June 23, 2013

Jamal's Obituary


Jamal Paul Clifford, the beta fish, passed away peacefully in his sleep on Saturday June 22, 2013.
Jamal was born on an unknown date to two loving and excited beta parents but had to be given up for adoption because his parents could no longer care for him and because their bowl ran out of room to shelter him and his constant bowel movements. After leaving his parents he spent a portion of his life at Craft warehouse where he socialized with all the other betas around him while watching fanatic crafters buy many things they don't need. Including Beta fishes.
On May 30, 2013 he was adopted into the Clifford family where he joined his Father Brevin, his Mother McCall and his older brother Koda in their cozy apartment.(He never actually met Koda in fear for Koda liking sea food)
He spent his life with the Clifford's in a large glass mug from the dollar store where he was always surrounded by fake flowers and yellow beads. He loved to swim, eat, sleep and watch this strange family do crafts and eat from a top the bookshelf in the dining room. 
He is survived by the brown flakes of Tetrafin fish food, his father-because he fed him, and the light that shined on so many of his mothers crafts. 
His favorite saying was “Just keep swimming...in circles”.
(because he had limited room to move)
Though we only knew him for a short while, his rotten dead fish scent will linger in our kitchen for days to come...
he will be missed and forever in our hearts.
We know he is now swimming with all his loved ones in the sewer *cough* fish paradise.
A small toilet side service was held on June 23, 2013 at 4:00pm. 
Burial at toilet flush followed. (We hope he wasn't just sleeping)
In lieu of Flowers and money, donations can be made to your favorite charity or the Get a new Beta fish for Brevin and McCall Foundation.

June 22, 2013

Utah bound

Hi There. 
We updated our blog look. 
We hope you like it.

T-minus 2.5 days until I (McCall) am Utah bound! I am soooo excited! Brevin will be joining me and the family Tuesday evening. We are stoked! We are even more excited about the fact we'll be flying and not making the 10 hour commute.
 We are heading there for an endowment, baptism, baby shower, and homecoming. We'll be busy, but it's gunna be awesome! 

Brevin and I have started our summer off with a bit of a health fix. I'm attempting to remake all our favorite recipes healthier. So far they've all tasted great modified. We also went swimming. felt awesome to be back in the pool swimming laps. 

We started a new project! We're in the process of building a new bed frame. We tried to save the one we have, but ever since our move it's been quite unstable and no bueno. We bought some cheap shelves at a thrift shop and drilled them together on their sides. We are ditching the bed frame and building a door to go over the shelves and be a hatch door for storage under the bed. We will keep you posted... this is taking longer than we had anticipated. Nothing like sleeping in the living room. . . ha.

We got some new decor for our boring apartment walls....
aint that the truth?!

We saw Man of Steel! Loved it! 
Super cheesy Superman goodness and awesomeness! 

Since we know how much you all are thoroughly interested in hearing about how our dog is doing, here you go:
Koda has been adorable and cuddly. 
Which is great except when he needs a bath. 
He's been naughty as well. 
He managed to hide poop in his tent (he sleeps here) and we didn't even notice until our Saturday clean up. 
2 words. 
Um. Ewww. 
(insert gagging noise here)
He loves wrestling with Brevin. 
(instavideo is my new addiction.) 
He went to the vet. We had to update him on his vaccinations so he could stay over at the doggie hotel we're leaving him at while we're in Utah. He did great and was so brave until he decided to leave them a gift as we left... lil poop head. 
How corny right? lol. 
his gumby face. 

Shout out to our daddies! We love you and hope you had a fantastic Fathers day! We are on our way with some pretty great presents for ya ;)

Weather has been weird. It's like we went from scolding hot summer to 53 degree raining gloomness overnight. 
It's like we're in Utah... 
but we're not. ha. 

We went on a mini photo shoot. It's been too long since our last one. We had lots of fun and got some pretty great shots. Check em' out!

And of course... Can't forget the bloopers and silly poses...

Face-timed the family and my brother, as usual, he pulled faces far surpassing the requirements to make it on our blog of awesomeness. In the second photo he's just holding that pose to see if I thought it had froze. I laughed. Can't believe he's gunna be a dad in about a month!

Well we'll keep it short and sweet today. 
Just a reminder that you have about a week to finish your picture scavenger hunts up before we pick a winner! You may email the photos, do a blog post with them, or even facebook them. Just let us know where to look and you'll be entered. 
If you don't know what I'm talking about click HERE. 

Thanks for stopping by!
Utah, here we come! 

June 9, 2013

Jamal & Summer Time!

Hi there, we're finally catching up. We got carried away with the Scavenger Hunt last week so here's our spew of updates for that last little while.
not that we even need to say that. ;)

-soooo....Tri-Cities finally has Jimmy Johns and it's delicious. There are so many more food places that need to make their way up here though.
ex. Apollo burger, Arctic Circle, Spaghetti Factory, Noodles Co, Jamba Juice, Brick oven, Einsteins Bagels... I could go on for days.

