September 15, 2012

teacher teacher teacher... you're pretty.

Kids are so cute!

"teacher I need scissors! teacher I need the glue! teacher where's the paper?! Teacher look at my dinosaur! teacher teacher teacher.... you're pretty!" 

-I started my job! So far I love it. lots of cute kids, lots of personality packed kids, and lots of kids who won't listen. gratefully I work for a non-profit organization so there's a little more wiggle room, and I get to let my creativity run wild and make my own curriculum. I've been having a lot of fun teaching! Here's what we've done this week:

..first off, check out my room! It's huge! 
.. My work uniform. A different color shirt for everyday of the week.
..I'm Official!
..The weeks schedule
Monday.... probably the most stressful day of my life. I was so overwhelmed with the amount of kids that came and went as they pleased in the art room. (about 80) only half the kids (who actually did the project) finished their hands. turned out cute though!
 Tuesday.... 10 times better than Monday. I broke the class in to 3 different sessions and was able to work with the kids better. We made Monsters! I let them name them... here are some of the names, "Mccll, Pinkey, Batzilla, Slappy & Butt." ha.
Wednesday.... a we bit crazy but excited kids. we made pinwheels for centerpieces for Thursdays family night. We then decorated cans.
Thursday was fun. I was going to do the derby races but postponed it. instead I took a poster and drew one of my "famous" designs in it and let the kids color it in. We then had family night where Brevin came and helped me teach the kids and their parents how to make friendship bracelets. Turned out great! (helped out that Brevin speaks Spanish too)
Friday we did thumb art... I didn't get any of the kids art examples but here's my example. It was a fun and a very messy activity.
... and for my absolute favorite moment this week: "teacher you are going to love my drawing, you won't even be able to hold back the laughter. You'll laugh your head off!"
needless to say, but this made my week.

For other news....
check out these awesome shoes Brev bought me! He's so sweet!
This was our Labor day dinner. haha. Brevin got the day off! I was so excited!
Not one of my best moments. . . back in the ER. we figured out what it's not and now have an idea of what's been making me so sick and giving me so much pain. finally. 
Koda officially destroyed all his toys but one. His rope. He even ate the tennis balls. weirdo.
We took some family snapshots. priceless. ha. 
Brevin's funeral pictures for the week.
Taking a midnight Walmart run after taking a nap from 6:30-9:00pm. and after having a dance party to beach boys in our living room. so fun. ha. 
I am so grateful for facetime! I love facetiming my parentals!
Koda being a stinker. It's been freezing outside in the mornings and makes our apartment super chilly. I woke up from a nap and the little guy was on the couch under my blanket. so cute. but so naughty.
We just bought him a pack of black socks.... so cute. but so naughty.
This is how I wake Brevin up on his Saturdays off. It scared him. haha.

Here are our highlighted Drawsome awesomeness.
We fed the missionaries my taco soup! Both from Utah! ha.
Koda goes to his bed just by us snapping. we find him in there when he thinks it's bed time. it's super cute. fuzz face.
I did a photo shoot this week for Hannah. You can check out more here: 
Tonight we took pictures for our date night. After this post we will be watching Get Smart. heck to the yest. 

Have a swell Sabbath one and all!