November 22, 2012

turkey day...gobble gobble.

{We are thankful for}
~Our swell family and friends.
~Our savior
~Eternal marriage
~Our religion
~Our sweet Koda Ann
~leche y cookies
~our jobs
~crazy siblings
-our Sunday school class
-the temple
~my spanish class
-date nights
-good movies
-John Cusack 
~Our swell blog
~goodwill trips
~skype/facetime to stay connected with the family in Utah
~good eats
~mail.... other than bills. ha
~Smiling, smiling's my favorite
-sleeping, and naps, long power naps
-art in its many forms
-roof over head
-bed under back
-toilet under bottom
-holding hands
-smell goods
-funny night time conversations
-strange questions
-living room photo shoots
-eaten sweaters and socks, proof that our little ruff ruff  is just around the corner
-cleaning together
-not doing laundry
-I I I mean.... Doing laundry, because we have a washer and dryer.
-we are thankful to our blog readers for taking the chance to try to enjoy our weird sense of humor through reading this blog.

~Weekly Happenings~

~We are pretty much the coolest, most epic Sunday school teachers. ha. We love teaching our awesome 14 & 15 year-old class. Super fun bunch.

~Super cute art project we did for BGCA. Pilgrims and Indians out of toilet paper rolls. The kids loved them! I'm going to miss doing my fun thanksgiving crafts with the kiddos. They all turned out so cute!

~Big shout out to Brevy! He passed the state board and is officially a licensed funeral director!!! Wahoo! So proud of him!

~So of course we had to celebrate with one of these. Gotta love them Texas Roadhouse blossoms. Way too much food though. ha.

~Our little Koda has been super tired and cuddly lately. He gets cuter everyday!


~We had the missionaries and our awesome friends (Stephanie, Chris, & Kaitlin) over for dinner. It was awesome catching up and seeing my buddy Alan (Elder Sleater) from highschool! Small world! He's a great missionary!

~Pretty much worked a good 8 hours yesterday because of the kids early release from school and a staff meeting... so being able to get off early especially in time for the break was fantastic! I sure needed that lovely 2 hour nap. 
~Brevin's Siri humor. ha.
I got my hair cut. growing it out but rockin' an A-line in the back. I love it! Finally found a good stylist up here! 
-We went out to dinner with some new friends! A gal at work introduced us to another really fun couple. The 5 of us had a great time. I love dinner dates, and getting to know new people. . . . and fish. haha.
I came home after work and Brevin had gotten bored and found this online, printed it out and built it. haha. He is so awesome! We are going to have some seriously funny kids.

We are spending Turkey day with our friends we previously mentioned above and their family. We are so excited and grateful for them.
Happy Turkey day all ya'll. Have a swell day! 
gobble gobble.

November 10, 2012

9 months along...

9 months along.....

no, we're not pregnant 
(scared ya though, huh?) haha.  
Today is our 9 monthaversary.
We celebrated by hitting up Brevin's favorite Sub shop, Bruchis, renting 2 movies and getting some chocolate chip cookies. We're wild animals, we know. (as we sit on our computers, listening to music... and not even watching the movies yet. ha.)

So Halloween was a hit... we had one group of trick-or-treaters. ha. Party animals, I'm tellin' ya! Apartment living is the way to go if you need an excuse as to why you managed to eat 5 lbs of chocolate. . . nobody came to take it, so had to get rid of it someway. ha. kids at work are sure going to love the candy I have to give out for prizes now. :)
My brother from another mother came home from his mission in Samoa! Welcome home Adumb!
Here's the post from when he left: Called to serve
We enjoyed our ward's temple night. We went and did sealings. We then went with a group of folks a couple generations older than us to Dairy Queen, where our former bishop treated us to some ice cream. Sweet folks. We enjoyed helping them figure out how to work their Iphones. 
Brevin couldn't find his pants to take Koda out so he put mine on... I couldn't find my shoes... So I went with the clown look. The footie PJs adds a whole new dimension to this look for sure.
"looks like you can, uh, sleep in my kennel tonight er somethin."

Brevin likes to change my nickname on my phone all the time. I never know what to expect. lol. 
Cool illusion art we did last week. This is the one I did on the board. Most of the kids caught on... most of them. ha.
Thankful Turkies. These turned out so cute! I love the list of gratitude we made. I sure am grateful for being a girl, and my monkey. lol. these kids....
Went and got me some food. Weirdest spelling of my life... Muckal. Holy Hick. 
Koda's old tag got lost in the lawn, so we went and finally got him a new one. (after about 3 months) We decided to add his much deserved middle name, since Brevin's been calling him by it for the last 3 months. . . Koda Ann (Pussy Head) Clifford. Obviously we couldn't fit his entire middle name. how unfortunate.ha. 
I had a 3rd grader ask me what machine this is. Am I that old? ha. I told him it was a CD player, he asked if it played movies then. Uh... no child, movies are on DVDs. ha. "but music isn't on discs."
The Koda, all cuddly. He's such a sweetie. 
Brev rubbing Koda's leg to see what's wrong with his leg. He's been limping for almost a week. Poor lil guy. 
Saturday naps with Koda. 
close up of my dyed hair. No, it's not black, it's just dark dark brown. 
I painted my nails for the first time in about 4 months. ha. Ombre sparkles!

Brevin got yelled at by an old lady.. "Stop acting like a funeral director!" ... his reply, "Well I am a funeral director." "Well you should at least smile sometimes!" ... 'we're at a funeral...'

Upcoming this week~
*Brevin will (hopefully) be taking his state test to be fully licensed as a funeral director)
*I get to go to an all day work training on my day off from  school. ha. Extra hours though! 
*the BGCA kids get early release from school almost for a whole week. More hours and art projects here I come! Good thing I love my job!
*We will be feeding the missionaries on Saturday! (my buddy from highschool, Alan Sleater, is one of them)

Tha tha tha that's all folks!
Have a swell week!