September 29, 2014

ogden yo


we've moved.

We have unpacked 2 out of 4 rooms completely.
This is me taking a break...
Which pretty much happens every 10 min.
Yeah there's still a lot to do and I'm going stir crazy.

-My last day of work was sooo sad.
I love all those crazy kids and had the greatest coworkers who i'll miss mucho. 

-Brevin had a tough time saying goodbye to his work people too. 

-I got to take one last photo shoot in Kennewick. It was fun. I love taking Senior Pictures. If you haven't seen yet, I have a photography website. Check it out HERE.

-The loading up was intense. It was a giant game of tetras. We are sooo grateful for all the help we received from our ward members and friends in shoving everything in. It was not an easy task.

-My bro flew up and drove the Budget truck down.
Happy he did because that would have scared me to drive alone.
It only took 11 hours to get there...

-We had a crew of family and neighbors waiting for us at our very late arrival. I must add that it is 10 times quicker moving in than packing up. Even with the few peeps we had helping.
Thank you all who came to help. We appreciated it so much! 

-Our first day here was so surreal... well let's be honest it still is. 
Woke up to these BEAUTIFUL mountains right next to us. My parents came up and treated us to my favorite breakfast restaurant Sills in Layton. mmm mmm scones. Then nothing can beat the beautiful sunset we enjoyed that night. What a fun way to start our life here. 

-Brevin now works at Leavitt's Mortuary. He's one of 4 guys... which is definitely a change, but he's doing great so far. He had to go on a first call in Sandy and ran into his mom's cousin, Sandy. lol. Small world, er... state. We aren't in Washington anymore.

-The dogs are still getting use to the place. Now that there are things that smell like our old place it's not quite as scary for them.
And bonus! We've only had 2 accidents! (and yes that's pretty impressive for a new home)

-We said to farewell to our couch, but kept the cushions for the pups, clearly this was a wise choice.

-Our new, well hand me down, couch... is the couch we shared our first very awkward kiss on.
It's the couch where Brevin told me he loved me for the first time. 
It's the couch where make out sessions took place. lol.
And it's now the couch where Koda is convinced he's a cat.

-Brevin took the dogs out, as I sat inside waiting to go run some errands. 15 min had passed and I was confused why the poops were taking so long to poop. I went out to see the dogs playing with the cute neighbor girls.
They loved Soda and Molly! 

-I made a cute door sign for our new place. 

-Also made some snazzy magnets for our fridge... lol 

-and here are more pictures of the place so far.....

more pictures coming soon...

-I have turned into quite the homemaker. I'm not sure how I feel about it.... I've made like 10 casseroles. I don't even like cooking. 
What is wrong with me?

-We have loved living so close to our parents! We have already been down for dinners, outings and spontaneous visits with them.
It has been such a blessing already!

-We recently went down to spend time with my brother from New Orleans who was in town for not even a full 24 hours. It was great seeing him. Brevin had to get back for work, but I stayed and enjoyed a wonderful day with the family.

-We have a super friendly ward. This last Sunday was the primary program, they have like 50 kids in it! Brevin also ran into a fellow missionary from Guatemala.

-I got my craft on... much needed, I was having withdrawals.
We have a bar counter in our kitchen and only had 1 stool.
We found cute ones at the store for $40 a pop... yeah that wasn't going to happen.
So we went to the thrift store and found us some cheapy ones and painted them up and decorated them.
And now for...
"Things that are different"

"well, the same as when we lived here 2.5 years ago, but different because we forgot"

Not just your basic friendly neighbor, but people looking over your shoulder at your food at a restaurant and asking what you ordered, or random ladies telling me that they done seen my hair color on Pinterest and it looks good on you. lol.

-Holy speed bumps.
Washington has round-abouts,
Utah has speed bumps, and dips. 
Didn't miss them. 

-There is a caffeine free option at all the gas stations we've seen, that and like a quarter the amount of coffee shops. Not that we drink coffee, but we love our Mormon caffeine. 

-There are Gyros, like everywhere.
I mean who came up with an Arby's roast beef gyro?
that's just weird. and Arctic Circle? 

-There's an LDS church on every corner.
We clearly already knew that, but it's eye opening when you live somewhere where there's only 3 in total. 

-So many kids. lol.
Our ward is made up of practically newlyweds with new or young children. 

-BYU VS UofU Battle. 
I forgot just how much I hate that.
I guess it's about the same as the Seahawks obsession in WA though.

-Dry skin. 
Acne break out up in here. 
up in here.
up in here.
-That, and oily hair.
up in hair.
up in hair.
ha. punny. 

-45 min drives to our parents VS 10 hours. That's probably our favorite change. 

Well, we're glad you've stopped by to check up on us. We are having quite a fun time so far.
If you'd like to visit let us know! We would love to have you over!

See ya soon!