December 9, 2011

recap of Nov.

So November's been a pretty tough time for me... Missin' my boy, but thank heavens for skype. love it. so much. Here's some things that happened. Life as of lately:
After about 4 months I finally got around to a new do.

Flowers from my fiance. 

I am 20. Birthday presents.
19 days till Brevin is home for the Holidays and only 63 days till our wedding! Fun times ahead!!

November 11, 2011


What an amazing week it has been indeed! I am engaged to be married to my best friend! =D I've never been happier! We're planning on getting married in March after which I will be moving to Washington to join him as he is now moved there for his new job.
I AM STOKED! I love new adventures... even more with the love of my life and best friend :)

October 20, 2011

adventure is out there.

adventure is out there
at every turn,
through all life's lessons we all must learn.
So many reasons to give thanks each day.
even through bad times, 
because good times always make their way.
Change always comes, the season rotate.
that's how life goes
we must seize it before it's too late.
adventure is out there
so i'll just smile, and enjoy the view. even if just for a while. 

September 17, 2011

lucky. so lucky.

This boy is my best friend.
This week he has been the most amazing, most caring, loving boyfriend a girl could ever ask for. So sweet to come and chill with me even though there's not much i can do. He brought me flowers.... freaking brownie points right there. ha. He let me fall asleep on him while drugged up on loratab... not a pretty sight. what a champ. haha. Anywho, I'm not one to go off in public all mushy gushy....but just want to express what a lucky girl I am. and thank him for being spontaneous with me and bringing out the me I want to be. I love this boy........I am Lucky. so lucky.

September 15, 2011

one of them weeks.

Monday night...well Tues morning.....1:30 am:
ER run. super bad pain in appendix area. 
Ultra sound, cat scan, and lots of morphin....
Diagnosed with mesenteric adenitis: 
"a condition in which the lymph nodes in the mesentery of the abdomen become inflamed." 
Sent home with Loratab.
back to doctors on Wed, now have an ear infection... 
given an antibiotic.
Taking three naps a day, unable to go to school or work and totally looped out of my mind. 
not really. 

September 9, 2011


This week my eyes have been peeled open to how blessed I am. I am one lucky girl and truly have the greatest family and friends and really couldn't ask for anything more from them. A family who bends over backwards for me to succeed and to follow my dreams. who allow me to find myself and except me in the process. Friends who are always there to listen or simply just to be there. I just want to publicly thank all those who have impacted my life for the better and have truly taught me lessons through simply loving me and teaching me to love. thank you. 
I am very grateful.
and very lucky. 

August 31, 2011

changin' seasons.

thank you summer.
for setting me free.
for letting me wear my hair down.
for giving me the most amazing friends.
and adventures.
for allowing me to be me.
for giving me my dream job.
and lots of cuties to go with it.
for teaching me patience.
and hard work.
and how to have fun. 
for opening my eyes to the beauty around me.
for making me unsure, yet confident about the future.
i'm ready for whatever comes my way. 

Hello fall.
I'm ready for you. 
to succeed in school. 
even though my schedule is cake.
one delicious piece of cake.
to work hard.
to love more than ever. 
to head towards the unknown. 
with my head held high.
and my heart on my sleeve.
to fall in love.

thank you summer. hello fall.

August 17, 2011

I'm so lucky. 

I love this boy.

August 11, 2011

he's home.

Um... yeah my best friend came home today. :)

I'm pretty much thrilled. 


August 7, 2011

keep moving.

*people who inspire me*

[People who inspire me, aren't the perfect ones.]

~They're the ones who push through life, thick and thin....
with a smile. always.
~The one's who get back up after making a mistake, realize they're not perfect. 
~They're the ones who tragedies fall upon, yet accept it as part of the Lord's plan for them.
~The one's who never lose  faith in God even though they have very little and barely anything to put their faith in.
~Those who aren't afraid to cry. 
~The friends who teach me everyday how to love more deeply.
~Teach me how to reach for the stars and always aim for what I want in life.
~They show me that with God nothing is impossible, and that I can be anyone in want to be.
It's up to me.
~The friends who believe in me when I lose touch of my worth.
~The one's who have the capacity to love with all their heart and put it on the line knowing that they may and probably will get hurt.
~Those who forget themselves during hard times and choose to serve another. 
~The lost sheep who made it back to the fold, and loves the Lord and is anxious to share his word with the world.
~The one who is so full of compassion, you realize that it has to be a gift given to them to hold so much love and care for others.
~The one who made me believe in love and taught me to trust.
~The one's who tell me to never give up.
~Those who acknowledge and appreciate me even on my off days. 
~Those friends who have patience with me. Realizing that I too am still growing up, and have my moments of weakness.
~The friend who pulled me out of the dark by a simple phone call and a girls night out.
~The one who has taught me patience, and the importance of eternal families.
~The friend who I've grown to love through all our ups and downs, learning that forgiveness is one of the greatest blessings if exercised.
~The ones who've known me since kindergarten and still excepts me for me and praises my achievements.
~The good old friends I still keep in touch with, proving friendships can last. 
~That crazy friend who has shown me it's okay to let my hair down and laugh the night away.

