March 27, 2013

finish the sentence..... heck to the yes.

I cracked up when I read some of other peoples answers to this funny link up... so of course I had to join in on the humor. I also insisted on adding my husband into this, because lets face it.... we're hilarious.
Oh, oh, here we go.....

1. If calories didn't count, I would eat... 
McCall- Pasta for the rest of my life, and drink Coke, and eat chocolate chip cookies everyday, and bathe in chocolate milk. You now understand why dieting is no bueno for this carb, fat loving girl.

i love carbs thumb Weight Loss Wednesday–Chocolate Chai Tea
Brevin- .... Reeses and drink Dr. Pepper all the time. Nothing like peanut butter and prune juice for the rest of forever. . . . whater' it's good. 

2. On my Prom night.... 
McCall-10th grade: awkward as heck. Went with a neighborhood friend while totally in love with this boy named Brevin, who I saw at the dance with a friend of mine. Yeah... awkward. 11th- Finally got to go with that boy named Brevin. It was fun, I bought him pink slippers. . . yeah. 12th- That boy, Brevin, as I mentioned above, was out of town for 2 years so I went with a friend from another school and we pissed everybody off by pulling one of these: 

Brevin- 11th-Went with a date who acted like she didn't want to be with me. I had a crush on her, but....I felt awkward and dumb the whole night. 12th- I went with my sister. Practically. Not really, but we were like brother and sister... so pretty much. I kept checking out this girl named McCall from across the room.  College: I went to Prom with McCall. I was her college boyfriend. 
& we danced like this....

3. When I go to the store, I always buy...
McCall- nail polish, or some crafty thing I don't actually need, but want, or may actually need. Depends the day. I also am pro at buying Sentsy wax. Our apartment always smells so lovely! 
Brevin- Refer to question one.... those two things I always buy. Plus I'm the milk runner when we're out and I always buy random shiz like sparkling cider.

4. Family functions typically... 
McCall- are over Face-time one way or up to 3. ha. 

Brevin- Over the phone and sometimes over comments on Facebook. And texting, lots of texting with dog pictures. and singing. the end. 

5. I think my blog readers... 
McCall- are crazy. The fact that people take the time to read our blog makes me feel like a super star. Even if it's just my parents and Brevin's family. ha. And our sweet Aunt Ruthie! 
Brevin- Pretty much the wife covered it. Except for I'm pretty sure everybody likes a snack and fat Luna reads our blog too.

6. I'd much rather be... 
McCall- a female version of Michael Phelps, but I can't have everything. 
Brevin- one word. Embalming. 

7. I have an obsession with... 
McCall- Buttons, photography, pinterest, owls, giraffes, earrings, nail polish, cookies, and She's the Man.
Brevin- Desk art. Hearses, coffins, embalming. Oh, and can't forget the soft toilet paper. No itchy one ply for me please. 
Uh... I said hearses, not horses 

8. My work friends... 
McCall- probably think I am a clean freak. If they only saw our apartment about every other week they'd know this is not always the case. My work area stays organized while I can't keep up with my living area. ha.
Brevin- Are like my other family. They're awesome and like to embalm as well. 
9. When I created my Facebook account.... 
McCall- I was a sophomore in High school, and pretty much didn't use it until this one kid named Brevin added me as a friend. Then I was on like 24/7.

Brevin- I thought it was weird and I liked emailing better. Until I added my wife then we became obsessed with super poking. 

10. My least favorite word is...
McCall- boof. I HATE THIS WORD. It's called farting, not boofing. I don't know why, but I cringe whenever that one kid named Brevin says it. 
"it's not boof, it's fart!"

Brevin- Runny. I don't know why. 

11. I really don't remember... 
McCall- the last time I laughed till I had an asthma attack. It's been a while. I like those days... minus the asthma attack.
Brevin- The first time my wife and I actually met. She says at a region dance I don't remember that. I remember just meeting in high school. 

