January 16, 2014

2014 shake n' bake

Happy New Year everybody!!! We can't believe it's already 2014!
 We've almost been married a whole 2 years! Time flies by when you're in love and crazy. 

So we have some catching up to do.... 

This is a lovely picture of us approximately 5:20am at the Pasco Airport on Christmas morning. Our flight was at 6:15 but didn't leave until 8. lame sauce. On the bright side we got to Utah with family ON Christmas! 
Here's the beautiful sunrise up in the air. I really should put a picture of me crying right here.... I had a sinus infection and my ears were killing me the whole way there. Brevin slept.... I cried.
When we landed we got our presents at the Parrish's from Santa and the parentals. 
On Christmas evening we went to the Clifford's for the gift exchange and dinner. It was lots of fun and we enjoyed giving our presents as well as getting a few treats ourselves. 
One of our favorite gifts was from Jeff and MaryAnn! They got us a popcorn popper! It was lots of fun to use, other than the fire alarm going off. ha. 

The next night we had the Parrish family $50 gift exchange and amazing prime rib dinner. 
We also had a mustache party. 

It got a little out of hand...

My family thinks they're funny....

Look at this cuteness! Stella is such a sweetheart!
I got dad in the gift exchange and this is one of the presents I gave him.... it was a hit. 

Jameson got my name and got me a sweet action art kit and sweater kit. ha. I'm excited to try them out!
My dad spoiled Brevin with some sweet Jordan's, Stella wanted to test them out. 

I did a very mini photo shoot with Stella, Christelle and Jameson. I love photographing my cute niecies. 
We went and saw Frozen (again) with my parents and they loved it. Probably the best movie of the year in my opinion.

We went on a triple date with Kristine, Gordon, Jeff and MaryAnn to Red Robin. The waitress hit on Kristine.... it was weird. lol. 

The Clifford's horse enjoyed cuddling with  me. 

And sitting on Brevin...

Later that night we had a madrigal reunion with lots of folks. It sure made me miss living close to more friends! 

On Sunday we went to Tanner's homecoming! It was awesome to see him and other neighborhood friends from the good ole days. 
Back to the airport..... 
Back on the plane.....
Beautiful Sunset. 
Thanks to the Ottley's for taking our crazy dogs in for the weekend. They sure were excited to see us again, but were sad to leave their friends. 

We decorated the kennel corner...

These two are a good form of birth control..... just today Koda chewed up Brevin's power chord to his phone. As for Molly... she uses the carpet as her 2 ply toilet paper. 

My parents treated us with a date night for our Christmas present. We went and saw Thor! It was really good!

Brevin got sick..............
Couple days later I got sick..............
2 days later this was my temp..................
The dogs are doing well though. ha.

Started up new classes at work... I'm teaching Abstract art, Painting, Comic book design, and photography. So far so good. 

Brevin has been quite the pastor the last little while.... he's been officiating for services.

I worked at the preschool every morning at 7:30 for a week. This is what I saw everyday waking up... so cute.

Brevin randomly went to the store and said he needed to go in an grab something for me. . . 
he came out and surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and chocolate. He knows me so well. lol. 


Oh yeah... enjoy this little shake n' bake number....


bye now.