January 26, 2013

scooby doo.

this pretty much sums up our marriage in a nut shell. 
And now for our Weekly updates.... drum roll  pa-lease....
-Brev got himself a swell hair cut this week. Looking good.
-Good news! The Koda Ann is feeling a whole lot better! His explosives went away and he's back to his playful, cuddling, begging for food and sleeping all the time self. (Basset) 
-We went on a random date. Goodwill (but of course), then off to Safeway for some Groceries. 
Where Brevin was doing some pretty fancy dancing with the cart. lol.
-I had a blonde moment and forgot it was a holiday on Monday... I went to school to an empty parking lot. Intense. ha. 
-Brevin got to drive to Seattle this week for work. Picked up a stiff at a funeral home up there. He sure enjoyed the view as he drove, just not so much the length of the ride.
-This week has been a pretty cold one. Not comparing it to Utah by any means, but it's pretty dang chilly with more humidity and wind. ..
...which is why I'm also guessing I now have an ear infection. bleh. Feel asleep last night at 9:00pm. That is crazy early for me. Woke up at 10:30 with sore ears, so naturally we had to go get a Slurpee. Since we live in Slurpee capital and all. 
-At work this week I had the opportunity to clean the bottom of a garbage can with molded bread and rotten milk. I then had the opportunity to throw up. ha. Swell. just swell. [bet ya'll wanted to know that ;)]
-This is one of last week's art projects that I think turned out awesome, so I had to share.
-Brevin and I both went to the doctors this week. Some good news, some bad news... but we are still alive and that's what matters. 
-Tonight Brevin took me to Costa Vida for our date night. mmm. mmm. Tortilla soup! We are home and after I post this we are going to watch us Mulan! Mysterious as the dark side of the moon!!!!

That pretty much sums up our week. Nothing too exciting, not to boring either.

It's been one of those weeks....
scooby doo. 

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January 19, 2013

discovering explosives

Well this week has been quite interesting. Full of many discoveries....
-We discovered that I have an unhealthy addiction for notebooks and school supplies. While beginning to start packing up our "office," we found more than I am particularly proud of. lol. (What can I say, I was raised by a school teacher) 
-We discovered that Brevin has some pretty awesome dreams, and is so insightful while sleeping-

He has a love for animals:
"What do you want to do with all the little ugly kitties?" 
He also gave a Spanish lesson:
 "qiene, quince, cuarto, cuatro, como, como, como." 
He also has told me much about his his love for food... 
"I farted on my sloppy joe." 
Yes, marriage is fun.
-Quite sadly we discovered that you shouldn't feed your dog raw chicken. It too, like humans, will give him Salmonella, and you won't be happy cleaning up his poop every half hour. Especially the "explosive" ones, and when you're already sick yourself. 
-We found out that our inventive diaper worked as Brevin had to wake up to go on a call, Koda had filled it on up.
Stinky stinky stinky.
Hefty hefty hefty...

-We also learned that putting your dog's foot in flour after hitting his blood vessel while cutting his nails, makes the blood stop. Random, but it worked, until the next day where he proceeded to leave little bloody paw prints. Had to whip out the peroxide.
-So safe to say that Koda has had a tough week. We discovered that me, McCall, needs to supervise Brevin before he attempts to feed him and cut his nails. lol. 
-Last Saturday we went to the Mercantile. We bought us some home made jam, and lots of chocolates! We also found some awesome signs that will be in my home someday and also found very stupid Christmas decor. 

A raccoon on a sled with a snowman. 70 percent off... I wonder why.
-We discovered that Utah is a cold place and that people have to make sure their neighbors know it on facebook (just in case they didn't know.)
This is us not missing the cold!  
-We discovered that next to Goodwill dates, that dollar store can be pretty awesome.... Especially when you've married a kid. haha.
-For art this week, we focused on circles. We made sweet circle collages.
-Brevin worked with his co-workers this week reassembling a casket to face that opposite direction (to view the other side of the face.) They learned about upholstering.... hmm... I think I have a few projects he could tackle now. ;)
-I discovered that I'm not very consistent with keeping up with my online games. But here are my favorite drawings I've done this week on Draw Something. 

