August 31, 2011

changin' seasons.

thank you summer.
for setting me free.
for letting me wear my hair down.
for giving me the most amazing friends.
and adventures.
for allowing me to be me.
for giving me my dream job.
and lots of cuties to go with it.
for teaching me patience.
and hard work.
and how to have fun. 
for opening my eyes to the beauty around me.
for making me unsure, yet confident about the future.
i'm ready for whatever comes my way. 

Hello fall.
I'm ready for you. 
to succeed in school. 
even though my schedule is cake.
one delicious piece of cake.
to work hard.
to love more than ever. 
to head towards the unknown. 
with my head held high.
and my heart on my sleeve.
to fall in love.

thank you summer. hello fall.

August 17, 2011

I'm so lucky. 

I love this boy.

August 11, 2011

he's home.

Um... yeah my best friend came home today. :)

I'm pretty much thrilled. 


August 7, 2011

keep moving.

*people who inspire me*

[People who inspire me, aren't the perfect ones.]

~They're the ones who push through life, thick and thin....
with a smile. always.
~The one's who get back up after making a mistake, realize they're not perfect. 
~They're the ones who tragedies fall upon, yet accept it as part of the Lord's plan for them.
~The one's who never lose  faith in God even though they have very little and barely anything to put their faith in.
~Those who aren't afraid to cry. 
~The friends who teach me everyday how to love more deeply.
~Teach me how to reach for the stars and always aim for what I want in life.
~They show me that with God nothing is impossible, and that I can be anyone in want to be.
It's up to me.
~The friends who believe in me when I lose touch of my worth.
~The one's who have the capacity to love with all their heart and put it on the line knowing that they may and probably will get hurt.
~Those who forget themselves during hard times and choose to serve another. 
~The lost sheep who made it back to the fold, and loves the Lord and is anxious to share his word with the world.
~The one who is so full of compassion, you realize that it has to be a gift given to them to hold so much love and care for others.
~The one who made me believe in love and taught me to trust.
~The one's who tell me to never give up.
~Those who acknowledge and appreciate me even on my off days. 
~Those friends who have patience with me. Realizing that I too am still growing up, and have my moments of weakness.
~The friend who pulled me out of the dark by a simple phone call and a girls night out.
~The one who has taught me patience, and the importance of eternal families.
~The friend who I've grown to love through all our ups and downs, learning that forgiveness is one of the greatest blessings if exercised.
~The ones who've known me since kindergarten and still excepts me for me and praises my achievements.
~The good old friends I still keep in touch with, proving friendships can last. 
~That crazy friend who has shown me it's okay to let my hair down and laugh the night away.

~The one and only who gave his life for me. my sins. my mistakes. because He loves me more than I can comprehend. The one I can never pay back, but can only strive to live as He did. My Savior.~

August 5, 2011


I'm kind of going crazy right now. 
Super nervous.
Super excited.
kind of numb. 
6 days.
that's like . . . . 140 hrs...
er' something like that. 
till my bff comes home
have the urge to pee my pants at times.
and cry. . . let's blame the hormones on that.
2 years dragged on.
yet, 2 years flew.
preparing for the next chapter of my life.
i love that boy. 
6 freaking days!