~The one and only who gave his life for me. my sins. my mistakes. because He loves me more than I can comprehend. The one I can never pay back, but can only strive to live as He did. My Savior.~

August 5, 2011


I'm kind of going crazy right now. 
Super nervous.
Super excited.
kind of numb. 
6 days.
that's like . . . . 140 hrs...
er' something like that. 
till my bff comes home
have the urge to pee my pants at times.
and cry. . . let's blame the hormones on that.
2 years dragged on.
yet, 2 years flew.
preparing for the next chapter of my life.
i love that boy. 
6 freaking days!

July 26, 2011

2 of my best friends are leaving on there missions tomorrow. 
My best friend come's home from his mission in 16 days. :)
I'm starting school AND working next month.
2 of my friends are getting married this month.
The future is unknown.
Change is in the air.

July 21, 2011


That's right.... 21 days till this hunk of love comes home-

Nuff said.

June 6, 2011


Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.
I love this quote. Unfortunately there are very few people who will ride in the bus with me. 
I'm sick of people thinking I owe them. My time. I like to pretend I have a life to ya know!
Coming to me only when a problem arises.
rarely for happy things.
Acting like I owe them sympathy when they could care less about what's going on in my life.
not like they even know. . .
don't care enough to ask
or when told-
subject changed.
thank you.....thank you very much. *takes a bow*
Acting like it's my fault that I haven't planned sometime for us to get together.
and when i do, not coming because they don't like what I've planned. Well that's just peachy keen.
People who refuse to compromise.
i love being a loving friend who helps out.....
but maybe i need one.
just like you do.
but whatever.
don't worry bout me.

this thing called friendship.... it goes both ways. 

I rest my case.

June 2, 2011


a place to drown my sorrows
where troubles drift away
at least until tomorrow

where thoughts are free to swim upstream
where heart aches take a dive
the rush of freedom of a team
with lungs to stay alive

now racing time
a sprint through life
a cannon in the deep
hearts that float and sometime sink
but love that never leaks.

May 20, 2011

$ U /l/l /l/l 3 R

Summer time: (verb)

Job hunting.
More job hunting.
Letter writing.
More swimming. 
More job hunting.
Temple going.
Novel reading.
Over sleeping.
Scripture reading.
Shower singing.
Missionary goodbyings
Laundry doing.
Night Gaming.

word. tada.

DAY 27 
A picture of you and a family member.

This would be my adorable niece Gabrielle (bug) I love her... she's such a little nut. :)

DAY 28
A picture of something you're afraid of.

heights. even worse... falling from heights

DAY 29
A picture that can always make you smile

haha. i think this is hilarious.

last but not least.....

DAY 30
A picture of someone you miss.

I miss my Gramy so much.

April 21, 2011

25,26.... :)

DAY 25.
A picture of you last year. how have you changed?

Obviously this is my High school graduation announcement....well since then:
-I chopped my hair off
-I've lost 15lbs.
-I grew about 2 inches.... the dress i'm wearing in this picture is quite scandalous on me now. haha. 
-I've learned a bunch of grown up stuff they can't teach you in a text book.
-I've learned how to deal with people without always having mom and dad to run to.
-I've learned that people who love you and really matter to you/vise versa, will remain in your life no matter what. Those who don't... won't. their loss.
-I've quickly come to realize what a "true friend" actually is. 
-I've learned that High school was soooo easy. 
-I've learned more from the social and living aspect of college than i have the actually book work. 
-I've learned that it's okay to be undecided.... about everything.
-I've learned that you get to choose your own future. College is like a brand new start. And you can start where ever and aspire to whatever you want to be. 
-I've learned to let life come as it will.... I've learned how to endure trials. That later I have looked back and been grateful for each and everyone. 
-I'm the same me.... just much wiser.

DAY 26
A picture of something that means a lot to you.