12. Justin Bieber... 
McCall- ha.... this explains it all...
Brevin- is a wittle girl. 


March 24, 2013


shenanigans plural of she·nan·i·gans (Noun)
{Silly or high-spirited behavior; mischief}
*Last week we had family night at the Boys and Girls Club. I had fun putting together 60 family art journals. They turned out super cute! (Though only like 30 got used) Brev is a champ and always comes to help me talk to the Spanish speaking families and to help in general. 
*Last Friday we did a "Stomp out Bullying" Poster. Kids had to take an old shoe, paint the bottom and "stomp" it on to our poster, pledging they will not bully. They then signed their names next to their print. Over 30 kids pledged. Awesome!
*I dyed my hair. From what was Ombre (that only really looked good for like a week) to a deep red. People... I'm a gingersnap. I love it. 
*St. Patrick's Day........ Well I made Spaghetti with momma's meatball recipe. YUM... though I would have rather been chowing down on Corn beef and cabbage in Utah with the Fam. 
*Check out this handsome leprechaun....
*We started a 101(things) in 1001(days) bucket list. Yep... it's gunna happen. DAYZERO
*This week at Boys and Girls Club the kids have been getting out of school at 11:40 due to parent teacher conferences. It has been stressful. I went from spending a lovely 3 hours or so with these lovelies to a hardcore 7 hour day. ha. . . . . Plus it was finals week. Yeah it's been a we bit on the crazy side. 
*My finals are finally over... friends, don't let me take 17 credits and work EVER AGAIN! (my husband will thank you. ha.) I did fairly well in my classes, other than math... but I saw that coming. ha. Whatever the grades, it is over and I am going to take the next quarter off to take a nice long breather of only having to worry about work. 
*We like to party to celebrate....
*Koda Kuteness:
*Brevin's been feeding the squirrel living in the tree off our deck dog food. ha. It likes it and comes back for more. weird. ha. 
*We got our tax we:
-payed some bills
-bought a home computer....that we love. It's pretty much the coolest. 
-went to Red Lobster for lunch
-and started a savings that has more than 3 dollars in it at a time. (not that both of our accounts look like that. ha) 
*I enjoyed... cough.... not really, a sleep center test where I got to stay the night hooked up to a bunch of cords to record my sleeping patterns as such. I haven't been sleeping too grand lately... so hopefully my night as a test rat will help my doc figure out why. 

Now to leave you with a proverb by me... ha.

{You know you need to do the dishes when your husband brings you a "glass" of milk in a Pyrex measuring cup.} ha. yeah...long week. 

Have a swell Sabbath and awesome week folks! 

March 17, 2013

Liebster Award

Our blog has been nominated for the Liebster blog award! Which pretty much just means we've been given the opportunity to gain more followers, but hey we'll take it! 
Thanks to Cheltee @ Something about you and me... her and her husband are darling and you should go check their blog out! 

I've decided to let Brevin do the talking here.... all my comments are in purple the rest is all him.  enjoy. 
The Liebster award.... as told by Brevin...

I would like to thank the academy for choosing our blog to receive the lederhosen award. I mean who doesn't love wearing shorts with suspenders, am I right? ha. ha.
here are 11 (ok, so 12... Brevin got excited about writing) random facts about the Clifford Clan:
- Brevin collects hearses
-McCall collects buttons
-Brevin loves to dance around with the dog to 80's classics (Hilarious)
-McCall loves to blog while listening to Norah Jones
-Brevin loves to disguise himself as a rock star, a man from India  a Scotsman,  a funeral director (which he is) or basically anything.
-McCall loves to disguise herself by dieing her hair. I think he means dying, haha, i don't kill my hair. 
-Koda likes to pee on stuff........or mom and dad......dang dog......should be spanked 50 times a day.....and locked in the dungeon.........and fed to an angry dragon......but we still love him. um... alrighty them. ha
-Our favorite store is any store with random stuff in it. Fuego
-we both love to eat steak for him, medium's good, for her the bloodier the better.....jk she likes medium rare. because I don't like having to chew on my steak for 10 min a bite. 
-Chocolate milk is a must before bed.......we take after Grandma and Grandpa Huff. word.
-Movie time means cinnamon rolls, or popcorn or chocolate chip cookies. which is why we have gained weight since we've gotten married. ha. 
-Brevin is a Dr. Pepperaholic for reals. should be fatter than an elephant but still has an ok metabolism. guys are lucky, they quite drinking pop for a week and lose 8 lbs. pst. 

