July 19, 2014


Hi there! 
#Welcome back! 
Here we go......
alright now we're ready... glad we got that out of the way. #phew.

I was going to wait to post tomorrow... 
but I don't have a voice and have much needed chatter to get out. 
Seriously though.... I sound like this:

If I try speaking any louder I sound like this:
Especially for a person as verbal as I am... 
hopefully it clears up soon or my job is going to be very interesting this coming week....

Anywho, how are you? We love that you're here visiting our random life. 

#cough #cough #raspyvoicebegins

> Let's start by getting complaining about the heat out of the way...



> BUT... on the bright side we have had some #beautiful skies. 

>imagine this next picture with a mattress in it. 
That is what's up. 
It's been so hot and our air in our room isn't working, so we've been camping out. 
I'd show a picture of our mattress in the shot but then you'd see the rest of the havoc since it is not currently this clean.

> We both got our personal blogs back up and running!

> This is Brevin's- Marvin the Mortician 
A blog about all of Brevin's adventures as a mortician and helping others in their time of need, 
as well as nifty tips to help you and your family prepare for the loss of a loved one. 
My husband is pretty much amazing, his posts are swell.

> This is mine- Whatcha-McCall-it
This is my blog that I abandoned for a good 8 months. eeek.
Well it got a makeover and 3 new posts added so far. 
This is where I post my arts and crafts and random stuff that inspires and amuses me. 
My creative corner of the blogmosphere if you will. 

> We've been trying to have more active family nights... 
we are natural home bodies, even if this blog makes you think we are "go out and play all day" people. 
Yes, we really do have days where #Netflix, blogging and just chillin' (or napping) are the answer. 
This month we've enjoyed walking down by the river. (When it's not more than 90 degrees.)

> I created the first draft of our new Boys and Girls club shirts.... took way too long to make. 
So I'm experimenting with different fabric paints and inks to see if I can get the job done quicker so we can mass produce them for the whole club. 


 > Here are some #summer camp adventures at the club... 
Boys and Girls club that is. ha. We don't go clubbing. ha.
Since our last post we have enjoyed weeks of 
"Incredible inventions", "Messy art", "Arcade" and "Film making."

-We "invented our own canvas clocks. 

-We also "invented" some home made bouncy balls. 

-For our arcade our kiddos made games out of cardboard and earned tickets for prizes at the end of the week arcade day. 

Messy Art -We painted with our fingers, elbows and feet.

-We painted with shaving cream

 -We stamped with vegetables. 

-"Messy art" week definitely lived up to its name. #artteacher #ootd #asalways

-Our film making week consisted of writing stories, story boarding, writing scripts, and acting. So pretty much we created our own movies! Our's was called "A Chess Story." 
It was a parody of the Christmas Carol. The kids, and staff did great.

In other Summer camp news:

-I have one gnarly tan line from wearing Tom like shoes everyday. ha. 
#dumbtan #whitegirl #glowinthedark

We saw a squirrel eating a piece of bread in the tree above our lunch area in the park.

-We also found a carcass of a squirrels head that my group of kids found fascinating. 

> God Bless America! We enjoyed the 4th of July by painting nails, well I did, and watching fireworks on Youtube. Oh yeah, we party hard. Wishing we were in Utah that day to play with family. 

-I've been a Spirograph crazy lady lately. Takes me back to my childhood. Brevin has been a good sport and has joined in on the obsession. ha. 

>We enjoyed our date night last Saturday by going to the temple to do sealings. 
We loved it! 
There's such a wonderful feeling of love in the temple. 
Afterwards there was no one around to take a picture of us with the temple so we improvised.



>Brevin ate #octopus in some potato soup stuff at a fancy Italian restaurant he treated me to.  

-I made a dream catcher to go over our bed. You can read more about it HERE

 >Brevin sent me a bathroom selfie... he didn't realize the urinal was in the background. #LOL 

> I made yet another decoration for our living room, and I'm stoked about it! Check out more... 

>love face-timing dad... even when it constantly freezes so I can capture shots like this. He's a #goofball 

>I LOVE getting pictures of my nieces!

>This is Brevin on his soap box. We think we're so punny.  

>Purple pepper polish. Say that 3 times in a row. 

>Went a little #doodle crazy this week. 
You can check more out HERE.  

> Brevin was a good sport and went hat shopping with me. Unfortunately I have a Parrish head that doesn't fit into an average size hat. Though I must say Brevin looked fabulous. 

Well that's all folks!

Have a #swellular weekend.