July 28, 2012

da na na na na na na na BATMAN!

WARNING... this post has very little to do with batman. we are not held responsible for wasted time in search for batman as a main character in this post. we are much more exciting than batman. well kind of.

So yes. we saw Batman.
I loved it.
Brevin loved it.
Koda didn't.
Since he was left home for so long... haha.

This week has been a lil crazy... and Stressful.
and more is to come.
heading to Salt Lake with my auntie Liz da Wiz on Friday.
need to pack.
need to do laundry so I can pack.
I have a my final project presentations on Thursday for my Pottery class.
Have to turn in a nutrition project.
And I need to find a dress for the wedding.
just a little stressed. that's all.
On the brighter side...
On Wednesday it's my mommy's and my hubby's Birthday! fun fun!

The past week(s) list...

-Saw another amazing sunset! Holy wow! It's kind of awesome not having the mountains to block the sunset.  
-Koda has a little hideout while I get ready in the morning.
-We told Koda he was adopted... He didn't take it well.... ok so it was really a yawn. but we thought it was hilarious!
-Our little guy is growing up sooo fast!
-We found some random treasures at BigLots. don't worry... didn't buy them. We're not mental.

-Had a freaking awesome epic thunder/ lightening storm! Watched it in the cemetery till midnight. We're creepy. we know. We then went and got shakes.

-Koda now folds his arms for prayer. lol Such a good boy.
-Koda ate my flip flop... momma was mad.
-This is his "sorry mom" face.
-Brevin wore my skirt... don't ask me why. lol
-dog sheds like a beast. I learned a new trick though! You squeegee the floor! Thank you pinterest. No more clogging my vacuum!

-I've noticed my hair has been quite frizzy lately... I now know why. Thanks dad. haha.
-Mom wouldn't answer.
-Koda loves family scripture time. We started reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish. Our ward is having a Book of Mormon reading challenge and we thought we'd switch it up to help me learn Spanish for my class next semester. 
-My pottery piece died. :( 
-Then was resurrected... 14 hours of work later. But I love it. just needs to be glazed!
-I got a grant for school for the next 3 quarters! YES! I love being a newlywed!
-Koda pooped. In his Kennel. grounded.
-We found this lovely song to celebrate our frustration with cleaning his poop up. Also dedicated it to Jameson.
follow this link to see the hilarious music video.
-I got a 98 on my nutrition project, and an 89 on my nutrition test! wahoo!
-Brevin bought me a beautiful pink rose to congratulate me. Such an awesome hubby.
-Brevin is officially done with school minus taking the national exam. Wahoo!! He rocks!
-Brevin made one mean guacamole grilled cheese sandwich. mmmmm.
-Brevin went shopping with me... this outfit looks perfect for the wedding, totally fits me sooo wrong though. :(
-We went to Carmines Italian resteraunt and had some amazing foods! 
-We got those stick families for our cars. Yeah we're weird. get over it. Brevin made it so we're holding hands. ha.
-We saw Batman. loved it. recommend it. Very sad to hear what happened in Aurora, CO though.

Have a swell week everyone!

da na na na na na na na BATMAN!

July 18, 2012


we are at the library.
it's Wednesday.

i'm late on this blog post. again.
we've been busy.

brevin is taking the practice test for the national exam coming up in august.
3 hour test. cherry diet dr. pepper. corn nuts. 
he's set.
i am being less than productive.
the works.
working on my fall schedule as well. 
"should be finishing nutrition project." she says while taking a nice big swig of cherry coke.
oh the irony.
we tried a new frozen yogurt place this week.
myfroyo. good stuffs. healthy too.
had a goodwill adventure. 
the usual weirdness.
brevin has gotten a kick out of wearing my night gown lately...
witnessed the most beautiful sunset i ever did seen.
Heavenly looking clouds.
witnessed the coolest lighting and thunder storm.
it was sick!
had an awesome movie night. 90s kids.
mr. koda had some heat stroke symptoms. poor lil guy. my cuddle bug.
I look so much like my mom in this shot.
went on an adventure to fiesta (mexican market).
made shrimp taco lettuce wraps.
made elote'. 
not as much as i love my hubs face after eating elote'.
i finished a pottery piece for my class.
it's a giraffe.
inspiration from my dadio.
26 inches tall.
super sweet.
used the potter's wheel for the first time today.
tricky. but fun.
i think i want to be a potter when i grow up.
or a photographer.
or a graphic designer.
or a jewelry creator.
i have no idea exactly what i want to do.
had a doctors appointment today.
finally figured out why i'm sick.
such a relief. 
yet a stress.
fun stuff ahead.
i'm not pregnant.
we had a fun family night with the baers. 
their baby is getting so big.
koda was so sweet and gentle with her. 
we're heading to salt lake soon! 
so excited to see friends and family.
oh, and jameson of course. 
since it's for his wedding.
i've been invited to a jello party.
a trolololololo (or whatever) party.
and a bubblewrap popping party.
how exciting!
i think that about sums it up.
busy with school.
busy with work.
busy with life in general.
have a wonderful week/ weekend ya'll.

July 10, 2012

Independent Eyebrows. (What a stupid title)

I realize this post is pretty late as far as weekly posts go.... it's been a busy one already...It's already Tuesday Gromit! 

~First off, Happy Independence day! We enjoyed our 4th of July by getting matching out fits... yes including the dog and taking some family pictures. Yes. I did get made fun of for dressing my dog in clothes. But he looked so cute! 

~Brevin made my Gramy's shrimp salad, or a version of it, nevertheless it was tasty. mmm.
~We went to the firework show over the river. . . we weren't even close to the river. It was packed and we left about a half an hour early and barely missed the traffic from it. crazy! 
~We discovered that Koda loves Taco Bells sauce. 
~I facetimed my parents. . . they were tired... 
~So was Koda

~We saw Brave! So cute!!! We love doubling with Connie and Mike! They're our family away from home.
~This week has been triple digits. Not used the humidity to go along with this heat.
~Work has been "freaking slow" said Brevin in a mournful voice. 3 of the 4 nights he was on call he didn't get called. Well I'm not complaining. ha.
~Brevin took me to my favorite antique shop after getting off work early on Saturday and bought me a beautiful antique $5 ring :)
~On Sunday we ate dinner at Connie & Mike's. Great home cookin'.
~Jameson and Christelle sent me the COOLEST iphone case ever! It's a camera! I love it! Also got their invite to the wedding. I actually surprised myself at how awesome the invites turned out. woot woot!
~We hit 110 at 7:30 at night. . . we've been camping out in the living room on our air mattress so we can be in the same room as the cooler.
~Brevin fixed our toilet. It was pretty crappy for a while there. haha. punny.
~While studying for my nutrition test, Brevin and I ate Ben & Jerry's Icecream.... Oxymoron. 
~Pretty much aced the test btw.
~We start glazing tomorrow in pottery! I love that class!
~I facetimed Mommy today. haha.
~Brevin and I decided to have some fun so we drew eyebrows on Koda with some old eyeliner... HILARIOUS! 

~We found a restaurant that has fry sauce! And it's not in Utah!!! Bruchis. Heck to the yes.
~Koda broke out of his kennel this evening while we were out.... we aren't positive how. ha. 
~Today is our 5 month anniversary! I can't believe how the time flies! 
~My Auntie Liz is flying up here to drive back down to Utah with me, so I'm not alone when I go down for Jameson's endowment. She's so sweet! I wuv Aunt Wiz!

Anywho, thank you for actually reading this blog, yes you. Have a great week!
Stay classy.