the brown variety.

We had a fun paint night with the fam. We got to witness Stella painting for 
the first time with real paint! 

 She did a great job and only managed to get the extra paint on her face. 

This little cuteness sure enjoyed herself too. 

My sweet parents came up a couple weeks ago and helped us clean our apartment
for my sanity sake. They are pretty legit that way. 

Afterwards we went to Smith and Edwards, like 5 minutes before it closed. Brevin
treated me to a cute doggy keychain and he bought these. lol jk. He got gummies. like always.

We then went to the burger bar! 
Where Brevin had a .............wait for it................
what the heck?!
'just over here eating my favorite animal'

We had a double date night with my folks. Met half way at Farmington Station Park. 
We ate at a fancy pizza place and walked around and spend way too much in the candy store. lol.

Mom is fun sized.

Lindsley is married! 
Had a great time seeing her and dancing it up with Christelle, Stella & Mom

Have you seen this movie??
If you haven't you NEED to. This is seriously my new favorite movie and 
we are definitely going to own it when it comes out. 

Had a great time this last Friday. These fun peeps came over and 
had dinner and a game night with us. 

Love these girls.

We took a fun trip up to Idaho to visit Grandma & Grandpa Huff.
We had a great time helping around the house and hearing fun stories and seeing fun pictures, and enjoying these bomb-diggity sunflowers. 

Brevin spoiled me to this super cute art charm for my bracelet. I love it!

Art of the Fart

Paxton of the Elder Clifford variety comes home on Labor Day! 
Excited to have the whole family back together. 

Happy week ya'll!