May 18, 2013

we gunna find you.

Hello there... we've missed you. Thanks for stopping by to catch up on our awesome life. :)

So... I learned how to make a moving image. . . and now I'm addicted to doing so, especially with moments like this. haha.

-I use a sketchbook to take notes at church since I listen better while doodling, so Brevin decided to join in and drew me this lovely picture of Lemuel.

-Brevin's had some pretty intense night calls "LATE"ly. And of course because I am an insomniac maniac I go with. I love being a part of so many peoples trips to the funeral home 'for the last time.' Brevin was on call for a week straight. Following this week both Brevin and I got the 24 hour stomach flu. party. 

-Kodashian has been a great little guy lately. He's been a snuggler and hasn't had any major accidents for 2 weeks now! 
-Yep... we're "those" dog owners. isn't he darling?! 
-We lost his leash so we made due with one of Brevin's Christmas Ties.  

-He loves baths.

-He loves Sunday drives.

-He loves napping on mom.

-We can't believe it is already May! Gotta love some good old 90's kid humor from a white guy who thought he was black.

-We fed the missionaries my famous Taco Soup. They loved it. They left a sticky note in our guest bathroom thanking us. Such nice guys. It's weird that they graduated the same year as me and are younger. We're loving our new calling by the way! Ward Missionaries is treating us well!

-Brevin surprised me with a dozen beautiful roses just because. I was so excited! Such a wonderful husband I have!

-Work has been adventurous lately. I've had a lot of funny kid quotes, and some stressful days. I'm taking the summer off to catch my breath and travel, so I'm kind of on the count down. ha. 12 days in case you were wondering. 

-At work we all wore pink for Wednesday... 

-We made pet rocks! Brevin and I named our Freddrick and Simon. 

-We had an art journal day and the prompt was to draw where you see yourself at age 30... this is what Brevin came up with:
looks like 3 kids, 2 mini vans, very broad shoulders, and a llama is in our future. 

-one night while kids were playing on the computers till close I enjoyed me some good ole legos. I miss the simple days where legos were always the answer.

-On top of these funnies, I had a girl ask me if my last name was Clifford because my hair is red. I about died laughing.
A 2nd grader with wisdom beyond her years....
Wolverine children. lol.

-We had a crafty weekend last week. We bought peg board from Home Depot (the man's hobby lobby) to make a craft board for me. We also bought a couple of wooden planks to fix our bed frame. You can check out more of the craft board HERE.

-We decided to try a new restaurant... Cousins. It was pretty dang good! We especially liked the fact that the drinks came in Mason jars! So cool! So we went and bought some Mason jars to replace some crappy plastic ones we've been meaning to get rid of. 

-I dyed my hair. I actually went to a salon to get it done. Went to a dark red even though I wanted to go lighter for summer. I like how it turned out though.
Brevin struck a pose while he waited. 

-This is late... but we wanna shout out to our Awesome Sauce Mommas!  Happy Mother day... thanks for making us the hysterical human beings we are today... and for making us in general.

-We have been avid movie goers. We saw the Great Gatsby, Iron man, and Star Trek. 3 of the longest movies ever, but awesome. Don't drink 48oz of soda when you go though. 'Iron bladder'

-Brevin and I have been artsy fartsy lately! I've been making bead magnets galore and he's working on making a hearse model out of craft wood. We so crafty.
...his hearse picture coming soon.

-We went to Mcdonalds and ordered chicken nuggets as a snack and were greeted with cookies. We weren't sure whether to be disappointed or freaking stoked!
-Here's our night's view. 

Have a swell weekend ya'll.