June 24, 2012


Where to even begin... 

enjoy this discombobulated list of random weekly happenings of craziness.

-We got haircuts! Finally. Brevin was starting to look like the Beatles. The girl butchered my bangs and cut them crooked ... not cool. I was able to fix them though.
-We tried a new restaurant called Carmines... so good! It was real Italiano amazingness.
_Brevin spoiled me with paint to paint some furniture... so far I've only been able to do the table and one  chair. So much fun!
-Koda is in a search and destroy mood this week.... It's been like having a 3 year old.

He's good most of the time... and a cuddler.
-Shout out to our dads! We wish we could have been with them on Fathers day but we sure do love them!

-Ian poked me... i haven't been facebook poked for almost a year. haha
-I had a doctors appt. that led to another appt. that led to another and one coming sometime within the next month. it has been a party. and no.... I'm not prego. 
-On Thursday I had a colonoscopy. Needless to say, Wednesday night was awful with the nastiest tasting juice ever. Party. A polyp was found and removed and my lower abdomin feels a bit better. The sleeping medicine knocked me out for the entire day and I can still feel its effects in my system.
The prep... obviously Brevin had the better dinner.
The results. Glad they found something and removed it.
I was so beautiful after I woke up. hahaha.

 -Brevin is such a sweety and got me flowers because I was nervous about the procedure. and because he's a total sweet heart. 
-Koda has been a little stinker... climbing on furniture when we're not home and sleeping in our sheets and pillows.... so i made him a bed today (He loves it). He also ripped his kennel, and some flash cards, and Brevin's homework... the joys of an 8 month old pup.
left: What he was doing.
Right: The bed I made him that he loves.
-Brevin got to take a nice drive to spokane to drop a body off at the airport.
-Brevin and Koda took a nap.
-Today I designed my brother's wedding invitations. They turn out pretty swell if I do say so myself. 
-Brevin and I went on a target, Riteaid date night after going to the WORST restaurant I have ever been too. Sterlings. nasty crap. don't go.
1.we bought these. freaking awesome.
2.Light saber wars in RiteAid waiting for meds.
3.Brevin helping me pick out hair color.
-I attempted to make eggplant lasagna today... I failed. The sauce was amazing. I'll make it again, minus the eggplant. And of course we go to an even worse dinner after that. bad culinary night.
-I start school on Monday, I am excited! (never thought I'd say that. ha) 

So it's been one of those weeks. lots of up and downs and craziness... now off to plan our Sunday school lesson. ha.
Have a wonderful Week everyone!

June 15, 2012

Koda's klose up.

Introducing the newest member of our family... Koda Clifford! He's an 8 month old Basset, Beagle, Coon mix. He is a personality packed pup. We got him off of Craigs list for $20! We would have spent much more on him though. Such a sweet pup. 
 Koda loves smiling and getting his belly rubbed and wagging his butt like his hips don't lie. He has the cutest little short legs and is so sweet when he's sleeping. He loves to eat flip flops. He likes to destroy stuffed toys and rip off their limbs... one at a time. ha.

Here are some of Koda's favorite things:

Favorite smell: The front room scentsy and mom's taco soup. (He managed to flip the spatula on the floor while we were gone and lick it clean) Lil stinker.

Favorite sound: The fan. He will mellow out like nothing else when the fan is on, and falls right asleep when it's blowing on him.

Favorite music: Yes, our pup has favorite music. He love piano primary music (puts him right to sleep) also enjoys Brevin's Spanish singing.

Favorite thing to bark at: Old people and little children... we need to work on that. ha.

Favorite activity: Playing with his angry birds squeaker toy. He also loves playing with his tennis ball. He also likes taking rides down the playground slide with dad. ha.

Favorite treat: He likes to flick the spatulas off the counter to desserts and lick them clean. He also loves turkey and pizza. And them dental bones.

Favorite Color: Black. The one thing he peed on thus far was black. The bath mat that goes around the toilet, he knows we pee there, so why can't he? ha. After he peed on it, it bleached to red. weird. really weird. We threw it out. He is potty trained though and usually is a really good boy.

Favorite time to wake up: 6:20am.... We are trying to keep him up later so he doesn't wake us up this early everyday, especially on Brevin's days off. But he enjoys taking naps with mom during the day.

Favorite show: He loves watching Smallville with us and falling asleep in his kennel.

in other weekly news apart from getting our sweet pup, here are some highlights:

-We saw the movie "Man on a ledge" it was really good!
-We had FHE with the Baers again. Fun couple, and darling baby, and dog with an attitude. jk. Koda and Zoie didn't get along at all. Amazing Enchiladas!
-Today we took a trip to the ER (don't worry, not life threatening) i just have some lower abdominal problems that we needed to take care of that urgent care couldn't test for. Came home with some fun meds and have to keep an eye on my symptoms. 
-I finished registering for all my classes for CBC. I start a week from Monday!
-We found Smallville episodes at the library! So excited! 
-We went to a rosary on Tuesday. party. 
-We were going to feed the missionaries tonight, but we ended up at the ER too long. sad day.
-Brevin was a great sport and went with me to a water aerobic class! it was way fun and a great workout. We then went and over ate greek food. 2 steps forward 1 step back, right? ha.
-As we were typing this, Koda managed to destroy his angry birds stuffed squeaker toy. There are wods of fluff everywhere.

have a great weekend everyone! 

