December 24, 2013

Twas the night before Christmas....

Hello there! Merry Christmas Eve! 

-This has been a daily cuddle session with these two. They are super clingy but we love then dearly... even when they don't smell that good. ha. 

-I got to get up at 4:30 to get ready to go to the airport on Friday the 13th (insert creepy music here...dun dun dun).... my flight was at 6 and we didn't leave till like 8. I was exhausted. Dadio picked me up and we played for a while, went shopping, went to lunch.... then I took a nap. ha. 
-I got to go Christmas shopping with this little nugget of cuteness! I love me some Stella time! 
-I also got to babysit her with Dad while Mom and Jameson finished Christmas shopping. She has the cutest smiles. 

-Mom and I got the awesome opportunity of going to my maid of honor's, Amy's, sealing at the Salt Lake Temple. It was beautiful and always a blessing to be in the temple with loved ones. 
-We had a lot of fun hanging out with this girl all day. Seeing so many friends sure makes me miss living in Utah and being near to my besties. 
-Amy and Tim are absolutely darling together and I couldn't be happier for them. 
-We also got to go to the luncheon! It was beautiful!

-Awwww just awwww

-I went home (my parent's) that night from all the festivities to hang out with both my brothers, Christelle, my parents and the Stella cuteness. It was super fun catching up with them all. . . . and then it got late and stuff like this happened... we laughed for like an hour straight. enjoy. 

-The Parrish Christmas card! Stella joined our family this year and there's another blue eyed cutie on the way in JP and Britain's family ..... Brevin and I have dogs, and that's enough for now. lol. 

-We had a family reading and craft night at the Boys and Girls club where Brevin and I made these darling sock snowman. 

-Our club was donated 3 brand new guitars and amps. Soooo awesome! 
-Santa Paws brought me a gift early this year..... probably my favorite Willow Tree one I've gotten. So sweet. 
-This kid is a little poser. 
-So yesterday's weather was amazing. We went from really cold with wind chill to this! I'm thinking there might be snow on the way....

-Today we went and took pictures at the park.... enjoy the shpill of all our favorites. 

-See all you Utah peeps tomorrow! 
We will be enjoying watching Elf, playing with legos, drinking hot chocolate and cuddling this evening. 
 Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight! 

December 12, 2013

family,fun, and dogs

Hey there. 
miss us?
we know.

Here we go....
-Welcome to the East side of Washington where the sun is already down an hour into work. It's kind of depressing. I'm not a huge fan of day light savings. 

Here, enjoy our kids.....
[We went to Utah for thanksgiving where our Koda Ann and Molly Bob sure loved spending time at Grandma Clifford's.] 
[they were very worn out]

-We found out that my brother JP and his wife Britain are expecting another baby in Febuary! They're going to have the gender be a surprise, but they're little girl Gabby wants it to be a boy so she has somebody to dance with. ha. So cute. 
-Brevin is OFFICIALLY a fully licensed Mortician/Embalmer and all that jazz. 

-I finished up my Illustration class, here are some of my final projects that stressed me out, made me cry a little and overall turned out not too shabby.

-I'm 22. Wahoo. We celebrated at Olive Garden (my favs) and Brevin surprised me with a Simplified Hymns book and some Itunes music. It was a great birthday. And of course we had some Carrot cake of deliciousness. The kids at work made me sing the 22 song by Taylor Swift. 

-Like mentioned before, we went down to Utah for Thanksgiving! We were so excited for this rather spare of the minute trip. We had lots of fun catching up with family from both sides and stuffing our faces.
-First, this was my parents when we told them we were coming. They're about as crazy as we are!
-We had fun going to Apollo burger with the Clifford's and checking out the dancing lights at the Valley Fair mall. 

-We especially enjoyed spending time with our little miss Stella niece. She is such a doll and sweetie. I had fun attempting to do a photo shoot with her, she wasn't very patient with me though. She has the cutest smiles though! I just love her so much! 


-We hated the drive home... as usual. ha. 10 hours kinda sucks as it is, but it's more fun going than coming. 
-I sold my first Etsy item!!! The Doodle Cups!!!! Heck YES
Happenings at work.....

Brevin: We went to his work party at the Country Club. It was delicious. His work also had the Service of remembrance they have each year. Super neat. We got a gift from Brevin's bosses to go see a movie! So we went to Frozen. Cutest movie of the year in my opinion.
At my work we had the quarter showcase for parents to come see what we've been teaching the kids. Turns out I'm better at teaching photography than I thought. ha. I received a lot of compliments. 
-We drew what we want for Christmas... this little girl wants an Ipood. lol.
The same little girl drew "a picture that looks just like you!" Yeah... except I'm positive I'm wearing pants. 

-I just chopped my hair off. I was going for the whole beautiful long hair... turns out in this humidity it just gets frizzy and untameable. No bueno. But I like the cut. 

-Tomorrow I'm heading to Utah... YES again! I'm going down for my Maid of honor's Wedding on Saturday! I get to go to the sealing and I am so honored! So excited for her! 

To those in Utah..... see you soon! 
Have a swell night ya'll.