My bros. even though sometimes I wanna punch them i still love em' :)

April 16, 2011

T minus 11 days..... Laugh.

Yeah... I'm ready. 
to go home. Where ever that may be.
To start the next chapter in my life.
I've learned tons here.
but this isn't where I belong anymore, it really isn't.
I'm ready to have a place again. Where I am welcomed. Where my existence is recognized.
Where I'm not taken for granted. Or used.
I'm ready to be with people who love me for me. Or find ones who will.
If i could give one word for this year....
Trial. One juicy trial.
Nevertheless, a trial wrapped in a box with a beautiful bow.
That I've opened.
That I've fought through
My present..... the blessings. 
Worth it? Yes.
obviously wanting to smash that present with a hammer at times
You can't throw away blessings just because you're not fond of the package they come in.
I can't wait to look back on this year
And laugh.
Realizing that things suffered, were truly learning experiences.
And laugh some more.
Seeing how much I've grown up
and laugh
Knowing that I can more forward and leave it all behind, only the lessons will proceed into my future.
And laugh again.
Just laugh.

April 14, 2011


DAY 23.
Picture of your favorite book.

Mystery, love romantical, swimmer, Lds book. 
i love it.

DAY 24. 
Picture of something you wish you could change.

I wish I could go back in time and start hanging out with this hilarious girl sooner. She seriously is already one of my best friends. :) Just my luck to meet a friend as awesome as her the last couple of weeks of school... ha.

April 8, 2011


DAY 21
Picture of something you wish you could take back.

Today's coke.... this is number 2. yeah long day. wish is could take it back, OD on sugar= headache. :S

DAY 22
Something you wish you were better at....

Guitar. I'm in a class, and i love it, but sometimes i wish i could just bust out without taking forever and looking at my fingers.

Oh and I want this guitar someday.... ha.

April 5, 2011

Senior Special.

Here's a little slideshow I made to kick off my Senior Class of 2011 Photo Special =)
Check it out and like my photography page!


DAY 20 
Picture of a place you'd love to travel to. 

Greece. ♥
So beautiful in pictures and movies, I'm thinking it's time to see it for real. Or at least at some point in my life :)

April 3, 2011

I am 19.

DAY 19 
Picture of habit you wish you didn't have. 

I chew on my writing utensils. . . yes this picture is the reason i don't use pencils any more. ha. sick. i know. Now i just chew on my pen caps. ha. sick.

April 2, 2011

17 & 18

DAY 17

Your biggest insecurity. 

lol.... double chins in pictures. Nothings worse than posing for a picture and looking back later and seeing you have another smile below your original smile. haha. i know random right?

DAY 18

A picture of your favorite place

The pool. I will forever be a fish. I feel like i can escape the world in the pool. It's my destresser. :) love it.

March 30, 2011


DAY 16. 
Someone you still feel connected to.

These girls. ha. We all were besties in Jr. high. love em' love em'

March 26, 2011

DAY 15. 

I want to go to Paris and get a picture under the Eiffel tower. :)

March 25, 2011


DAY 14

I ♥ Napping.

March 24, 2011

DAY 13

DAY 13
Picture of your favorite band or artist. 

I love James Taylor. 
My favorite song of his is Blossom :]

March 23, 2011

12....end of the world?

DAY 12 

so this is extremely random..... but....
I love buttons! love them! I collect them and make them into jewelry and magnets. they are everywhere in my world :]

March 21, 2011


DAY 11

Onions.... yuck.

day 10.

DAY 10
Picture of someone you see yourself marrying in the future. comment.

March 17, 2011



My daddy. My mommy too of course. ;)

I'm daddy's little girl and he has helped me through so much throughout my life. Including helping me survive Jr. high and high school and all other awkward stages where you feel like a misfit. He's the most Christ like person I know, and i truly can go to him for any advice and help. I'm so lucky he's my dad, and I sure do love him!

March 16, 2011


so i love this whole 30 day picture spew but thought i'd write a little bit of somethin' else to break it up a bit. :]

so instead of a picture spew for this post, please enjoy my poetry spew. ha.


blah blah blah
today like yesterday. 
on repeat everyday.
mono. wait.
just kidding.
waking up 
back to bed
blah blah blah
silence echoes 
loneliness, better than words that cross
occasionally a friend confides
breaking down walls with floods
tears that is.
losing myself
lost myself
blah blah blah
over and over
time and time again
waiting for freedom, bliss, happy-freakin'-ness
will this ever end.
blah blah blah