May 25, 2015

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Happy Memorial Day! Brevin got to work and help families find their loved ones graves, I got to go cemetery hopping with my parents to visit my grandparents and great and great great etc. grandparents. 
This white girl got some sun!

We have a new niece! Bayli Ray Parrish!
She is a little dolly from heaven and her sister is so sweet with her.

Some artsy stuff as of lately


I redecorated the craft room!

Brevin is a charmer and brought me these home for no reason, aren't they gorgeous?!

Puppy cutenesses!

Brevin went full out for Cinco de Mayo. LOL well at least at home. He wore his costume from Halloween and blasted Spanish music.

We love our mommas!

Good news... Marvin the Beta is still alive! & the mortuary got a new crematory! 
best news you've heard all week... am I right?


and here's Brevin's lunch... since we knew you all were dying to know.


Stella is hilarious! Her new favorite family member is Brevin.
She loved the dolly I made her.
The head fell off but we sewed that thing back on with dental floss of course. lol.

*that's Stella's arm, not grandma cleavage.*

Brevin made some chocolate chocolate chip waffles! Dems are good!

We went with the Clifford clan to the Payson Temple open house. It was beautiful!

Liam rocking his fun "I shizzled in my dizzle fo rizzle" onsie. lol. He's the cutest little nephew we ever had!

We went to the Taylorsville High School's end of the year concert for Igore. Good bunch of voices this year for sure. The drive down was a crazy one though.... crazy rains! 

Brevin and I have started writing a rhyming children's book about our life together from 
age 15 & 17 to 23 & almost 25. So far it's hilarious. 

Have a swell week ya'll.