October 31, 2012

halloweeeeeeeeen... n' such.

Happy Halloween one and all! We hope you have enjoyed your fun holiday of being a poser and becoming nearly diabetic. And thanks to all who decided to purchase the second half of their costumes this year, much appreciated. As for the break down of the last 2 weeks... here we go...
"You gotta love a man that wears those pants outside the house, and they're bright even." Haha this is what the lady at 7-11 told us. Lol. We love us some slurpees, especially when we have scratchy fall flu throats.
Koda Ann. such a cute pussy head. (This last sentence sums up what Brevin calls him all the time.) haha. 
Cool mural design I made for kids at BGCA to color in to make a huge mural. They love it! Mural coming soon... or soon enough. ha. 
Mom and dad came up to visit! Momma came to work with me and helped teach art! We made frankensteins! Gotta love a man with a mustache.
Mi mama.
Mi papa.
Mi Amor
We hit up some fun vintage shops with my parents in down town Kennewick. super fun! 
Went to Farmers mercantile with the parentals, found some pretty  crunchy potatoes for sale. 
Got our costumes all ready for the BGCA carnival! We got to face paint kids faces all night. It was fun.
We had to wrap Koda's leg because he's been limping... well in the right picture... you can see why. ha. 
I love Saturday. except that i get nothing done.
We went to Tony Romas for the first time ever! Most AMAZING steak we've ever had!
Brevin is soooo sweet! He made me an emergency kit for my car! 
Here are some of the fun art projects we've done at BGCA this month!
Owl that I taught the kids to draw. They turned out cute. 
Saw this creepy doll at Rite Aid... I'm afraid our future children are going to have some pretty freaky toys. 
Came home to a surprise! Brevin made homemade Clam Chowder with a candle lit dinner. I am a lucky girl! 
Our mini Halloween Photo shoot! Snow White and prince charming!.......
and our dwarf.... or apple.... you choose.

In progress.... 
still waiting for trick or treaters. Only one group so far. ha. Apartment living problems. 

October 12, 2012


So its been a we bit since we last blogged. 
Busy times. fun times. crazy times. 

Enjoy this lovely bullet point list of updates:

*i started fall semester. Estoy estudiando espanol, y sociologia, y gymnasio abierto. thankfully I have a Spanish speaking esposo!
*Brevin got to be a Spanish minister at a service for a baby. so sad. 
*Work is going great, lots of fun art projects and cute chicos y chicas who are becoming mi amigos. my favorite is when kids write me notes and try to draw me. 
BGCA staff!
*Brevin volunteers on his days off at my work. The kiddos love him.
*My buddy from high school/Madrigals, Alan Sleater, is serving his mission in our ward here in Kennewick! Mundo pequeno. 
*I got a hardcore sinus infection. no muy bien. Went to rite aid for cold meds... came out with a scroll. lol.
*Here are some fun pictures from Jameson & Christelle's wedding.
Picture of Christelle and me at 15 then at 20 at her and Jameson's wedding. 

*I started a gluten free diet. I have all the symptoms and thought why not. not a huge fan so far. ha. I have to make my own bread every week and I'm practically latino with the amount of tortillas i've eaten. good thing I like those though. I've lost about 12lbs. not too shabby. I'm feeling a bit better too. Brevin says we should move to Guatemala.... uh...maybe for a mission when we're 70. ha.
*We tried Dominos gluten free crust! I love Costa Vida! practically everything is gluten free :)
*Our apartment got inspected... still nothing fixed... going on 8 months with a dishwasher that falls out out of the wall when you open it too far. ha. love apartment life. 
*We went to dinner at Connie's & Mike's house. Such a fun family to hang out with. 
*Koda threw up. poor little guy. el esta enfermo.
*Mi Madre y Padre are coming up in a samana to visit over madre's UEA! So excited to see them!
*Conference was wonderful! We watched it on our Ipad while home sick. ha.
*bought un costume para nuestro perro Koda. it was a monkey, unfortunately it doesn't fit, it looks like a monkey piggy backing Koda... or hanging on for dear life. haha, we couldn't stop laughing. 
*I got an 86 on my first sociology examen!
*Brevin cito gave plasma.
*We banned Koda from all fluff jugetes. no bien. he now only gets ropes...he eats those too though. stringy poo.
*We painted faces for familia noche at BGCA. it was awesome.
*We finally watched the Avengers, Captain America y Thor! encantamos a cada uno de ellas!

It is finally the weekend and I am super happy! Have a swell weekend all ya'll!