March 13, 2015


Happy Friday the 13th!
A black cat crossed in front of our car on our way home.... 
but we're not creeped.

Look at these 4 creepy cutenessess though. 

Brevin has his own office! He is stoked. He's worked hard painting it and they just put the carpet in. It looks nice. He's excited to have a place to call his own at work, while I'm in shock at just how organized it is. Mind blowing really. lol.
and ya know... everybody needs a Buddha in a rock cemetery on their desk for good luck.

me waiting for Brevin to get home from work to take me on our anniversary date.

-We went to Maddox for our anniversary date, it was delicious! as usual of course, but it was extra special getting all dressed up to go. We both overate on rolls and raspberry butter, but, like I said it was delicious!

-We have been so spoiled! We've gotten to see the Stella cuteness so many times these past months!
 We babysat her on Valentine's while her parents went house shopping with Aunt Liz.
So what do we do? We eat snacks, we play with the puppies, we feed the puppies...or Molly way too many snacks, we spread the puppies toys all over the house, we go let Stella pick out fabric for her sister's blanket, she falls in love with a stuffed lion, we, the awesome aunt and uncle, buy her that said lion, we dance,

and of course, we take pictures of the cuteness! Here are some fun shots from our 15 min
photo shoot with the Stelly belly.


We then enjoyed a romantic evening of takeout from Spaghetti factory with my parents. ha. 

We made over our living room!

Here's some  more artsiness I've been up to lately.

This Kitchen decor that speaks to my soul

discovering this awesomeness...

This fun jewelry box

You can now buy prints of my photography on FOAP.

Added a plethora of new designs to my Society6 shop.
Now till Saturday at midnight get 20% off all throw pillows and tote bags.

and... added some cuteness to my Etsy shop


Here's some artsiness Brevin's been up to lately.
he's the cuteness.
he calls it the Barney Hearse.. unfortunately at the time we didn't have any more colors.

I got my hair did. It's been so long since I actually went to someone to dye my hair. Fun ombre.

I went with Jameson and Christelle and the cuteness on an adventure on Tuesday night a few weeks ago. We went shopping at the mall, which consisted of me chasing Stella cuteness around clothing racks, as she went through them. ha. Then they treated us to Krispy Kremes. So much fun.

Oh and fun news! They are moving to Layton! Which means them and their 2 cutenesses will be only about 10 minutes away from us!
Yeah for cutenesses!

This last Monday was the 7 year mark since our very first date! I can't even believe it's been that long! We look like baby cutenesses!

Grandma and Grandpa Huff came and stayed with us for a night. We ate my specialty Taco soup, brownies, lots of chocolate milk and watched Corpse Bride. Grandpa's request.
They are grandparent cutenessess.

That Sunday we went to Jim and Sica's ward for the baby blessing of their sweet baby boy Zealand. 
He's a cuteness.

and this past Sunday we went to our nephew's baby blessing.
Cuteness of the Liam varity.

Can't forget....
Puppy cutenessess.

March 11th was Brevin's day. 
He posted this....

I pinned this in celebration

Brevin is now licensed to sell insurance! Tonight he worked the booth at the home and garden show here in Ogden. Lookin' Snazzy. uh.... cuteness.