April 28, 2012


Yes I have a new blog. 
Yes Brevin does too. 
My new blog is all my creativity outlet. 
You can check it out here:
You can check Brevin's out here:
Arthur the Mortician
I don't necessarily have much to blog about this week... It's been pretty slow and the usual other than our McDonald's date night where we sat and used the internet for a good 2 hours while two 11 year old boys laughed their little high pitched heads off at Brevin pulling faces for like 15 min. Weird.  ha. Oh and our wedding pictures finally came! So we will be working on getting some Thank you Post cards out in the mail ASAP. Wahoo!
For this post I thought I'd post about stuff we dis-like, like & love, why....
because we're awesome.

  • Onions, mushrooms, peppers
  • Stupid drivers
  • Rap music or Twangy country
  • throwing up
  • Cow stomach (as in eating it...I doubt he looks at a cow and says, hey I don't like how it's stomach looks)
  • People who never answer their phones
  • Bright colors
  • Art art art!
  • Photography
  • Recognition
  • LLamas
  • Oreos
  • My prince charming, best friend, adorable Husband
  • My amazing, supportive, wonderful family
  • Friends who stick around and are there when you need them... and still there when you don't
  • McCall
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Oranges

and of course... we love our blog readers ;) 
Have a wonderful weekend everybody!

April 21, 2012


I love Brevin's 4 days off. it is so awesome to have 4 days straight of dates!

.We quite enjoy going to random stores and trying on sunglasses and weird stuff, especially thrift stores.
.We love walking through the mall
.We love finding weird stores that sell stuff like "distinguishing your farts" book (we know exactly where to shop for my brother this year for Christmas. lol), Iphone plunger and a Star Wars cook book. weird. 
.Brevin loves coming with me to jewelry stores like Claires and Icing ;)
.sitting in the photo booth just to use my photo booth app on my phone, great lighting by the way.
.can't forget to sit in the massage chairs and wiggle around so people think you're actually using them. 
.Souvenirs, like a dead fish charm for your bracelet from the vending machines for 25 cents are the best. 
.Trips to craft stores to feed my creative appetite while wishing I could be payed for crafting all day. Sigh.... someday.
.Dollar store shopping for mothers day gifts. lol. jk. 
.Texas Road house and it's onion blossom is a perfect way to make sure your room smells awesome all night. lol. 
.Picnics in the park, potato salad with wavy chips is a must of course.
.stopping for drinks and chips for our picnic, standing behind an extreme coupon-er and being given a receipt 2 feet long for 3 items. classic.
.being greeted by a goose at our car waiting for food.
.Having ourselves a fun mini photo shoot by the river
.and can't forget redboxin' it everynight with all the free codes I've found online.
.cookies and chocolate milk before bed.
.Then of course being able to go with him to Church without the chance of being called away for work finishes up my week quite nicely.
I love my husband.
We are pretty much professional daters. just saying. 

April 14, 2012

mess, please clean up yourself.

Ok. It has been one of those weeks. Brevin's car got broken into, stereo stollen. Serious sinus infection still around and on my second antibiotic, and not really seeing it work. My hubby caught it. I'm like 8 loads behind on laundry, 2 on dishes, and heavens, you don't wanna see our bathroom. To top it off, we seriously have no food. Only stuff to make spaghetti. My o.c.d. (not that i'm actually diagnosed with it) has shut off for the week. Let's just say times like these, I want my mommy. ha.

On the bright side of this week of chaos, I had a job interview, I got to go and shoot some senior pictures, and I'm almost done getting all the paperwork and applications ready to finish school. Brevin took me on a date last night to Denny's, after words we watched Smurf. (Probably not a show I'd recommend unless you are planning to take a child with you. ha.)

Anyway, through it all it has been a week of growing closer as a couple and accepting that sometimes we can't do everything we feel we're expected to do, we can only try. And sometimes Arby's is the answer to an empty fridge. Here's to our Saturday date night of grocery shopping. ha. Have a great weekend everyone!

April 7, 2012

conference.Easter fun

Conference weekend was wonderful filled with wonderful guidance and inspiration from our prophets we’ve been so blessed with. We had the privilege of having the Clifford’s come and visit us on their way to vacation. They joined us for conference, went swimming, painted nails, and played a game called Poo. Awesome. Ha. It was wonderful to have them and fun to cook for more than just two of us for a change.  We also had lots of fun grabbing some dinner the night before they headed home at Famous Daves. Mmmm meat.

This last week’s been kind of tough. I’ve been sick with a sinus infection nastiness. I’m so lucky to have such a wonderful husband who has taken such good care of me. Even on his days off where we could be doing other things. We’ve probably watched a dozen movies this week. Thankfully today I was feeling better so we got out and went to the movie Mirror Mirror. Fun stuff. Tonight we had our Easter fun. Brevin surprised me with Easter gifts and I surprised him with a basket. We also had fun coloring eggs and being silly kids again. Looking forward to tomorrow and spending a whole day focusing on the real meaning of Easter, Christ. Happy Easter everyone!