January 26, 2011

sometimes i win. most of the time i lose.

why does life have to be so extremely confusing?
why can't there be a divine scroll to tell you those people who will always love you? for you.
why can't understanding extend past the ignorant thoughts of ones self?
why can't peace and happiness always live and abound through everyones lives?
why does one person feel the stabs of others actions?
why can't everyone win?
why do the hard times roll in right when life seems perfect?
why can't we just get what we want and not have to tip toe around others?
Yesterday: Life is awesome
Today: Punch me now.
I spoke too soon.
I'm good at that.

January 20, 2011


I come to the Library for 2 things:

2-Get nothing done. 

It's awesome.
the end.