February 24, 2013


You don't know what you have until you move.
and you don't know what you're missing until you move the couch.
moving. moving. moving. 

Anywho, we are moved. 


no wait, there's fun pictures to see! stick around for a min....
-Koda's been my little cuddle monster this week. He let me swaddle him up... then I walked away and called him and enjoyed watching him worm in attempt to be set free. haha. 

Yeah our dog has been adorable this week... just enjoy these next couple of pictures:
And now for us being freaking adorable:
anyways... moving on...

-Some intelligent human being *cough* NOT, stuck a piece of gum to my windshield. Not one of the highlights of the week...
-I've been on a hardcore drawing spree this week. I love me some illustration time. It's my favorite de-stresser... here's my mind vomit on paper:
From this
to this. doodle freaking monster.
-I had a good hair day. Ha. 
Monday instead of enjoying a day off for the lovely presidents birthday bashin' I got to go to a Boys and Girls Club training... and I got to teach a little art snippet. It was actually pretty fun and I got a lot out of it. 
-We got the keys to our new place on Monday night. I was greeted by some new best friends  Meet Master Bathroom and Huge Walk-in Closet. They're great folks.
-First night we worked on moving in some pretty awesome desks we bought, worth $160 each online, $30 from Biglots. oh yes. Well as were unpacking one we found that the leg in the box was broken. sad. Brevin went to Biglots the next day to get a different leg, he watched them unbuild the store display one to give us the leg. We are pretty high maintenance like that. lol.
This is our first picture in our new apartment. Ready: 1..2...3...Ahhhh. 
-By Tuesday, the only thing completely moved was the bathroom and back hallway closet. ha. We had a ways to go. 
-Another best friend greeted our mattress... Meet Master Bedroom. Makes our Queen look like a princess. Not complaining.
-You know what totally is no bueno about moving? Dirty Laundry! Ahhhhh. So Wednesday night we made a date out of it and went to the laundromat and seriously washed our entire wardrobe. Nice little 3 hour date. ha. 
-two words: 
-Took my second math test on Thursday. 
failed miserably. 
Math and I are definitely breaking up.

-Just in case you were worried, while everything else is still in boxes and a mayhem  . . my desk is set up, which is obviously the most important thing. 
-Dang you Auto Correct! 
-Thursday night was a Boys and Girls Club Family night. We did super cool Faux Mexican Bark. They turned out super cool!
-This is what Friday night looked like at our old place. 
-We went to Lowes and Brevin treated me to a new doormat. Can you guess which one is ours from our neighbors? haha.
-Ok. Saturday. The big shin diggity move in day. All the huge furniture and everything else my whimpy little arms couldn't help with. Today was the day. 
-But first, let's eat. Bruchis. Fry Sauce. In Washington. Need I say more?
-priesthood bros, brothers, brethren? and 2 trailers full. We were on our way. Our favorite Bishop came to help. 
-Made it over and started hauling the loot. We have a HUGE deck now that Koda got to chill on ever so patiently while the men moved everything in. 
-Koda likes the new place. 
-Well wish I could leave you with lovely pictures of our apartment all set up and gorgeous, but we crashed last night and well here's what's done. ha. "Jesus approves this message"
-Today we taught our last class for our sweet Sunday School kiddos. We sure are going to miss them! 
-Tonight we had ourselves some Stoufers Lasagna out on our deck. mmm. mmm. good. 
Um... Yeah... spoiled.

Have a swell week ya'll! 

February 16, 2013

late heart day

our week + the day of love:

.mcdonalds study night. party.
.my hubs surprised me with cute love notes all over and a swell owl lip balm. (You have to open the owls bum to get the balm.) hehe
.one of our swell valentine art projects focusing on implied line. I had like 2 kids out of 20 finish it. ha. 
Valentine's day lipstickin' action right here.
Valentines from the club kiddos. so cute. 
.Brevin got me the sweetest gift! He wrote me an awesome love letter with a bouquet of fake flowers all different colors. In the letter he put the meaning of each flower. It was super sweet and made me tear up.

His gift was quite a bit more romantic than mine. ha. But I still wrote him a cute letter with a lil corny poem.... here's his gift:

We had a swell dinner catered by Stoffers lasagna. ha. It was delicious! 

Nice little candle light dinner at home. 
Heart day was a success. 

We were hoping to start moving to our new apartment this weekend, but we have been postponed until Monday. They are still putting in new flooring and carpet. (not complaining) We are sure excited to be moved... not so much the moving though. ha.

Happy late heart day ya'll.

February 10, 2013

one year down.... forever to go.

Today is our one year anniversary! Prepare yourself for a lengthy post. Well worth it though ;)

We have learned so much this year, here are 10 life lessons and rules we've learned...

1. your apartment will only remain completely spotless in your head. Until you can afford a maid, keep dreaming.
2. laundry is not a decoration and should be done and put away. . . . yeah, we need a maid. ha.
3. When in doubt, don't feed the dog raw chicken.
4. random adventures to Goodwill and Biglots outweigh expensive dates.
5. morning breath is not kissable. no battles.
6. after work, a husband (who's a mortician) will not touch his wife until he washes his hands.... like 10 times.
7. wifie takes a half an hour to wake up in the morning. do not ask her questions in the mean time.
8. midnight Denny's runs are fantastic, but not when you have 9 am church the next day.
9. Always carry an extra sewing kit for those awkward "dude there's a hole in your crotch" moments.
10. Wash your hands, and say your prayers, cuz Jesus and germs are everywhere

We both had the weekend off for our anniversary.
we went to Burger King. party animals.


we went to the mall and shopped for a washer and dryer for our upcoming apartment.

Brevin surprised me with roses and some chocolate. Fake roses too! (I like fake ones better than the real thing)

I became an ombre ginger. did it myself and I love it!

we took the Koda Ann to Aunt Connies to spend the night. He loves car rides.

Got on the road and on our way to our vacation!

Now the moment you've all been waiting for... (drum roll please)

 *our Anniversary trip to Cameo heights in pictures:
 so posh.
 cute scavenger bingo game.
 this bed is memory foam. be jealous.
 worlds best chocolate on it's own platter. fancy eh?

 luxurious bath tub with homemade soap!
 fireplace by the bathtub.
 bubble bath kit and super cute vanity.

 another view. with a handsome man.
a pre-breakfast delivery. legit. best hot chocolate ever.
 our room balcony opened to the back patio.

 beautiful landscape.

The mansion. and a stud.

 Orchard posers. I'm sure it's a lot prettier in the summer. ha.

they grow their own produce.

 Tether ball. Napoleon Dynamite moment right here folks.
 playing horseshoes. failed miserably.

The Vine restaurant. 
 Lobster Fettuccine
 Sea food Scampi
 Fudge cake. mmmmm.

 making shmores under the stars.

star gazing.
 Theatre. We watched "Return to Me"
Movies and popcorn!  
Pre-breakfast appitizer in our room. Breakfast menu... amazing sorbet.
it's fun you can see them prepare the food while in the restaurant. 
Our completed Bingo game for the scrapbook. 

Overall we absolutely loved our trip and wish we could have stayed for like well... a week more. ha. 
We came home to a happy pooch that missed us.
now time to get packing for our move this week! So excited! 

One year down. Forever to go.