October 30, 2013

in a nutshell.

So life has happened to us again. We've been busy, I've been sick with kidney stones (wouldn't wish it on anyone), went to the ER, had our fair share of bills and other fun growing up stuff everybody fails to mention in the excitement of being newlyweds. But hey, it's all good. We have survived and this is us updating our awesome little corner of the internet to say hello. 

we're alright.

bye now. . . 

just kidding. 
Obviously there's a lot more and cooler things to share....
-We got a new vacuum. Yes that is a big deal. our old one broketh and started spitting out dirt rather than pick it up. We got a nice one that picks up dog hair. Let me say that again.... it PICKS UP DOG HAIR. fan-freaking-tastic considering our new little miss Molly sheds like a beast. 

-We made cupcakes.... that was the last day of our diet. lol. We start eating healthy then cave miserably and can't seem to get back into gear. but hey.... they were good. ha.
-We had a date night at Polka Dot Pottery where Brevin decorated a skull for dia de los muertos and I decorate a bowl because well... I can. They turned out pretty cute. We still need to go pick them up since they've been fired. 

-I love my illustration class. I created a textile design for fabric. Owls... of course. love em. I also put my design in my SPOONFLOWER SHOP.  I'm going to order some and make some PJ pants for my niecies. 
and here's my advertising illustration using watercolor....

-Here, enjoy some doggy love from our cuddle Koda-Annie and Molly-Bob. . . 

...and Brevin dancing....

-Fall is here and we are so excited! We hope it sticks around long enough before it gets all nippy. Can't believe tomorrow is Halloween! This year has gone by so quickly! Brevin is going to be Captain America and I'm going to be Snow White again per request from 1st graders at work. ha. 
-Perks of being the wife of a Mortician.... left over HUGE bouquets. Isn't this just lovely?! Brevin has been a busy boy this week. Lots of extra work put in. He officiated at one service and got a sweet little *cough* big tip. He's a great pastor.lol

and again just for giggles.........
have a swell holiday and weekend ya'll.

October 7, 2013

meet miss molly

Meet our new lil miss Molly Bob! 
She's an 11lb Chaweenie and we love her already. She was abandoned and taken care of for 8 months by a family who found her in the country. And we were lucky enough to find her on craigslist. 
Molly loves to cuddle. She can't get enough of it.

 She loves sleeping on us and she's a daddy's girl.
She loves being held like a baby, and Brevin loves that she's the size of baby.
She likes getting in the garbage in search for delicious treasures.
She loves her big brother Koda and cuddling with him as well as growling at him when he tries to eat her food. 
She also likes to tease him by biting his ears until he yelps. He likes to get back at her by sitting on her.

She's had a few accidents since we got her but overall she a sweet lil pooch. 

Miss Molly fits right in.