April 3, 2014

boat load.

 it's been a while. 
we've missed you. 

A boat load of things have happened over the last month or so.....
 to start, I got an Iphone 5 and my favorite part about it is the fact that the pictures are almost as high quality as my Nikon.
 Love it. 
Anyways, moving on....

-We gained a new little princess into our family. Little miss Aleya Jordan Parrish. She was born on February 6, 2014. We love her already! She is such a cutie! 
We had a very fun time face-timing her and her big sister Gabby. 

-We've also had quite a fun time face-timing our other little niece princess Stella. 

-Brevin sure gave me a handful of wonderful Valentines this year....

what do you think? lol

-For Valentines day we went to Grill on Gage  where we had ourselves some tasty food and enjoyed live music. Brevin surprised me with a butt shaped cookie, flowers, and other treats. 

-We went and saw the movie "A Winters Tale." We hated it. bold and blunt.... it was boring, slow, and we can't take Will Smith seriously while playing Lucifer. Would not recommend it to anyone. 

-At the Music and Art center we had an in-house photography show for all of my photography kiddos. They all did a great job and we had many move on to the regional competition.
Here are some of the winners... 

-Check out some of the latest art I've been teaching! 
We just recently had our Winter showcase where family members came to the club and enjoyed seeing their kids perform and checking out their art. 

-I have now been working at the preschool for a month and some...I work 5 hours in the morning then 3 hours at MAC in the evenings. I will be working preschool until May 5th. I am loving it there. It is ridiculously exhausting, but the kids are hilarious and so much fun to be around. Even if they're naughty sometimes. Licorice as bribery seems to do the job. 

-Here, enjoy our fur children in all their shedding glory. They are getting fat and shedding their winter coats. I vacuumed enough hair to make another Molly. 

-Brevin had fun skyping his mumsy and pops and catching up on life. 
Later that night we had ourselves a game night of some king in the korner action.  

-Brevin had quite a fun time this St. Patty's day. Kiltin' it out like a true Irish, er Scottish man.

and so did his mini-me Igore....

-The hubs got brownie points for surprising me with this amazing movie the other night! 

-Brevin made me "m" for McCall pancakes. Thickest pancakes I have ever had... I took 3 bites and was done. ha 


-We went and say "Non-stop." Great flick. We sure enjoyed it.

-I finally got around to completely cleaning and organizing my art room... maybe because mom was coming. oh yeah....that's it.
-My parents came for Spring break!!!! We had fun chillin out, eating tuna fish sandwiches, watching Thor, and catching up. We also went and saw the movie Noah.... it was ridiculously incorrect and we didn't enjoy it. ha. Oh! and we went to Fugiyama! It was delicious!

-Grandma got lots of cuddles from the pups. They sure loved her. 

-We went on tours of where Brevin and I work and then went antique shopping at all the fun shops in down town Kennewick. 

-We stopped to get some pictures at the temple and take a visit to our mini distribution center.

It was great having my parents here for a few days! I miss them already! I literally started crying on our way home after dropping them off at their hotel. I miss them so much! 

-Enjoy Brevin's work fotos...purdy neat stuffs. 

-Tonight Brevin and I went on a date to the mini carnival up the street! It was a blast! We won a turtle and a piece of corn with a mustache. We also ate ourselves an elephant ear.