June 10, 2012

happy 4 month anniversary!

Ok... so 4 months pretty much just flashed before our eyes. We have loved being married. It is so wonderful to be able to be with my best friend everyday, we have grown even closer as a couple and have learned so much from one another. It's been the best 4 months of my life. I am the luckiest girl ever!

A couple things we've learned from marriage:
-Mom isn't around to pick up my mess or his... so therefore it's my job. haha. (it's not a mess, it's a museum of clutter, for him, a museum of pens)
-Mom isn't around to cook.
-Cooking for 2 is sometimes a challenge. And no, microwavable burritos and frozen pizzas don't count.
-Mom isn't around to do my laundry.
-Dishes don't clean themselves.
-Neither does the apartment.
-Neither do our cars.
-Money doesn't grow on trees.
-Cheap date adventures to goodwill and random stores always end up being the funnest. As do random photo shoots. Obviously. (If you didn't see our last post go check it out NOW!)
-Brevin is the most patient, kind and loving man I know and takes such good care of me.
-It's nice to have someone to keep you on track especially on days when you just want to crawl in a hole.
-Laying in bed laughing about nothing is the best medicine ever.
-Going to Walmart multiple times in a night because we forget to get what we originally went there for in the first place is priceless.
-The $5 movie bucket at Walmart also makes a fabulous date night. Or the $3 ones at Biglots.
-Smurf is the dumbest show ever... for some reason we watched the whole thing. We love blockbuster and Redbox.
-Felt boxes the Urns come in at Brevin's work make for fun craft projects for McCall. ha.
-Bringing McCall flowers home from funeral services Brevin works = brownie points.
-And last but not least we've learned to compromise and have learned patience. We are best friends and seriously never fight. Married life is easier than being single. He makes me always feel like princess and this is our fairy tale. (I know that totally sounded corny. deal with it)

In other news....

weekly happenings:

-we found a pretty nice 2 drawer cabinet from goodwill for $6 that I plan to refinish and put in our living room...

-I learned how to paint and refinish furniture at a relief society activity. I am pretty excited and have the urge to paint everything in our apartment and recover our furniture.
-I sent out the first half of the thank you post cards with quite possibly the tackiest stamps I've ever seen on them. ha. I hope those of you who receive them enjoy the stamp. ha.

-We got our wedding video from the videographer! It turned out awesome! We are very pleased!
-I got a parking ticket in the college parking lot while I was taking an advising session for class scheduling. I talked to a lady in the office and she let it slide because she saw that I'm from Utah and the parking laws are different I guess... I guess you can't park the nose of your car facing out, it always has to face in in the parking spot. weird.
-Brevin has been on call like crazy the last couple nights. He had calls all night on Thursday and only got 3 hours of sleep. crazy. He also missed all but the very end of Church because of calls. It's been a busy week for him.
-Friday Brevin practically ran the funeral home by his self because his co-worker was out of town.
-I found an orange while cleaning... or should i say I found a green. A moldy orange completely coated. yuck!!

-We are looking for a doggie friend for our family! We found our dream doggie on craigslist but the people wont get back to us. :( We are looking for a pretty mild manner dog that can deal with living in an apartment and that's already pre-trained to pee outside. also one with short legs so it doesn't climb on furniture. We want a Basset hound so bad.
don't you just want to cuddle
this little guy!
Have a fabulous week everyone! 

June 3, 2012

80s flashback.

one day at goodwill we found a frame that said "Christmas 1984" for $1....so of course we bought it. it then sat lonely for weeks wondering where it's spot on the wall may be if ever. We then bought some super 80s glasses and sweaters (at goodwill of course)... photo shoot time.

So I set up my strobe kit. (my big girl toys) and we got right to work smiling away while sweating in sweaters in 80 degree weather. Was it worth it? It was totally worth it. Best memorial day activity EVER! Remembering the 80s! haha.

We look bad to the bone.

in other weekly news:
-We had family night with the Baers on Tuesday. good times chattin it up and eating taco soup! My soup was a hit and so were the shmore brownies Stephanie brough. mmmm.
-We finally got the thank you post cards and we're going to be sending them out over the next two weeks! Keep an eye on your mailboxes! 
-Wednesday we went to a rosary, no we're not Catholics, Brevin is a funeral director. 
-Thursday we finally got a family doctor! Woot woot!
-Friday we cleaned the house like wild childs then went to the temple to do Sealings. 
-Saturday we went to a graduation for Summer.(a person, not the season) Congrats to her and thanks to Connie for the delicious foods. 
-Sunday, today, we taught our Sunday school lesson to our lovely class of age 14 and 15.
-At midnight I will register for classes for Summer and Fall semester. Party!
-Brevin has to go back to work tomorrow, the dead can't wait. 

peace, love, hope, always use your soap. 
Have a good week er'body