December 31, 2012

last post of 2012.

So we're here at the Salt Lake airport.
Our flight was due to leave at 5... got postponed till 7:30. Which means we could have stayed and visited for 2 more hours. ...
The joys of Holiday travel.
We had an awesome time catching up with our friends and family! Such a great time, short and sweet, but great! I sure am missing my Utah! . . . not 8 months of snow though. lol. Big thanks to everyone we were able to see both friends and family!
So here's the end of the year happenings.....

*Our Christmas Eve was a bright and beautiful day. 55 degrees and sunny. We enjoyed eating some Stoffer's Mac n' cheese, peas, and some sparkling cider. (fancy diners, eh?) We watched The Grinch. It was awesome.
*I am impatient so naturally we opened our presents at 12:30am (because technically speaking it was Christmas) haha. Here are a couple of the swell presents we got from each other! 
*My Family face-timed us on Christmas Eve. My brother is a fruit.
*We took a swell photo of our sweet Koda. He Fell asleep on the chair next to the tree while we opened presents. Such a sweetie. 
*We let Koda open his stocking in the morning. He was so excited! 
*On Christmas "morning" we woke up to some snow. It was awesome! We went and got us some IHOP. We ended up with about 3 inches of snow! It was great! Enjoyed a nice and relaxing day.
*The day after Christmas we got ready to head to Salt Lake. We flew that afternoon. Our flight was delayed for an hour and an half. So we chilled in the tiny Pasco airport. Early that day I wasted some time messing around with my awesome symbol app. ha. I'm awesome. 
*On Thursday we spent the day with the Clifford side of the family. We had lots of fun doing our awesome gift exchange and playing the funnest game ever! Telephone pictionary! 
Funny Shirt from Brevin's siblings.
*Got a quick family picture! We got to visit with some of Brevin's cousins and Uncle. Then went and saw our awesome Grandma and Grandpa Clifford and enjoyed us some Apollo Burger!
*On Friday we spent the day with the Parrish side of the family. We had our gift exchange and had a blast watching our niece open her presents and gasping at anything Rapunzel related.

 *We then took lots of family pictures since this will be the last time for a while that we're all together.

*On Saturday we got up and went to breakfast with my mom and dad at Cracker Barrel. It was delish and great to have some time with just us and the parentals. We sure love them!
*I then went and took my lil bro in-law's senior pictures on Midvale's main street. Coolest photoshoot street ever. He was constantly being blinded by the bright snow. ha. Fun kid.
*We went and had the wonderful opportunity to visit with Ruth and Paul and the Clifford Clan. It was great catching up with them. Ruth spoiled us with awesome massages with her lavender essential oil. She then spoiled us by giving us samples and a first aid kit for our car! So cool! 
*We then went to hang with my family where I ended up taking a nap while Brevin was emerged in an intense game of Words with Friends (The board game) where he beat my dad! That's unheard of! My bro and mom were impressed. ha. 
Brevin's gift from JP for the gift exchange.
*I woke up and got to color with my niece. She is such a smart little girl! 
Gabrielle's shoes and Rapunzel's shoes
Matching colors in here Sesame street book. 
*Later that night we went to Leatherbys as a family for dinner. I had so much fun playing with my niece and being mistaken for her mother. lol. My family left and we added a couple of tables and had a fun hang out with friends from high school. It was soooo great to catch up with them! 
our sweet cousin Gabby! 
Edna (Linds) and The Chillin' Dillon!
Porter, Jessie and Landon!
My maid of honor Amy and Meghan!
My buddy Nate (recent RM) and my old roomie Amanders!
Amy and her significant other!
*Sunday we went to church with my parents where my dad gave a talk. He's one amazing bishop if you ask me. We then went to an homecoming for a dear friend of mine. Nate Hansen. (2 pictures above) He gave a wonderful talk. We went and had lunch with the Clifford clan, went and visited my family, packed, and were taken to the airport by my parents. And here we are . . . sitting at the airport....still. ha. It's officially 7:15 and we are not on the plane. 

Update... we got home last night at 8:30ish. We went to pick up our Koda and were greeted by a dead car. lovely. ha. At least it was only one of our cars. We had a great time playing with our Kodes and getting lots of cuddles. Such a sweet pup. Big thanks to our friends the Meyers in our ward for taking such good care of him while we were gone! 

Well we have had one great year! Our wedding was absolutely wonderful, followed by 2 sibling's weddings and news of a sister in-law expecting! Brevin's job has been a big blessing in our lives and my job brings me so much joy. We have had our fair share of trials, but the blessings we've received this year outweigh all of them and we can't help but be grateful! We are so grateful for all our family and friends and all their support! We are looking forward to a new year filled with new adventures to blog about! ha!
Have a wonderful New Years everyone! 
See ya next year! 

December 23, 2012

Twas the night before the night before Christmas....

-went to Michael's to spend my Birthday gift card from my sweet in-laws. We had fun looking at random stuff... I almost got these. almost. 
-Instead I got me a sketch book, a fancy marker pen, & some pastels to start illustrating. I want to illustrate a children's book when I grow up. 
Here are some of my sketches:

 -We went to Brevin's work Christmas party where we had an amazing prime rib dinner and silly white elephant. We got an annoying dog that sings "aint nothin but a hound dog" (That scares Koda to death) and the movie Rio. It was a fun party.

-Done shopping and ready to bring all these presents to Utah for the fam! Grandma got her own leopard print wrapping this year. ha. haha. hahaha.

Koda's stocking. He was sad when we brought it in and didn't give it to him. lol. He is going to be one happy pup on Christmas.
-We had fun making a photo booth in our kitchen and taking silly Christmas pictures. This is our lovely silly Christmas greeting card. ha. we have too much fun. Koda was a we bit tired if you couldn't tell.
-Koda loves snuggling. And is tired in all 3 photos. ha. 
_Early Christmas present for Brevin for our tree. A casket ornament. 
-My early Christmas present from Brevin. It's a camera clicker, this way I can take family photos without having to run back and forth all the time.
-Siri has a sense of humor.
-Face timing dad. We pull the same faces. lol.
It's almost Christmas!!! We be ready and so excited! 
-I got to take Santa Pictures at Boys and Girls Club for the Christmas party. This is the awesome crew I work with.
-We opened a couple more presents last night for our date night. We love movies.
-Tonight we made cookies! And we started a tradition where we decorate pajama shirts to wear on Christmas eve. We had fun! 

We are now watching Gulivers travels and cuddling. Tis the Season. ha. 
Have a swell Christmas Adam, Christmas Eve, and Christmas day one and all!