-I feel like McDonalds owes me at least the decency to spell my name somewhat correct. Especially with the similar "Mc" in it. but whatever Micawel works too I guess. 
-I gots me the flu this week. My co-workers and I are just passing it around. Just been cuddling my Kodes.
-Brevin and I went on a rite aid adventure. We found some pretty freaky stuff (we're good at that) and some white canvas shoes. I decorated the shoes!
-Brevin looking through a menu:
-Brevin eating a grande personal pan pizza: 
-Brevin stalking my instagram:
-Brevin being super handsome!:
Well that covers the majority of our discoveries. We discovered that 9:00 church is early and we probably should go to bed earlier. ha. Have a wonderful Sabbath tomorrow ya'll!

January 12, 2013

Happy Not the End of the World!

I seriously can't wait to tell our kids just how many times we've survived the end of the world. I'm pretty sure this is about the 6th time. lol. 
We didn't make it to midnight. Well... Brevin & Koda didn't. They were out cold at 10:00. We never get to bed that early. ha.
Happy New Year! It's 2013! 2 more years till hover boards and flying cars... Back to the Future had better be right or my life will not be complete, and my childhood will be all for naught. 
School started!
 -I am taking a Piano class, it's awesome because I took piano for about 4 years as a kid so I'm catching on really really quick and am ahead which helps relieve stress. I love being able to play songs! (Like the real songs, not the stupid 4 note practice songs in the book with stupid titles. ha)
Brev got me a new outfit for my first day back.
I am taking 3 online classes.
-Math. boo. I forgot just how much math and I do not agree. It took me a good hour to get through the first 12 questions on my first assignment. I finally got faster as I started to catch on a bit. My first quiz was 6 questions. Got 4 right. Awesome right?! ha. yeah... that's a C. boo. ha.
This is my "I love math!" face.
-Social Problems. I like this class. Other than the fact I am constantly brought to the realization that the world we live in is extremely backwards. Not like that's any surprise. 
-Hispanic Culture. I'm lost in this class, still not sure what's going on. That's really all I can say about it. lol.
I realized that the community college I go to requires 90 credits where the previous colleges I attended only required 6o or so for an associates. So I'm pretty stressed trying to get all these credits in! I hope they can go towards my bachelors!
In other news:
_Sometimes... I feel like I married my brother...
-One of my Christmas presents came in the mail! Brevin got me this super cute Owl case for my phone! 
-Work started back up at the Boys and Girls Club. Got me some hyper kiddos the first day, so excited to be back. We did a cool art project for family night on Thursday. I had the families draw a tree with the branches coming out with family members name's and the color of leaves represented their personalities. I put a personality key on the board. It turned out pretty sweet! Here's my example:
-Brevin has had lots of fun taking pictures of hearses this week...ha. Last Saturday Brevin had a busy day. He went on 4 first calls (aka, picking up stiffs), worked a funeral, and embalmed 2. He was a busy boy while the 2 other directors were at another funeral out of town. 
-I got my hair did. You can't really tell super well in these pictures... but I got ombre tips. They're red instead of blonde. Took forever. ha. I like it though. 

 -Brevin and I had our date this week at Texas Roadhouse. mmmm mmmm good. Afterwards we hit up Goodwill (but of course) where we found some pretty interesting finds.
-I never thought I'd be making funeral arrangements at 21.... Joys of being a Mortician's wife. haha. 
-We found a new apartment finally! It's super nice and in a very safe place in town. We are excited to start moving in Feb!
-Brevin is spoiling me by taking me to Cameo Heights Mansion for our first anniversary! I am so excited! 
We are very excited for this new year and all the many adventures that lie ahead of us!
We hope you all have a wonderful 2013 ahead of you and that you have a wonderful Sabbath tomorrow!
Goodnight everyone!