Here are the questions asked by Cheltee:

1.    What is your blog all about?
Our blog is about all the swell adventures of two awesomely random peeps in their 20's. It's a blog full of suspense, comedy, romance, poop on the floor, and toast once in a while. pretty much, and we are going to make a blog book every year to keep as our unique sort of family history.
2.    Where do you want to see your blog in the next year?
I want to see my blog on a computer screen on the moon in a year. Pretty much hope the next bunch of astronauts will be laughing their heads off at our blog while sipping Dr. Pepper and eating cheese on the moon......well at least tooth paste flavored like Dr. Pepper and cheese. no comment to his comment... ha. I would like to see more followers, but this blog is really just for fun so I'd be okay with just mom and dad and my in-laws reading it.

3.    If you could do a Button Swap with any blogger who would it be?
Pretty sure I'd want to go and do a Button swap with an old lady who has collected them for 80 years and add them to McCall's Collection. Maybe I'll find one on antiques road show. haha. my husband is silly. I would love to do a button swap with A Night Owl Blog, I love her blog and her Instagram weekends! 

4.    What is your happiest place on Earth?
My Happiest place on earth is.........eating chocolate while hugging my sweetheart. awwww. My happiest place is cuddling with my husband and eating chocolate too! lol

5.    What month were you born in?
McCally was born in November and Fancy pants was born in August same day as McCally's mom.........different years though, of Course. 

6.    What is your dream job?
My dream job is to be a Mortician/ Social worker. McCally's dream is to be everything art and be the Dog Photographer of the century. I don't remember saying anything about being a dog photographer... ha. I would love to turn my doodles into various things and start my own little online etsy store. Oh, and I want to be a mom of course.

7.    Do you like to Text or Call?
We like to do both....Face timing it is better than those there though. True.

8.    Favorite Social Media Site?
Awkward Family photos is pretty socially not acceptable but funny as heck.....we like Facebook and Pinterest and Instagram and Especially Blogger. 

9.    If you could switch lives with a famous person, who would you switch with?
We would switch places with a Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams in the Vow. Good chick flick as heck! love that movie. who doesn't? come on. Pretty much Cry every time I watch that flick. It's true he cries at the end every time... such a sap. ;)

10.  What is your favorite thing to Shop for?
We like to shop for..........pretty much everything random. Crafts for McCall and desk ornaments for Brevin. Brevin doesn't actually have a desk, he uses it as a display corner of all his collectibles. lol

11.  What is one goal you have this year?
Our goal is to lose some swell we eat cookies and milk tonight. Pretty much... we also want to become rock stars by the years end, but hey ya can't have everything.

drum roll please...

Here are our 11 nominations.....
April @Hansen Love
Carmina @Colors and Hughes
Janae @Discovering Janae
McCall @Whatcha-McCall-it (oh yes I just nominated my wife's blog)
Brevin @Marvin the Mortician (Oh yes I just nominated my husbands blog)
Krista @Krista Kay
Della @Mosai
Rebecca @Becoming Domestic
Amanda @Bring it on Life...I can Handle it.
@Michael and Karalee
Dria @Is this Awesome Y/N (my cousin)

Ok, now the dark font is back to McCall ;)

Alright Ladies and Marvin, If you choose to participate here are your questions:

1-If you could write for any well known magazine or newspaper, what would you write for?
2-What is your favorite school subject?
3-Did the Chicken or the Egg come first?
4-How often do you sing in the shower?
5-If you had 12 kids what would their names be?
6-City or Country living?
7-What is your favorite smell?
8-What blog do you visit the most?
9-If you could write a book, what would the name of it be?
10-If you could only use one form of social media for the rest of your life, what social media website would you choose?
11-What is your most prized possession?

Alright, it's your turn now!

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