September 28, 2013

oh yeah... we have a blog

It's been one crazy month. Brevin's been busy with work and working a handful of Rosary's in the evenings while I've been getting back into the swing of school and work again. I transferred from the Pasco Boys and Girls club to the Kennewick Music and Arts Center. So far it's been good. Missing my Pasco kids, but I'm having lots of fun teaching a variety of classes.

So now we're back, in blog world that is. It's a rainy day and I'm enjoying my 3 day weekend with the stomach flu... so I'll make the most of it and update you on our lovely lives.

Here... have some Koda kuteness....

Brevin and I went on an adventure to the library. . . no particular reason, it's not like we're avid readers, just adventurers. He fell asleep in the comfy chairs.

We went to Utah! again. We are officially sick of the 10 hour drives. It poured like crazy on the way down with a nice tornado warning in Oregon. Party. Koda sure enjoyed the ride.

We went to one of my best friend's wedding reception! Colton and Amanda Balmforth. They are adorable together and they looked amazing. I was happy the timing worked out so I could be there.
We got to enjoy our little niece miss Stella. She has gotten so big even since the last time we saw her. I got all baby hungry watching Brevin and her cuddle all cute like. So, so, sweet.

We enjoyed our Sunday in Utah celebrating Paxton's missionary farewell and spending time with the Clifford's afterwards at Grandma's.
We took some Clifford family photos...

Like I said before I started back at the Boys and Girls Club a couple of weeks ago. It's been fun prepping for the 6 classes I'm teaching. It's nice that instead of having 30+ kids in one class there are at tops 12. It's awesome. This quarter I'm teaching Intermediate art, Abstract art, Beginning photography, advanced photography, Drawing and Illustration and Art Studio. Lots more planning than before but it's going well.
I taught Brevin how to knit.
He is captivated by it. ha.
Have a swell weekend ya'll.