August 19, 2013


Herro there. 
It's been too long. 
So as I copy 17gb worth of pictures on to my portable hard drive I will take this time to update everyone in blog land about our wonderful life.
Since we're cool. 

My brother and sister in-law had their baby. Her name is Stella Carlene and she is about the cutest thing I ever did seen. She's a little wiggler and sleeps just like my brother. ha. 
We love our nieces. . . they're pretty cool.

aren't they the cutest!

In other news....

I made baby Stella a quilt the night she was born wishing I could have been in Utah to meet her.  

We got a flat tire on the way home from dinner a couple weeks ago. It was about 104 degrees outside and Brevin had just given blood. . . not cool.

We got locked out of our apartment. Not cool. Brevin accidentally locked the door to our apartment before grabbing the car keys and apartment keys. So to begin our date night we ended up waiting for about an hour for someone to show up with keys. Adventure right there. 

I ordered some doodle fabric! So cool! I ordered through Spoonflower... I'm excited to make something out of it, still debating what to make. 

August 1 was Mom and Brevin's birthdays. They're cool. I took Brevin to Texas Roadhouse- his favorite. They didn't sing to him though. :( Sad day. Then we went and got him a little cake from the store. 

I was having a bad day so Brevin surprised me with some new earrings. Such a sweet n' cool man. 

New hair! The bangs are back. pretty cool. 
Last Tuesday we started driving down to Utah to spend the weekend for the baby blessing on Sunday. We went 5 hours then stayed at a hotel where we snuck the Koda Ann in. We were greeted by dirty bed sheets that had mascara and foundation on them. Seriously.... ewww. Not cool. 

We then finished our drive Wednesday morning. 

We first met the nugget of cuteness, while visiting with Jameson and Christelle. She is a doll and her parents are pretty cool.

I went to lunch at Noodles with some friends on Thursday. It was great catching up and super exciting to hear that my maid of honor Amy is engaged! How cool!
Koda had fun staying with the Clifford's and playing with Mini. (the pony) It's always funny to see him worn out after being there. He's slept non-stop since we've been back.

We had a game night at my parents house on Friday night to catch up with friends. Brevin had a friend from Jr high come as well as one of his mission companions. I had my Krista and Nate come. Cool friends. 

Dad treated us to Cheesecake Factory for Mom and Brevin's Birthday. It was cool. Brevin and I split a piece of double chocolate cheesecake. mmmmm.

Brevin amused me with his awesome dance skills while no one but us were home. lol.

He's ridiculously cool.

Jp, Britain and Gabby came on Saturday. It was so much fun to see my lil niece! Personality packed ham! She is cool, hilarious and so much fun. 

Sunday was the baby blessing. It was cool to see all the men in the family stand in a circle to bless Stella. We then had a gathering afterwards with friends and family. 

Brevin and I snuck away to visit with the Cliffords for a bit. It was fun to catch up with them. 

Family pictures were that evening in the Christensen's back yard- beautiful. Thanks to one of my BFF's Kendra we were able to get a lot of pictures for me to choose from. 
Here's chunk of the loot.... enjoy.

more picture HERE.

Monday morning we went to Cracker Barrel with Mom, Dad, Jp and family. It was delicious and fun to spend some extra time with little miss Gabby. 
My dad surprised us and had cleaned our car, gassed it up, added oil and antifreeze as well as bought us new floor mats. We were so surprised and excited. 
He's the coolest. 

We got a nice wave off as we headed out around 10 on Monday. 

and then we were off....

Now we're back to real life. Which is lame, I wish we could be on vacation for at least another week. . . we will be going back in about a month though for Paxton's farewell. 
That'll be cool. 

I had an interview to get the art position job back at the Boys and girls club. Today I'm figuring out which classes I'll be taking next quarter and Brevin is...well,  busy being cool.

Brevin has this cool shirt that has a built in mustache...

And we like nuggets. 

and we're addicted to Bones...
It's so cool.

Life is pretty cool.