August 17, 2014

birthday, vacation, bitter-sweet move

We're moving to Utah!!!

This was a very bitter-sweet decision to come to.
We love, love, love our jobs and the people we work with and love here in Tri-Cities, but are missing our family terribly.
This move will put us 9.5 hours closer to them. Like able to see them more than 2 times a year.
We will be moving to Ogden on September 12th. 
If you would like to help us out with moving costs you can donate here:

or... we will be posting an event on Facebook for help moving in. . . once we know exactly where. ha 

Now for some of our adventurous updates....

-I've been getting my doodlin' on! Love these new doodle shoes I made for my cute nieces. 

I've also gotten into calligraphy. . . and I love it. 

and I made some pretty swell paintings of our parent's homes as gifts, oh and a pillow for my dad. lol

barking spiders = farting

-I made this year's Craft Warehouse design team!

-Puppy overload. We sure love these nuggets.

-My madrigal partner/ Senior year bf/ cousin in-law, Rrrrrrrrriiiiiicccccco got engaged!
We are so thrilled for him and his lovely fiance Sylvia (who we also knew from high school!) 

-Some fun work adventures:
Brevin has enjoyed coming to work with me on his days off... well at least he seems to be enjoying himself. The kids love him. 
He likes to sing.

He gets to be Barbie's voice. LOL Check out this short video my group made for one our film weeks. 
Deadly Barbie Movie

We had a week of real life apps where we played games like fruit ninja, Angry birds, mario kart, and words with friends life size. It was freaking awesome and probably my favorite camp theme so far.

Brevin's birthday! 
I spoiled him. We went to Osaka. We had cake. The dogs weren't thrilled about the party hats. lol
A.S.S. = Annoying Second Son

Face-time love.

-We took a vacation to Utah...

-We stopped on our way to see Grandma and Grandpa Huff in Blackfoot.
It was fun to visit with them and of course get a selfie. ha. Grandpa looks like a cute minion.

-We ate at arctic circle, noodles, spaghetti factory (for Mom and Brevin's bday), paradise bakery, and brick oven. 
Everywhere that we don't have here in Tri-cities.

-We got to meet our sweet niece Aleya and had a Parrish family photo shoot!




-I did art with my lil sisters and manicures of course! 

-We went to Gilgad Gardens and Memory Grove with the Clifford clan.

-We had a party with a lot of my friends. We had floats, played games and giggled a ton. Oh and signed up our single friends for the Tinder app. ha. So fun catching up with these lovely folks. 
We also enjoyed going to the Beaver's for dinner for FHE.
They are wonderful friends, we look forward to spending more time with them.

-Headed down to Fairview to visit the Parrish Property. It's been like 2 years since anyone's been there. So it was like a jungle. We were poured on. Hardcore. ha. Great memory though. We enjoyed hiking through the property minus the red ants on mom's foot and hornets nest in the trailer as Jameson opened the door. lol. 
"I hate nature!"

On the bright side we got better photos of Jameson and his lil family.


-We then went to Ephraim for Aleya's baby blessing. We enjoyed spending time with the Parrish and Larson family for a steak BBQ, blessing, homecoming of Britain's brother Brock and a lovely meal following. We stopped by the Manti Temple, and gave Brevin a tour of my old college stomping grounds. 

-On Monday we went to Cafe Rio in Ogden and met up with the Clifford clan and Sica and her cute family. We then went to the Ogden Temple open house. Beautiful!
I look forward to visiting again as it will be the closest temple to us.

Following the temple, I waited in the car for an hour and a half as Brevin interviewed with Leavitt's funeral home. Clearly we know how it went seeing as we took the job!

-Rrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiicccccco came and visited with us and the Parrish fam. Love this kid. 

-We thoroughly enjoyed visiting and getting to know miss Stella a lot more. My Bro and Sis are awesome parents and so much fun to be around. We hit up the Wood Connection and another decorative store. We enjoyed every minute.

-Sunday night we enjoyed catching up with family at Grandma Clifford's for dinner.
You would never guess Rosie was adopted.... these two are spittin' images and goofiness of each other.

-We had to head back to Kennewick. After a week of awesome family and friend time this was extremely hard and made our decision that much clearer. We knew as we drove home that we were actually driving away from home and that this move would be the best choice for us.

-On our way we stopped at "The middle of nowhere" gas station and Brevin insisted on getting this lovely hand knitted llama puppet. lol. I might have played with it for a little bit. ha. 

-So we're back. We've sold our Camry and are ready for our next adventure. 

28 days till our new chapter.