June 22, 2014

grab yo self a snack

We disappeared for a few months there, but no worries trusty followers, we are back.
We are still very busy but we are back.

Stop here....
go grab yo self a snack, this post is about to take up your whole day. (given you enjoy all the little video clips) Yes it's been THAT long since we posted last. 

Some main ideas to mention first...

-Brevin lost 40 lbs... Como say what?! Yes that's not a typo, my husband is a rockstar and has been working his booty off (literally) for the last 2 months and has dropped it like it's hot. I have lost about 12.... not complaining, just a little bit jealous of how quickly dudes lose. lol. Nevertheless, we are not dieting... we are life style changing so I'm not looking to drop it like it's hot quite as fast because that cramps my style and Ill splurge easier. We've been workin' out and are feeling a lot better mentally and physically. We joined the Fitbit club and are hard core believers in MyFitnessPal

-Conference weekend... yea we're THAT behind. That was like 2 months ago. We enjoyed conference, lots of great messages and nothing beats an in between session nap of like 4 hours since it now streams online to watch later in case you over sleep ;) Brevin got a shout out from Elder Uchtdorf! "Thank you Brevin."

-I recently finished up subbing at the Boys and Girls Club Discovery Preschool.... I'm going to miss those little nuggets. They make me so happy despite their naughtiness at times. Here are some of my favorite memories over the last 3 months or so of the sweet preschoolers.

-meditating on the lawn before lunch-
-this fun spring/summer bulletin board I created-
-nap time treasures-

-nap time snorers-
-Hoola hoop skills-
-Friday Rollin'-

-Seriously just Let it go already-
-Parachute play day with the high schoolers-
-army workouts in preparation for a good nap-

-Cha Cha Slide-
-Free dance-
-no but seriously... just let it go already-
-Preschool graduation-
-Graduation exit of awesomness-
-I was recognized as a sub at the kiddos graduation. It has been quite a treat to work with such fun little cuties- 

-Holy Art. 
I started and finished an entire quarter of my art classes since we last posted! 
Wowza. Instead of going into detail... enjoy some pictures of the coolness we did.

-scrambled name puzzles-

-portrait photography with some sassiness-
-dotts of paint turned into a masterpiece-

 -Elmers glue/ paint tiles-
-My Coworkers are better than yours..... proof.-
-Art Journaling class-

-City Scape paintings... this one was my favorite.-

-art journaling with jelly pens on black paper-
-Hilarious "choice form" ..... My signature is hilarious, I guess working with these kids has made me forget how to spell my name correctly. 
-Mother's day pour paint pots-
-Depth of field in manual mode-
-finished Mother's day pots with flowers.- 
-Eye spy photography box to work on manual mode-
-Got me some new shirts to add to my oh so versatile wardrobe of like 10 Boys and Girls Club shirts. ha. 
-Club mentor volunteers making pass and draw monsters in our art journaling class-
-Abstract art group collage-
-Tape canvas paintings-

-Bubbles on black paper using chalk and crayon-
-Bubble painting! Water color + bubbles-

-Showcase photo booth-
-bittersweet day of kids picking up their art work at the end of the school year-

.....and this is what happens when Brevin comes to work with me on a fairly slow day. lol
-a snippet of our final showcase for the school year- 

-And of course you must enjoy my fabulous craftiness outside of work (which is rare now-a-days)

-I'm a Craft Warehouse junkie. I go every Saturday for their make and takes. 

-finally found some time to bust open the paints my brother gave me for Christmas.... I like em!-
-Added some sharpie paint marker flair to it.-

-I love Jelly pens on black-
-So I splurged and bought myself a microscope case for my Iphone.... it's freaking awesome. 
- I ordered a free swatch of faux suede from my Spoonflower shop! I'm going to make a pencil zipper pouch.-
-finally busted out the masses of frames we have from presents and the clearance isles... Covered our dining room wall and we love it!-
-Got a paint pallet phone case! Kinda trippy-

-Our club wanted to make our own logo for our shirts so I had the opportunity to carve a stamp of the design we came up with... this took a long time people. But I'm so excited that it fits our Music and Arts Club personality so well!-

-I've become a nail diva. Love the trends of sparkle unicorn power that have come out this summer.

-It's that time again... since we all know it's your favorite part of our post... here's some Koda and Molly overload of cuteness/ naughtiness. Since ya know.... they're like our kids. 

