April 29, 2015


I redesigned this blog....
I mean who doesn't love cartoon floating heads?


Meet my leprechaun.
Brevin was all about the after St. Patrick's day 80% off clearance at Hobby Lobby.....
and of course he's strutting his Cherry Pepsi Max.

Let's start with the dogs since they're our children.....
they've been super cute and cuddly lately.

and one of Mini just for fun

Molly loves Pasta. That's my girl. 

I had the opportunity to take photos of the Orton's grandkids. Included was my adorable nephew Liam. It was so fun to be around such a cute pack of kids and nice people.
It's always awesome when you feel appriciated for your talents.

You can see more pictures from their session HERE

Spring is in the air!

or is it?

and it's back! lol

I chopped my hair off. I decided it's not all the worth it to have such long hair when all you end up doing is tossing it up into a messy bun.... this way I'll actually wear it down more often. Plus, I think it makes the ombre look awesome!

Hey Brevin you want to come outside and chilll with my whiile I craft? 
Walks out with a foam pad, pillow and blanket then proceeds to take a nap. lol.
 well at least he wants to be with me. 

Brevin seriously is the Funcle of all Funcles. He makes Stella crack up so hard. 

She looked so cute on Easter. We also face-timed the cutenesses in New Orleans!

Here's some more Stella fun from last weekend.


Some craftiness as of lately.,.




We finally updated our plates on our car, so our car is officially licensed in Utah. It almost looks odd without the Washington plates though.

I tried my hand at doll making, attempting to make a cute Stella doll. Not too bad for my first time, but I need to learn some patience and quit swearing at my sewing machine. ha.

Brevin and I have both taken up embroidery. Brevin is currently working on a hearse while I'm just winging it with quotes and designs. 

We've been sushi addicts for a while now....love me some california rolls. 

Brevin knows exactly how to make my day. A beautiful rose and a cupcake.

We went down to Eagle Mountain for a Q's wedding reception. Brevin had so much fun catching up with all his fun mission companions and Elders who served at the same time. They had some delicious food and probably the loudest Spanish jams I've ever heard. Party.

Brevin bought a fish. Another beta like the late Jamal. He named this little guy Marvin the Mortician to chill with him in his office at work. Let's hope this guy can live longer than a month. He's chillin with Buddha and everything. 


While we were shiopping for him I found Nemo and friends!

Brevin got to wear a Yarmulke! He helped serve during a Jewish service. He was so excited that he got to keep it. lol.


We had a get-away movie night and saw the Longest Ride. We loved it.

Brevin went to Richfield for a service the other day.


We had ourselves a double date with my parentals this last friday and went and saw Age of Adeline. We went to the AMC with lazy boys and guess what?! Dad stayed awake!

We went down this last Saturday to Salt Lake to visit the family. We enjoyed catching up with everyone and snugglin the Liam cuteness and gigglin' with the Stella cuteness.

This week is national infertility week. I thought about telling you our story about it, but decided i'd rather not dwell on the sad side of our struggle with infertility, instead tell you about these 4 (almost 5) cute kids we have the privilege to be an aunt and uncle to. While we can't have our own right now we sure love being a part of these cute kids lives, and love how open armed their parents are to us.

Let me explain the "How" game to you.....
once in the how game. always in the how game.
When someone says "how" you have to repeat whatever you just did.
They can continue to say "how" until you say,  "1,2,3, tapout"

Now watch this.

Have a great weekend!