July 22, 2013

short n' sweet

Hello there.

we're enjoying our summer filled of DIY projects and crazy adventures... the usual.
This has by far been the fastest summer we've had. like ever. 

I've been busy working on my Etsy shop making jewelry, notebooks, dishware, etc. I was planning on opening it today but ended up sleeping for 20 hours straight. . . I don't know, but I'm going to throw out a guess that I probably needed it. ha.  

We are nearly finished with our bedroom. We decided to use the shelves as actual shelves instead of bed support. We like how it turned out and I'm excited about all the colors.
Finale coming soon...

We went on an adventure last weekend to the River. We got Slurpees, played our Words with Friends game board and then went and explored the shore. We collected rocks, shells, and drift wood. It was a fun and relaxing way to spend a Saturday. 

Auntie Ruth sent me this gem! It's a lens buddy to use when taking pictures of kids to get them to smile. I might use it whatever the age. lol. 

With the drift wood collected from the river- I made a picture mobile. 

Brevin and I have gotten our fair share of battle wounds this last week...
I went in and had this bump, that could have possible skin cancer, removed. I got a nice stitching up and some Disney princess and Mickey Band aids.

Brevin was doing the dishes.
(enter applause here)
A glass broke in the sink and cut him.
He didn't get stitches- just a scar...I can't believe how fast he heals.

Brevin and I were driving and saw this hilarious view.
Dog with sunglasses and head out the sun roof window...ya don't see that everyday...

Another fun addition to my Etsy shop-now aiming for grand opening tomorrow

My brother JP came to visit! He was going to Spokane for business which is about 2 hours away from us so he decided to stop by before.

We went to Fujiyama (a version of Tepanyaki < < I don't feel like looking up how to spell that), the Country Mercantile- where JP bought his fair share of chocolate, and to the movie RIPD. Hilarious by the way. 

Koda's new best friend is JP. He was so sad when he had to leave. He played with him and even cuddled with him. 

 I think JP liked him too. lol.

JP also had fun playing with our Windows 8 computer and decided to make a video... so of course it has to make an appearance on the blog. LOL.

For family night this evening we went to Costa Vida where Brevin was winked at by a 50 year old lady.
Then we went to My Fro-yo for some frozen yogurt.

Short n' Sweet.
Have a swell week. 

July 3, 2013

Snarky little booger.

We are (were) sitting in the airport sipping on Jamba Juice and diet Dr pepper. Both of which cost a small loan because everything is extremely expensive in the airport. ha anyway...
 While we wait we thought we'd update ya'll on all our adventures from our wonderful vacation here in Utah....

I, McCall arrived last Monday bright and early. I couldn't sleep the night before so I was thoroughly exhausted.
My parents took me to a sweet little dive called Ruth's Diner. It was delicious, but the best part was the atmosphere. It was in the mountains so eating outside was really the best treat. Afterwards we went to City Creek Mall. It was my first time there, and might I say that it's like the coolest mall ever. 

Mountains. Mountains. Mountains. 
Ya don't realize how much you miss them until you come back and realize just how beautiful they are. They really are amazing and this crappy phone pic doesn't do them justice. 

My mom and I had fun getting everything ready for Christelle's baby shower. We had ourselves an adventure at Zurchers... Coming up with silly games and fun ideas.

I got strep.... On my face.
 What the heck. 
Whenever I go to Utah I get sick one way or another. I'm on some hefty antibiotic and its clearing up quite well. These pictures were taken within an hour of each other. eeek.

Wednesday we had the awesome opportunity of going to temple for the endowment of our little brother Paxton in preparation for his mission. It was a wonderful experience and was so wonderful to see lots of family.
Afterwards papa Clifford aka money bags took us to Chiles for some lunch. Thank you!

That night we had a fun game night with moma and papa Parrish and our cousins Gabby and Lincoln. I was awesome to see them and laugh our heads off while playing telephone pictionary.

Thursday was the baby shower. 
We were busy. 
First we started the day by going to my Gramy's favorite restaurant, Sills
Amazzzzzzing scones.

Brevin then was put to work. From mowing the lawn to power washing and setting up a canopy... my parents didn't hesitate to use his services. 

We spoiled my mom with these super cute balloons. Then we went and loaded up on ice.

These two are sick of waiting for the princess to get here. 

We were driving down the street and saw 5 power poles in a row down. I guess some semi hit one and pulled the rest down with it. Ya don't see that everyday...

Friday we had fun catching up with Grandma and Grandpa Huff. It was fun hanging with the siblings and seeing Brevin with his clone.

Friday night we went to Leatherbys. I invited like.... Everyone. Ha. Thanks to Utah/Mormon standard time everyone showed up 40 minutes late. lol. 
But some did show and it was great catching up with them.

Saturday was our little sister, Rosie's baptism. Brevin got to give the talk on the Holy Ghost. We went to grandma and grandpa Clifford's afterwards for some lunch and some fun.

That night we headed over to Taylorsville Dayzz after eating at Breevin's favorite restaurant (La frontera) with Jeff and MaryAnn.

We got airbrush tattoos... We looked for the weirdest ones. I got an Elvis one on my neck and Brevin got a A.S.S.- Annoying Second Son on his arm. We're so hardcore.

We ate inhaled funnel cake.

We won a vacation for spinning a wheel after entering a drawing for a dog house.... rock the heck on! So happy we own a dog or we wouldn't have even tried! We thought it was just for Park City (which would still be cool) but turns out we get to pick a hotel from 20 different cities around the country.
 I'm rooting for Hershey, Pennsylvania.

We watched the firework show with the family. It was awesome, as usual (minus the grand finale. Then headed to sonic cuz dad was craving a midnight shake. So that's where I get it from. ha. 

Sunday was Rico's Homecoming. He gave an amazing talk. We had brunch afterwards at their house. Amazing food. It was sooo awesome catching up with a part of my madrigal group! 

We snuck in a quick family photo after Rico's homecoming of us crazy Clifford's. 
 And of course a funny shot...

We had dinner with my family that night and Jameson and I made a delicious dessert of scones and honey and raspberry butter. 
This is not weight loss juice folks... ;)


Monday we visited and said farewell to the Clifford's. then off to lunch with my parentals to Jason's Deli. 

free ice cream.

We flew home.

...and were greeted by this fantastic weather!


We went and got our little nugget from the doggie hotel/ kennel. 
He was so excited to see us. He did awesome on his report card... Kinda cheesy but cute. 

He also was out like a light Monday night. 
Too much excitement from seeing us again.

Last night we went and saw Despicable Me 2. We will own it. go see it, it is so cute!

I'm making stamps for my Etsy shop, I''ll be opening up soon. :) These are a pain in the rear to carve. ha. 

We're disappointed  that no one participated in our picture scavenger hunt contest... :(
so it looks like we won! We will be treating ourselves to an amazing $50 date night.

I woke up Koda and caught him half way in a stretch.... 
this is the adoring face he gave me. 

Snarky little booger.

Oh! I almost forgot! We finally got to give our Mother's and Father's day presents! I was able to film my parents opening theirs, but Brevin was too quick to giving his. But here's what we made them! Check it out!

here's the youtube video (Dad's favorite) that inspired this mug:

Louisiana, Utah, and Washington- where all the kids are. 

We gave this apron to Brevin's mom :)

and Brevin made his dad a shirt that says "Caffeine Loading" with a loading bar and a coke. I lost the picture I took of it. boo.

Welp that's all... 
have a good week/end

stay classy.