February 10, 2014

Mishaps in Seattle. Year 2.

Happy Anniversary to us! 
We've been married folk for 2 years now and can't believe how fast it's gone! Our first date was almost exactly 6 years ago, so this time of year is quite fun for us and all our crazy memories. 
If you haven't seen yet, here is a throwback of our swell wedding day in all its glory... 13 minutes of it that is. 

Let's talk about Seattle....
We took a 4 hour trip up to the liberal side of town, and for what?! 
Well we were hoping for a fantastic time but, let us show you....
First lets go over the misfortunes then we'll get back to the fun- cuz there was some fun involved. 

First let us talk about the Ramada...
We're no hotel experts so we thought Ramada = semi-fancy. No, in fact Ramada means motel 6ish with 80's decor. We first entered a little disappointed, but we weren't going to let that stop us from enjoying ourse...oh wait, what's that? Yes folks. That is black mold in the bathroom. All over the walls and ceiling. 

needless to say we went and reported it and the lady looked at us like we were crazy. Um, no... we don't want to catch some weird disease today. thanks. So she sent a cleaning lady in to bleach it away. We came back and it was gone. So other than that the hotel was great... er sorta. At least there was a jet tub. 

Lets talk about hills. 
Seattle hills are terrible on any car I'm sure... but miss Cruella DeVille- not a good mix. We drove around for about an hour looking for somewhere to eat when we noticed the engine was sizzling. So we looked up auto zone to get some coolant. Siri led us to a high school. We were not in the zone. Then the engine oil light, coolant light, washer fluid, and overheating light popped up. We had no choice but to trust that Siri might actually do her job this time and get us to Jiffy Lube. We got there literally moments before the car died. And we waited...
We're not as happy as we look here. just saying. $100 later and the car was good to go. 

So it's our anniversary weekend right? yes. So we can eat whenever the heck we want! It was midnight and we wanted to cruise by 7-11 to grab a snack. Someone was blocking our car in the garage so we couldn't leave and all that was in the hotel's vending machine was the smallest bag of Fritos you ever done seen. So Brevin ate them...

We went to the Cheesecake factory last night! Thanks to my Mom and Dad for the gift card! Anyways, you know how the tables are freakishly and awkwardly close together? Well we ended up next to two sisters who were fighting for a good 45 minutes over how one did drugs and the other took care of mom and how "you don't know what i've been through!" We couldn't even hear our own thoughts, let alone each other. They left and along side many other guests we sighed in relief. 
The food and cheesecake were fantastic!

And the last of our misfortune... A flat tire. 
We thought the engine was giving out this morning, so I suggested to pull over and check. We found this...
Then Brevin proceeded to change it.
The spare we put on probably was meant for a barbie car, it was so small. 
The weight of the car made it flat- even worse than the first tire.
So at this point we were flustered and holding back bad words. We decided to get in the car and say a prayer. Moments after, a nice man from India (Allah must have sent him. ha.) came to the window and knocked and said "man you got a flat tire!" and we were like yeah... "that's not the flat, that's the spare." So he took Brevin with the original tire up the street to what probably was an illegal car shop to get it pumped up and patched for $10. yes only $10. Efectivo solamente. 

We got it fixed, we were happy. We went to Wendy's... and Brevin got checked out by the cashier dude. hahaha.

Okay, okay, so it wasn't all bad... we just needed to tell you all about the misfortunes to prepare you for the awesomeness of the rest.
We started out in the snow on our ride there....
We had a beautiful view and clear roads! Surprisingly!

To top off the view we had a Disney Mania jam session.

We ate clam chowda and whole potato fries. 

I overcame my fear of heights and we went on the Ferris Wheel. 
Other than getting queasy at first stopping and going so much to add more passengers, I really enjoyed it. 

 We were able to have a beautiful view of the city around us and below us...

Next we went shopping... at probably the weirdest store ever. Brevin loved it. 

Brevin spoiled me with this beautiful Claddagh ring for our anniversary representing: love-the heart, loyalty-the crown, and friendship-the hands. 

We headed back to our hotel, stopped by a unique diner then watched Big Band Theory and King of the Nerds all night.

Sunday morning we enjoyed sleeping in as the snow fell outside. We picked the perfect weekend to get away seeing as our stake and practically all of the Tri-cities canceled church due to the snow. < We found that amusing seeing as we're from Utah and still had to go to school if there was 3 ft of snow and they closed church because of 1 ft.  

We then headed to the Space Needle! 
It was lots of fun chillin' in the air looking out at the city and watching people almost drop their phones.. that and iPad selfies. 3 words. you. look. ridiculous. 

This morning Brevin and I were planning on doing a session at the Seattle temple... but we forgot it's Monday and they're closed. So we went and visited the grounds anyways. 

We headed home through Snoqualmie Pass. It was intense. 30 in a 70 zone. But we made it safely home.

Again, such a beautiful view! 

So we're home now, back to reality and to our black mold free apartment. Our Cadillac DeVille is now running quite smoothly and our puppies are nice and tired from staying with the Ottley's.

All my sleepy babies.  

Here's to 2 years and forever to go!
Have a nice week ya'll!

February 3, 2014

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

Howdy there. 
We hope your lives are freaking fantastic. 
We've been pretty busy with work. I'll be taking over someone's Maternity leave at the Boys and Girls Discovery Preschool for 2 months soon, so it'll get even busier... and i'll probably be ill the whole time. ha. 
Lately Brevin has been sending resumes to the funeral homes in Utah to see if we can find ourselves closer to family in the near future. So far no response, we'll see what happens... keep your fingers crossed! 

Enjoy some Koda and Molly cuteness....

-Koda eating peanut butter....lol. He gets so frustrated. 

-Here's some random art I did the other day... love me some doodle time. 

and here are some projects I've been up to at work with the kids: 

Zentangle hands

Tinting and shading with paint

Overlapping name art

Abstract cubism self portraits

I have the cutest kids.... most of the time. ha. Some of them are in need of serious attitude adjustments, but when they get into the projects they end up loving them. 

Fractured group collage

-Brevin's bosses, Amy and Kent, took us to dinner at the Country Club. Delicious food and fun conversation about.... well all sorts of things. lol. 

Brevin and I finally escaped to our Christmas present to each other.... we headed back to Cameo Heights like we did last year for our anniversary. It was a much needed break and so relaxing!
This was our beautiful suite! The Italian Suite. 
-They even had a statue of Brevin's head to add to the festivities. lol. 

-We played us some tether ball.... I won... as usual. ha. 

-Brevin enjoyed rolling down the steep hill to mark off the task on our bingo sheet. 


Keep that sassy going...

He's Mr. Sassy Pants

-Our dinner was 7 courses! It was delicious... and expensive. ha. Best pumpkin shrimp bisque and beef I've ever had! And our desserts were to die for! 
-We then went to the home theatre and watched us some "Walk to Remember"

-Finished our bingo! fun times, want to go back already!

-My work had a Youth of the Year Great day for Kids event. It was fun to see these teenagers work so hard to present speeches and share their experiences. 

-Brevin took me back to the doctor... I have another sinus infection... third one this season. No bueno. 
-The guy called me Cliff cause he thought it was my first name... lol I get that a lot. He felt bad for messing my name up, so he gave me a sucker. 

-So sometimes I suffer from insomnia and I morph our baby pictures to see what our future chillins may look like one day. Purdy dang cute. 

Next week is our 2 year anniversary!!! Can you believe it?!
 We'll be heading to Seattle (finally) this weekend for a fun getaway.

Until then....

Stay classy.