-towel cuddles after her bath-

-new fish eye lens for my phone.... makes Koda look even more adorable!-

-nap time on the deck- 
-"Mom, what's this crap you're feeding me?" ..... we forgot to pick up food from the store yesterday so the pooches get to chow down on some lovely stale cheerios and kix.-
-Sunday afternoon cuddle sessions-

-Brevin loves dancing with his puppies-

-We found our new favorite app.... since we all know you want to know what our dogs are really thinking.... this app makes them talk!- 

-RIP Cruella Deville (our Cadilac) We said farewell to that car that had a mind of its own whether it felt like running or not. We have a car payment now (enter gasp) We are growing up so fast. Here's a beautiful picture of our new Kia Sportage! We love it!!!!...it has air conditionar and doesn't break down. win. win.

-Memorial Day was a day off for most people.........Brevin had the opportunity to honor those who have served our country by assisting at both of the Cemeteries Mueller's are associated with during their Memorial Day Services. After the services we enjoyed spending time together.

In honor of Memorial day I found a couple pictures of my Gramy and put them next to similar ones of me. Miss this spunky lady. 

-There are baby duckies in the bay at our apartments!! They're so cute. That and there's like these massive creepy looking geese who flock in a dozen at a time and scare the duckies away.

-Imma redheaded gal. It's summer again... which means it's ginga time!

-Brevin had the opportunity to see a casket that was shipped in from Germany a few months ago. He went in on his day off just to see it (so he's in shorts and a T-shirt in the photo) Purdy neato.

-Here are some random adventures/ dates we've been on lately....

....to start my husband is hilarious and sends me videos of him singing quite a lot. He's cute. I wish someone would record him recording himself singing. Recordception.

.....We bought bikes. They are freaking groovy. Now that we've lost a bit more weight we plan to take them out much more often... 

.....Brevin and I took a trip to a local thrift store where we found a bust of him... so tempting to buy. ha. 
but not really.

......We've had a lot of fun facetiming/ skyping our people lately. We love that technology allows us to keep in touch with our loved ones so easily and more personally. We also love receiving text messages full of cute babies aka our adorable nieces, well mostly Stella :) 

......We love us some Froyo!

.....Fujiyama! This place is the shiz. Soooo good and we got one hilarious chef!

.....We tried sushi... and by sushi I mean California Rolls. lol. love them. This is our go to eating out place to stay eating healthy.

...... Xmen! Been waiting for this for 2 years. It was great! Just wish the next one was coming out sooner.

.....Brevin loves craft shopping with me...

.....This is what a Saturday clean-the-apartment session looks like- Dogs chillin', me sweating, and Brevin finding toys/ props a midst the mess.

.....Midnight snack of heavenly deliciousness. We decided to grow up just a little bit more and get ourselves a Costco card!
"I can buy large quantities of anything at discount prices!" -Yes Man
So of course we start by buying 4 lbs of Strawberries for the 2 of us. 

.....We went on a "little Mexico" trip to Pasco's Flea Market. It's always fun when Brevin can use his Spanish skills, while I bust out my Spanglish. Other than it smelling nasty... We got some goodies for super cheap and treated ourselves to churros and coconut lime milk. mmmmmm.

-Brevin's been getting his craft on too! He made a grave yard terrarium! Coolness, he even gave a grave to our dead fish Jamal. RIP. He also made a pinewood derby hearse! One day when we have a house we'll have a display case to put all his interesting crafts. :) 
-Brevin was also the poster child for one of the cap panels the funeral home offered the families to remember their loved ones... I'm excited to tell you that Brevin has outlived his death date!

I got to speak in church! I was wiggle wobbly the whole time, since I haven't spoken for like 2 years. It was good though. 

A very big Happy Mothers day and Happy Fathers Day to our parentals! We love you mucho 
X 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

-Summer Camp is in session! It has been a busy first week of summer for me and the kiddos. This weeks theme was mission impossible... here are a few activities I thought were freaking awesome that we did.

-Camouflage paintings-

-Red laser obstacle course-
-ceramic thumb prints to bake on to tiles.-
-and we went swimming! which resulted in a nasty burn on my legs (those white glowy thing in the picture)-
-And a group of our teens rocking some water ballet-

And let's wrap this up with a little bit of Selfie Sunday action...


if you made it this far... you rock, and I hope your snack was delicious.