April 26, 2013

Called to Serve.

Let's talk about us...
Brother and sister Clifford,
You are hereby called to serve as ward missionaries in the Windsong Ward of the Kennewick Washinton Stake for the duration of 18 months. 
>>Okay, so we didn't get an official letter or anything, but we have been called and I am excited! My mission has finally come along! 
remember debating marriage or mission and being torn, but taking the leap of faith to marry my sweetheart. {which was totally the right choice}
 Now here it is! My Our 18 month mission call! With my sweetheart! 
>>Brevin's excited too.

Let's talk about history...
>>We received the first volume of our little family's history. We got a blog book! We are printing them out every year on/ around our anniversary to save our memories and pass down our randomness to our future family. 
>>It's huge too! It's the size of a yearbook! 

Let's talk about the weather...
>>These last weeks have had some random weather. Started as windy with some light showers and us sitting at the park people watching, then followed with ice rain... if you haven't experienced ice rain, it's hard to explain. It's like raining slush. Yes... practically a Slurpee falling from the sky.
 Then all the sudden it's like 70+ degrees and sunny. (and humid) 

>>This white girl needs some sun screen.
The boy is lucky, he tans. 

Let's talk about the naughty dog...
>>Since we've gotten back from Salt Lake, this kid has been pushing the limits, acting like he owns the place. 
It's so hard for me to get mad at his sweet little face. But, this week... he deserved every bit of my anger. grrrr. ha.
 He's going through his teenage years already. . . 
>>He's sweet most of the time... 

except when he pees and poops inside... or on us.

>>He thinks he's all gangster like he owns the place. 
>>He thinks we owe him everything. He's quite entitled that way. Expects to be fed from the table. 
>>We even gave him his own room. 
(the tent mom & dad got him for Christmas)
>>He's spoiled. 
We seriously are convinced he is going through his teenage dog years. Naughty Koda. 

Let's talk about chocolate...
>>We went to the Country mercantile. Bought $30, yes $30 worth of chocolate. lol. 
It's one of those pay by weight. . . We didn't realize we got like 3 lbs. ha. 
It was healthy though... because it has real fresh fruit in it, ya know? ;)

Let's talk about Sonic...
>>We went to Sonic the other night because me, McCall, was rockin' a fever. So we thought we'd get a shake to cool off. We ordered a chocolate cheesecake shake... It came out and was white. So we didn't want to be annoying so we just ordered another one, just plain chocolate this time. . . It was white... so we went to be annoying. The valley girls there at Sonic were like, "that is chocolate." Um... it's white and tastes like vanilla. So we went to Jack in the Box, where Brevin went to order... "can I get a brown chocolate shake?" ha. After ordering, the chick on the intercom yelled 'in the intercom' "I just found my keys!" 
So we were like, "well congrats." 
She's like, "hey thanks." 
Um... how bout a shake?
Let's talk about sunsets...
>>If you thought Utah has beautiful sunsets, you aint seen nothin' yet. We don't have the mountains blocking the sunset. (not saying I don't love me my Utah mountains) but we also have a beautiful river to catch the reflection of the sunsets. 

>>did I mention that these weren't edited at all?! That's a big deal for me. ha. 

Let's talk about work...
>>I was brave and got out the paint for my art club again... I feel bad that we haven't really painted this year, but every time we do it turns into a miserable mop job.
I made the environment very controlled and we painted, and I didn't eveb have to mop. phew.

>>This week was Earth day! 
We had a chalk day outside in the beautiful weather. 
>>This little girl, drew the Earth, her, and I. Might I say, I look fabulous! lol. 

>>I have been appointed the staff in charge of Cheer Club. Yesterday I broke the girls into groups of 4 to work on writing a cheer about our club. Most of them were along the lines of: "let's go Boys and Girls Club, let's go!" 
Which is why I about died laughing at this lovely cheer that I started to imagine grown cheerleaders chanting. haha.

Ready? OK!

>>Today for art club we did an awesome project. I taught the kids about positive and negative space. We took paint chip samples and punched out all sort of shapes. They glued the the shapes onto a white paper, covering the whole page, then we taped up the negatives on the window for the light to fill the shapes. The kids loved this.

Always working so hard... ha. He told me he had a headache this evening, then he showed me this piece of cake that he ate at work. hmmmm... 

Brevin is on a call right now as I blog. He received this text that left us laughing.
Whoa, is this the beginning of the Zombie Apocalypse?!

Well we're both working tomorrow. 
Brevin, the usual "fun"eral business, while I'll be working a booth for the Boys and Girls Club at the Dia de los Ninos at the park.
After we'll head over to our Stakes preparedness fair.

Have a fantastic weekend & go donate some Barbie clothes to goodwill!

April 16, 2013

flower gleam and grow.

Watch us grow! Awkward years and all! 
(these pictures are in the correct order to the best of my knowledge.)
the day we entered the world... Brevin came really early and McCall broke mommy's tail bone.
Shocked... and grumpy. 
 Year one. 
Our cuteness could seriously overwhelm some. 
we were all about the red sleeveless jumpers. 
 Year 2. 
Our adorableness it uncontrollable. People stop and stare.
Brevin is a lil naughty kiddo, but his cuteness overcomes that. 
Shark Teeth oooo-ha-ha. 
Year 3. 
Our personalities woke up. Cheesiness all around.
 Year 4. 
Thinning out. Blondies. 
Brevin still a lil nugget of cuteness while McCall starts looking 2 years older than she is, and nerdy as heck.
Those Bangs.....
1st Grade.
Brevin's famous fake smile is learned and mastered. 
McCall still has her shark teeth...ooo ha-ha. 
 2nd Grade.
Cheerful cheese.
The year of the awkward teeth. 
Turtleneck season begins.
It really is a shock neither of us needed braces.
 3rd Grade.
The year Brevin saw a squirrel and McCall ate a few to many nuggets. 
Turtle turtle.
 4th Grade
McCall continues to look 2 years older than she is...thins out quite a bit and Brevin's teeth are calming down.
If you look close, Brevin has a booger. haha. 
Turtle turtle.
 5th grade.
Brevin looks like a normal 5th grader.
McCall looks like a lesbian. 
That hur.
6th Grade.
The year Brevin and McCall had the same haircut. 
Oh and pooka shell necklaces were the cool thing to wear. 
 7th Grade.
Brevin saw another Squirrel. McCall starts looking like a girl again and is now allowed to wear more than just foundation to cover acne. 
Yeah mascara!
 8th grade.
Brevin looks the same age McCall did in 6th.
McCall goes from 13 to 18 overnight. 
 9th grade. 
Brevin... well you know, likes seeing those squirrels. Or was he dreaming of her?
McCall was a glorious cheerleader, skinny as heck and looking far beyond her years. 
 10th Grade
Brevin looking stunned that he had to have this hair cut for the play. 
McCall loses an eye once and a while when she smiles. This is what Brevin fell in love with. 
{miss that long hair}
 11th grade. 
Brevin's too sexy for his tie.
McCall looking fabulous. 
This girl must have a college boyfriend ur something.....hmmm.
12th Gwade
the big Senior year. 
Wearing the most random half costumes ever. 
Brevin looks like a freaking hawtie! 
(this is when I fell for him... you don't even need to ask why ;) 
McCall goes emo. ha jk. I just liked really dark hur that year. If I was emo I probably wouldn't have my young women's medallion on.

{Flower gleam and grow let your powers shine. 
Take what is awkward and make it more divine.}


Present day:

The end

.... of normal.