-JP's birthday was a couple weeks ago and I made him a fun collage of us growing up through the years.
My mom told me when she saw it she started tearing up. I asked her why, and she proceeded to remind me how we hated each other and did not get along growing up. haha.
We get along great now though.

-The feeding of the 50 for the Missionary hosted Grad night turned out to be feeding of 25. It was great though. Made some new friends who are from Mexico who complimented me and raved about my Taco meat. (blushing with honor) It was fun, awkward, and lots of left overs all in the same sentence.

-Our lil bro the Paxtonator got his mission call to Misery. *cough* St. Louis that is. ;)
He's going to make a great missionary folk.
He was ordained this week and we are sad we missed it, but super proud of him!
-He also gradumatated this week from High school and seminary! What a cute man!

-We got a futon for our we little office.
Other than the dog peeing on it today, it has been a great investment.  lol. That dog...
Especially since we watch more movies on our computer than our TV.
It's like the perfect place to watch something while doing art. I love it.
Brevin's new favorite show is Arrested Development.
Thanks for that Kent. 

-We bought a load of cute fabric to make some snazzy pillows for the futon.
 And a super cute bed sheet as a cover. 

-Koda has been a little cuddle bucket this week. I don't actually know what cuddle bucket means, I just say it all the time. Anyways... He's been sleeping at my feet, which is dangerous cuz I'm a kicker, but he persists. He loves cuddling with the Brevinator on the Futon and he's given some pretty intense sad eyes this week.
We bought our dog a snuggy. $1 investment that he proceeded to pee on within a half an hour of having it. gee "wizz" kid.

-Brevin loves adventures with me at Target. Nothing like walking in for 3 things and buying $....a lot more. ha. We found some great deals though and I got some new jeans for $3! Target is a very dangerous place for this girl... and boy.

-We have been ADDICTED to Ghost Whisperer this week. Kind of to the unhealthy point. lol.
Last Sunday we watched 5 episodes. It's a good one. Thanks for sharing the Netflix Papa Clifford! 

-On Memorial Day I went to visit Brevin at work. There was a Memorial day service hosted by the cemetery and Brevin was working it. It was cool to see all the support of those who came.
Here's some of our loved ones we'd like to take a moment to remember :)

First here are my Grandparents who have passed. (McCall's)

and here are 2 sets of Brevin's great-grandparents. Both from his Mom's side.

Brevin is a lucky boy that he has the opportunity to have his grandparents around still. :) 
-I've been being crafty! Making some cute pillows out of the fabric above to put on our office futon! I'll be posting about it over at my blog when I finish all 10. But here's a preview.

-Koda set fire to the rain.

-Brevin and I were super creative and came up with an awesome Scavenger Hunt for all ya'll to participate in!
 If you haven't taken a look, stop where you are and click HERE.

-We subbed the Sunbeams last week....
Having 8 kids in a small room all under the age of 4 is like the ultimate birth control. lol.
Not saying we don't want kids... that was just crazy intense, I dare say even more stressful than my work.

-We got a fish! He is the newest member of our family!
 Jamal Paul Clifford. (after his Great Grandpa)
He is a blue beta and has a lot of spunk.... or at least from what we can tell. lol.
He sure eats his food with a lot of enthusiasm.
He lives in a glass mug with yellow rocks on the bottom.
We pretty much bought him on off a whim. He was like $1.50 and Brevin wanted a fish...the best part is that he was for sale at a craft store. ha. (which is where we pretty much live)

-I decorated our dining room wall. You can check out the crafty details HERE.

-So Boys and Girls Club is out for Summer! Well at least my job is. They have a summer camp that I decided not to work this year.I got to work the front desk for the last 2 days of work... I nearly pulled my hair out.
Needless to say, I am alive and my hair is still attached.
 I am excited to have a summer break for fun and travels to Utah!

-Can you believe I'm even related to these two?! Jameson (on the right) sent me a picture of him and his far beyond nappy beard so I sent this picture back of my Dad lined up with his chin. lol.
Pretty much identical.
pretty much.

-The last day of work I found this amazing drawing. This would make the cutest wallpaper in a kids room or on a notebook.

-I was crafty yet again...what's new? If you haven't caught on to that by now you can check out my blog here HERE and find out that my brain pretty much never shuts up thinking about art.
This was a super fun deal that we absolutely love on our boring apartment walls!

-And as always Brevin loves hitting up the craft stores with me. Let's just say I might have spent almost my whole paycheck loading up on craft supplies to get my summer started. :)

-We also got Brevin a little decor to fancy his desk...

As I type here late at night *cough* 3am... I'm listening to a group of drunk people downstairs singing "learn to love again" at the top of their lungs. So, well of course I recorded it.

Yeah...I'm on a new med that's given me some hardcore insomnia. Party, oh well, more time for crafting and blogging! lol.

-Brevin picked up 7 stiffs today. He's been a busy boy and has worked from 8am-7:30pm. Day of rest... yeah not today.

Happy Sabbath.
Have a swell week. 
get some sleep McCall.