July 7, 2015

here's the shhhpill....

Hello again.

Let's get the joys... *cough* headaches, big headaches of life out of the way....
*I dedicate this picture to my dad, and yes fill free to use it as my caller ID picture.*

We have a crack in our windshield.
 Brevin's glasses got pounced on by the Koda Ann. 
We had quite the fright from Brev's little sister Lindy, she went missing, 
but thankfully she was found safely. 
and lastly, I miscarried.
So yeah.....

this quote sums up the headaches.

and this song...

On the happier side of life....

Doggie cutenesses aka therapy. 
Our dogs now have a Facebook ran by Brev and an Instagram account ran by me. 
Check them out! They make great friends in real and social media life. lol.

We had a doggie photo shoot and a mini family one.

Whatcha-McCall-it  AKA art round up as of lately. 

We found wavy straws at the Dollar Tree! 

Brevin and I had a fun date night making perler bead magnets! 

I'm getting ready to publish my first coloring book!

Some nursery art I made for my new niece Bayli.

McCall Photography as of lately...

New Website HERE!

Jim and Sica

The Larson's

My fam of the Parrish variety


We are loving our new niece miss Bayli Ray. 
She is an absolute doll and Brevin is the baby whisperer.

this is her struttin' the onsie I made for her before she was born.
She needed to shizzle when I took this picture. lol.

 And of course Brevin's best friend is the cuteness of the Stella variety.

Wanted to go lighter for the summer... the first attempt was an awful fail, but later... not too shabby.

We went down  to SLC to chill with my parents before heading to
Park city for the Larson photo-shoot.
My parents treated us to the Lion House.
 The Larson's treated us to the Apline slide. So fun!
And of course Brev and I had to hit up the Chocolate factory for a cashew cluster and a big peanut butter bucket chocolate. 

Grandma Clifford is so cool.
She has different little crafts every Sunday for her younger Grandkids.
I helped out making these fun tshirt purses. 

Brevin loves shopping with me... especially at Joanns.... lol

My parents came up and we went on a hike off the trail of the Botanical Gardens in Ogden. It was a beautiful day. Dad then treated us to Rainbow Gardens, delicious food, and lots of random stuff to look around at. Brevster bought me pretty gem stones that I plan to make into rings.

Happy Father's Day to our pops! "LOVE YOU DAD"

We went to the Gateway chalk festival with my parents and Jameson, Christelle and the girls. It was so fun, especially eating at Gameworks and playing in the arcade, and taking a photo booth shot that was pretty freaky. It made us look like we belonged in a wax museum.

The next day we went with the fam again to see Inside Out... oh the feels.
Such  a great movie and little miss Stella sat through the entire thing!

We had to stop for a picture on the way out with the peanut gallery. 

Brevin treated me to Maddox.
I can not get enough of those rolls. We then took a nice stroll around the Brigham City Temple. 

We went to Taylorsville Dayz! We had dinner with Jeff, Maryann, Liam, Jameson, Christelle, Stella, and Bayli then all of ud went to the Valley park together. It was so sweet to see how much Stella was fascinated with Liam. Liam loved the fireworks and Stella....not so much.

I took the Frontrunner down to be there when my brother and fam came in from New Orleans. 

My sweet niece Gabby drew this lovely portrait of me. 

my red nail polish is totally rockin'!

"JP is tary"

fun random before and after.
age 15 then 23
We played outside in the pool and Stella's slide. 

We took family pictures.

how cute are these cousins?!

We explored Farmington's Station on the 4th. We went to the candy store.

Mom and Dad took Brevin and I to the STADIUM OF FIRE!
We loved watching Journey perform!
Brevin sat by a really weird dude who kept flipping glow in the dark condoms at people in the seats below us. um.... eww.

We went to Bayli's blessing on Sunday, such a sweet angel baby.

Gabby had fun trying to decorate Trevor's lumber sexual beard. lol

We went to my childhood Colton G.'s wedding reception.
 It was breath taking! The view was amazing and they both looked so cute!
And have I mentioned that I LOVE photobooths!

and selfie sticks...

and this cuteness

We had a great time going to the Mo-tab's pioneer day performance with Aunt Ruth and Paul.
We went and got cheesecake after. mmmmmm....delicious.

Sunday we hung out with the Rosie and watched Once Upon a Time had lunch
 and played with play-dough.

I still can't believe she's 10.

We had Sunday dinner at the Gma's of the Clifford variety.
It was delicious, loud & crazy as usual.

Brevin bought us a selfie stick, so yes we totally squeezed the 26 of us who were there into one shot.

and Aunt Jenny brought a Book of Mormon!

Happy week ya'll!