August 29, 2012

passed away test & art teach.

Our title is so punny.
Brevin's awesome shirt.
Visiting Teaching message magnet I made 
Biggest daddy long leg I ever did see.
Rockin' weather.
Dominated at Words with Friends. 
Hospital bed for sale at thrift store... um...
Gyros for dinner! 
Snow College to No College. Thank you Brevin. Thank you.
We hang out at biglots when we have nothing else to do. lol
Red Robbin.......YUM.
"Don't strain yourselves kids"
Grown up Mac n' cheese. Olive oil instead of butter + basil, broccoli and garlic salt.... mmmm.
Sunday school treats for our class as they begin school. 
Koda's been naughty. We found a chocolate trail. (not actually chocolate)
Took a trip to Yakima for Brevin's national board exam in funeral sciences! 
Beautiful Sunset! and He passed!!!
Koda pooped in the hotel room. seriously kid?
Miners of Yakima. delicious.
Can I come up front?
We thought we won $30,000. ha.ha. of course it was a gimmick. There were a lot of angry people there. 
Had an interview yesterday.
got the job today!
Art teacher at the Boys and Girls club. I am so excited! I start on September 10th. 

and we shall bid you farewell with these cute pictures of our Koda :) Have a great week...end!

August 18, 2012

Salt Lake Hangover.

So it's only been 4 days since the last post and we are thoroughly exhausted.
It's like a hangover from the Salt Lake tirp... no, we don't drink we are just extremely tired.

-We came back to find our stake presidency had been changed... and our bishop is now a part of it. I've been teasing Brevin about being the new bishop. ha. ha. ha. jk. I don't think we could handle that right now. ha.
-I finished summer semester. My nutrition final was really easy and I'm looking forward to seeing my grades.
-Edited some pictures from the Wedding. check em' out!
McCall Photography
-I waited a half hour in line to pay tuition because the computer payment system was down. ugh.
-I got an Ipad for school. Thank heavens for an awesome education fund from my amazing parents! Having ebooks instead of textbooks is litterally going to save us around $300 on books just this coming quarter! sweet!
-We have been busy on DRAWSOME this week. here are some of our favorites. Needless to say we're pretty much professional artists. lol.
-We found our future child on pinterest. haha. this little guy looks like he could be ours. No worries, he's not. but dang, he sure is cute.
-Koda has been sleeping like crazy! He's been lonely, but has been a really really good boy since he's been home. HE LIKES HIS KENNEL! never thought that would happen! And he finally has a poop schedule! haha. The only thing he's naughty about is getting on the couch when I'm asleep taking a nap. (we don't want him on furniture.) But he's been a super sweety and a mommas boy this week. so cute. Oh and he all the sudden has a beard...
-Brevin has been using his spanish like crazy this week. lots of espanol services and meetings.
-We facetimed my parentals last night. ha. ha. We sit exactly the same. They're so cute.
-We watched a 90's movie called "Mr. Wrong".....Ellen DeGeneres is hilarious! But the movie was freaking weird.
-Brevin had one busy busy day today! He woke up at 4:45 and went on a call. embalmed. set up a veiwing. came home and changed. then off to work. had a funeral service. meetings with families. then came home for a half hour. then back to a veiwing from 5:30-8.... Wowza. I organized the kitchen. ha. my amazing and productive life... lol. Now it's time for our date night. ha.
-Tomorrow we're back teaching our sunday school class about the title of liberty. Love this lesson!

Have a wonderful Sabbath tomorrow!

August 14, 2012

Salt Lake part 2

-Mom and I went and got our hair done. She fell asleep under the dryer… I won’t post the picture, I value our relationship too much. Lol.
-So… I chopped my hair off. I was in that “inbetween” stage with my hair and decided I actually do my hair when it’s shorter. I like it
-We threw Christelle a bridal shower! It was so fun to see our family and visit. I got her lots of new Zebra stuff. Jameson is a little Zebra out. haha.

-Jameson & Christelle got a “Magic Bullet”… we made smoothies. freaking awesome.
-How I miss this place. Isn’t in Washington. 
-Mom and I went shopping. She decided to spoil her grand dog. Ha. And I’m stupid and sent this text to Brevin when I really meant to say PediPaw.

-On Tuesday I went on a Del Taco run with Jackie and Nicole! So much fun! I love catching up with these girlies!
-I was so tempted to buy this skirt for my niece. . . so tempted. I guess my shirt explains why. lol. 

-On Wednesday I went to dinner with Amy, Krista, and Jessica. Fun catching up with these girls too!
-After dinner I went to pick Brevin up from the airport around 9 and went to crown burger. (another place we don’t have)
-We then went and visited the Koda. He was spoiled! So cute though I couldn’t help but smile at how much fun he was having.

.Mini was having a hard time staying awake…
-On Thursday we spent the day with the Clifford’s. funny to see the brothers back together again. This video…

-My gift to Jameson & Christelle was a picture I took of the Oquirrh Mountaing temple and blew up to fit a 20x30 frame. We filmed them opening it. 

-On Friday we went to lunch with my family… dad spoiled us and took us to Cheesecake factory to celebrate Mom and Brevin’s birthdays.

-Friday was our 6 month anniversary! Time flys! We went to Spaghetti Factory for dinner then instead of waiting a year we decided we’d eat the top tear of our wedding cake. It was really good!

Saturday was the big day! Temple. 9:00 sealing. Amazing experience. Pictures. Hugs. Picture of Brevin & I on the bench he proposed to me at.  Entertaining a 3 year old. Grabbing caffeine at McDonalds. Bathroom break. head to luncheon. Garnder village. Archibalds. Set up. Place all place cards. Take pictures. Introductions. 
Lemonade. Prime rib. Trying to feed a 3 year old chicken fingers. Chocolate bunt cake. Carrot cake. To die for frosting. 3 hour break= 2 hour nap. Bed head. Get ready again. Head over to reception. Forgot aprons for servers. Go home & get aprons. Back to reception. Stopping on the way for a coke. Pictures. Pictures. Pictures. Bite of cheese cake. 3 year old won’t go to anyone else. Cries when I put her down. Pictures. Pictures. Pictures. Deliver drinks to the wedding line. Get stopped by a dozen people I know. Talk for 15 min each. Pictures. 3 year old. Pictures. Visit mommy in-law. Despicle me with Gabbs. Pictures. Pictures. Pictures. Old friends. Pictures. Daddy daughter dance pictures. Mommy son dance. First dance. Precious. Gabbs cuddles her face in my chest. Cheesecake gets on my dress. Awesome. Visit with uncles. Pictures of bridesmaids and men “decorating” their car. Send off. Bubbles. Bubbles. Bubbles. Sprinklers. Pictures. Cram car with presents. X10. Sneak away. Hires pastrami H. Onion rings. Food. Glorious. Food. Looking at pictures. Falling asleep on the couch. Get ready for bed. Lay down. Crash.

Yep that kind of day. It was wonderful though! I’m so proud of Jameson and Christelle and so happy for them!

-Sunday. We woke up, or kinda. Ha. Packed up, picked up Koda. And on the road we went. Party. 10 hours!
-Monday for FHE we went to the mall to have an adventure. Brevin treated me to Cinnabun. mmmm. mmm. good.

A wonderful week to one and all!