November 15, 2015

the best in the North West

Hello, can you hear me?

haha. Hi there. Welcome back. 

-We ran into the guy that saved Brevin stranded in a hearse in the middle of nowhere 2 years ago at Walmart, had a nice conversation.  

-Our amazing dog crazy lady next door was yelling at her dog and it went like this: "BO BO stop barking! Your boyfriend  (referring to Koda) over there can see you're here" she then turns to me "I think they're in love." LOL she brought over a house warming gift for us and the dogs. She brought treats and let us know that "these treats are the best in the North West!" 
We love our Peggy already. 

For Halloween Brevin and I had us a swell day of going to the farmers market and buying paint at the big kid toy shop aka Home Depot. Brevin peeled all the wall paper down in our dining room. I know how much all of you will miss that amazing floral. After pictures coming next post.

We dressed the pups up for Halloween, they sure make scary ghosts! They hated every moment of this, but this picture was totally worth their squirming. lol. 

Speaking of the crazies here's more puppy cuteness.


Yay for after Halloween sales, I surprised Brevin with a massive foam skull. 

We have mice. I know I know you're totally jealous.
We've caught 2 but we think there are 2 others that are dang sneaky. They've been managing eating the peanut butter without putting any weight on the trap. 

We ran into Chad, one of Brevin's bosses, at Osaka sushi.
He surprised us and had gotten our bill for us. Cheers to that. 

Brevin got his insurance license transferred! Yay! He can start selling preneed.

Rocking my Boys and Girls Club gear again. Started working at the Discovery Preschool, again.

Among the unpacking we came across some googly eyes, so naturally...

Our cool realtors left this in front of our house, we love it!

I am LOVING working at the preschool, these kiddos are the cutest. 

So here are some of the funny things they've said....

And then there's us....

Had an awesome conversation with this little cutie over face time the other day. 
Oh, an my parents too. ;) 

Brevin and I bought a gym membership and went shopping for some workout clothes. 
This was the bestest shirt I was able to find. 

At Preschool we had a Halloween carnival, I made this bean bag toss game.

The teachers dressed up like witches. So naturally I bought a witch hat. 
But because I'm a Parrish and have the biggest skull like ever, it wouldn't stay on. 

So a midnight run it was for this weird headband dealio. 

I also whipped up this fun photo booth face board. 

It's so fun to see how excited kids get about the littlest things, because they're big things to them. Such a fun group of sillies. 

I said no mushrooms. 

Brevin bought me a new camera! I haven't been this excited for a long time! 

I bought a jigsaw with my first paycheck. Yay for power tools! 

I made this fun wooden cut out for our living room. 

We had a Boys and Girls club Veterans day training, a whole day out of it. It was pretty fun and mostly insightful. But happy Veterans day to all ya'll especially everyone who's served our country.
These are my grandpas.

We put the Christmas tree up! I know it's a bit early, but I like to put it up for more than a month.
It looks so purdy! 

I got my hair cut, long pixie/short bob. I like it... when it's wavy, otherwise I look like a beatle.

We took Christmas card photos yesterday, and then I designed a card that's been sent for printing. woot woot.
I'm not going to share said card at this time. But here enjoy a bribery Christmas photo of the dogs.
Cuz ya know these treats are the best in the North West. 

We went to a farewell today for one of our Sunday school kids we taught 4 years ago. She's going to be a great missionary. She told us it was all thanks to our Sunday school class and our matching outfits. lol. I totally forgot that when we were first married we would always match our Sunday outfits. haha.

Have a swelltastic week all ya'll