November 16, 2013


Howdy howdy howdy. 

Here's the fun list of our life....

-Brevin got to go to the dentist and get 3 cavities filled on Halloween... that's kind of ironic. ha. His face was numb for half of the day so of course I had to get him in a smiling picture. lol.

-Brevin was captain America with one of those shirts that make you look buff. I was snow white again per the kids request at work. We had fun running the coloring portion of the carnival at the Boys and Girls club. We got not a one trick or treater at home though. 
-We got our pottery back! They turned out pretty swell! We also went on an adventure to our favorite store Fuego and got some treats. ha. 

-I drew us a new family picture. 
-The cuteness of the fur variety....

-We lit our fireplace for the first time! We love it!

-I went back to being a redhead. I love it. 
-Works been pretty fun lately, lots of cute projects and hanging with the kiddos. 
-I got these darling pictures sent to me from my bro and sis in Utah of their cute little nugget Stella. She's wearing the skunk bum onsie I made her. She's getting so big and chunky. I just love that little one. 
-This week I've been busy designing collage paper for my illustration class. It's been well... a lot of work. ha. I'm also taking the paper and making it into fabric to make a quilt. You can check that out HERE. This is one of the projects I started using the paper. purdy swell.

-Brevin is now a fully licensed Mortician in all it's categories. Which means a raise. :) 

-Brevin and I went to the "Beggars Banquet." Its a fundraising event and auction that raised money for the homeless and those in need. We really enjoyed ourselves. We got to taste 20 different soups and judge which one was the best. So cool. 

-Brevin treated me to an early birthday present today. My favorite painting to hang on our wall.

Anywho that sums it up.
Have a swell weekend ya'll!