March 27, 2012

Okay, we survived a week apart. Not going to lie, It wasn’t the easiest thing in the world, couldn’t sleep very well, but we survived with the help of my body pillows, and skype. It felt weird skyping again.

Brevin’s labs went well and his professors told him that he has improved immensely since his last labs in November. Awesome! His reconstructing/mold of my face turned out very well too, even though he said it looked nothing like me after the professor helped him. He got a good grade though! My hubby is so amazing! Big thanks to Kevin and Carley for taking him in for the week.

As for me, I got the chance to visit the family on both sides and meet up with some good friends. Kind of out of character of me to not snap away pictures of everything... my apologies. Monday we had our family corn beef and cabbage dinner for St. Patty’s. My favorite! Later I went on a Del Taco run with some high school friends, Jackie, Nicole, Carly, Jessie and Porter. Loads of fun of talking about married life, and some cute missionaries, one of which is now my cousin. Awesome! I went to lunch with Krista on Tuesday. We sat and talked in CafĂ© Rio for 3 and half hours, I love our totally awkward and weird conversations. I also got a haircut, well more of a trim, but I like it, though I’m thoroughly convinced there’s no possible way to style it back to the way the stylist does, I never can. Wednesday I went and picked up my brother-in-law from high school, fun kid, plus funny neighbor kid.  Then I went and visited with my momma-in-law for a couple hours. Then lucky me got to haul away about 25lbs worth of Brevin’s text books. As I put them in the passenger’s seat the seatbelt dinger went off, so I had to buckle them in to get it to stop. Thursday I got the chance to grab some breakfast at Kneaders with Krista, Jessica and Amy. Always fun to catch up with these girlies. I brought back a package for Jessica’s missionary since he lives in the building right behind us in our apartment complex. Small world. Friday was definitely golden. (and I have pictures to prove it!) Mom, Dad and me went and did an endowment session at the Salt Lake Temple, beautiful! It was so wonderful and such a neat experience, as it always is being in the temple. We then met up with Jameson and Christelle for some foods at Olive Garden.

 Saturday I went to lunch with my parents then off to the airport where flights were all over the place with delays and layovers, and all the fun jazz of traveling. We finally met up in Denver where our flight was delayed for an extra hour. We landed in Spokane and still had 2 1/2 hours to drive home. We ended up stopping and getting a hotel room. Way too pooped. Over all fun adventures for sure. We celebrated being back together by building a fort... cuz ya know, that's what kids do in their 20s. ha. Anywho, it was great to visit, but it sure is great to be back!

March 16, 2012

married & loving every second

So….. we’re married and I am terrible at keeping up to date posts on my blog. Ha. We live in Washington and it has been quite the adventure. (Excuse the random side notes and jumping around, there’s a lot to cover here people)

-Our wedding day was wonderful, filled loved ones and nonstop handshakes and hugs…. Totally worth it. For those of you who attended (and know this blog even exists) I thank you from the bottom of my heart. It was so wonderful to have your love and support. The temple was the neatest experience and I can only wish that all those friends and family who have not been will make that goal. It is amazing and I see the blessings of it in my life every day. Here are a few pictures, still waiting on the full CD and the video.  

-Our honeymoon was It was soooo nice! We went to Cabo San Lucas Mexico to a resort for a weekend and totally enjoyed being able to sit back and relax….. and overeat. Ha. We’re busting it back in to healthy lifestyle mode now, losing some weight.

-Brevin is heading to Labs in Colorado for school while I take a trip home to see the family and catch up with some friends. It’s going to be weird to be away from him for a whole week but I think I’ll live… hopefully.

Anywho, here's to wrapping up my first blog post as a married women! Have a great weekend everybody!