May 27, 2012

The list of random....

The list of random:

-I got a fun letter from Elder Gardner! Funny kid that one! Such a great missionary
-Brevin started summer semester this week. 
-I took a Compass placement test for college. Scored college level on English and reading and border line college level on Math. I start school on June 25th! I'm excited! 
-I saw a puppy get hit by a semi in front of me and couldn't do anything to help it without causing an accident. :( That was a bit traumatic and quite sad.
-We ate lots of Pancakes at IHOP
-Brevin found out he will be graduating this summer! Wahoo! There was a bit of credit confusion but it's taken care of now.
-I highlighted my hair with red highlights
-We grilled garlic and put it in olive oil and dipped bread in it. mmmm.
-Brevin got to listen to Mariachis for an hour and a half at a graveside service. He loves that. He just won't admit it. lol.
-I went with Brevin to a Rosary he was working.
-Went to a restaurant called Zipps... amazing tarter sauce!  

-We went to outback steak house for the first time ever for our Saturday date night.
-We then went to Hobby Lobby to explore. My hubby is such a great sport. He spoiled me with a plaque for me to paint and decorate with a quote that says, "Christ--the center of our home, a guest at every meal, a silent listener to every conversation" to put on our wall above a picture of Christ.
-He then helped me plan our Sunday school lesson, while my "visual" brain drew pictures of what was happening in the stories. I'm a kid at heart.
-I taught our Sunday school lesson all by myself. (Brevin had to work a rosary) I've never taught by myself before. It was a we bit frightening, but we have a cute group of kids who are pretty easy going.

-I will finally be getting my thank you post cards to start sending out on Tuesday! FINALLY! I'm so excited, I feel like a jerk not getting thank yous out till now, lots of confusion with pictures and then printing. They're coming people, I promise! 
-I made one of them meme deals:

-A missionary heading out played this song today and I decided it will be played at my funeral. I love it! The joys of being married to a mortician... constantly thinking about funeral plans. 
-I made my momma's famous poppy seed chicken for dinner tonight. mmm mmm good. 
-McCall & Brevin= addicted to chocolate milk.

Well there ya have it folks, our lovely list of random. hope you enjoyed it. 
Have a wonderful Memorial day everyone! 

May 19, 2012

week of pictures.

1. Green Pizza
2. the result of a hardcore sinus infection, asthma and allergies mixed together.
3. We finally explored our town. Downtown Kennewick is full of fun little antique shops. love.
4. FINALLY! new shoes for the boy!

Brevin treated me to a $5 bag of antique jewelry pieces. love love love!  

Another fun purchase with the wonderful seems like never ending Bed Bath and Beyond gift cards from the wedding. Time to get into shape.

Tomorrow we teach our first lesson to our class of 14 & 15 year-olds. We are excited! Though... I'm not excited Brevin will be on call and I might have to teach by myself.

Have a great weekend everyone! 

May 13, 2012

trip to salt lake.

Sorry about the day late post for all you dedicated followers. We have had quite the weekend! Here's the fun breakdown of our adventures in Salt Lake:

Wed: we flew to salt lake. there were only 13 passengers on our plane out of the 50 seats. it was really odd. but on the bright side we got all the drinks and snacks we wanted. 
stopped for the goods we don't
have in Washington. Apollo.
Thurs: This day was the whole reason we were in town... the wedding of Brevin's brother Jeff. 
Jeff and MaryAnn 

My little sisters and I all dressed
up in our fun color dresses.

Happy 3 month Anniversary
to us!
MaryAnn and Jeff: 12 hours, Brevin and McCall: 3 months, Ruthanne and Paul: 4 months

Fri: I got my braces off... well I'm done with them. You can't really get Invisilign off. ha. Got a permanent retainer on the bottom teeth and a retainer for the top at night. party. We then had lots of fun hanging with the Cliffords and Gma and Gpa Huff. Finding potato bugs, playing barbies and eating dinner together. lots of fun :)
That night my brother Jameson proposed to his wife to be Christelle, I'm so happy for them! 

Sat: This was the Parrish day. Lunch at Maddox, family pictures in the park, shopping adventures with my parents at Smith and Edwards, being silly with my niece, and spending some quality time together. 
Smith and Edwards. My dad bought Brevin an Alpaca! 
Family photo shoot with my tripod 
The cuteness. SO cute!
Her new best friend. Brev and Bug.
Busy busy weekend, super fun though. Now we're back in Washington getting ready for the week and with a lovely virus, but the best hubby to take care of me. Wahoo! Have a wonderful week everyone!

May 5, 2012

random weekly happenings.

Here are a couple of this weeks happenings:

-getting ready to head to Utah next week for a wedding! we are super duper excited. 
-Bought a fantastic wedding present... snicker snicker. 
-Also bought a fantastic purple dress.
-Got my acceptance letter to start school back up this summer. I'll be finishing up my associates in Visual arts.
-Finished designing our Wedding Thank you Post cards they're being printed and we'll be sending those out really soon. Wahoo!
-We went to the temple and did sealings. Awesome experience! 
-Library dates to take finals... Brevin, not me. He totally rocked them btw. That's my boy!
-Doctors visit. Antibiotics. no feel good. :(
-Costa Vida for Cinco De Mayonaise
-Goodwill date night tonight. always an adventure. We always find the most random things. 
Barbie books. As if the movies
weren't bad enough.

He always has the best
picture of someone in
casket inside a book
we found. creepy.
-Then of course we're now chillin' at McDonalds for some free WiFi and apple pies. 

We are party animals.
Have a swell weekend ya'll.