October 29, 2010

i don't need a parachute, baby if i got you.

so i have a new favorite song. 
it's called parachute
by ingrid michaelson.
i love it. with a passion. pretty much sums up my life. therefore i love it. 
that is all.

check it out here:

October 28, 2010

dear world...im sorry. i'm nothin but a tree hugger.

Dear world,

I love you.
This week has been a total disaster. I won't go into details..... college is just not my forte' at the moment. on top of it, everyone's been taking anything i say personally. I just wanted you to know that i don't mean anything personal. if you were in my shoes you'd want to scream in your pillow too. and not want to put any makeup on knowing you'll just cry it off. we all have those days/weeks/months/years.....errr whatever. I just want to apologize if i have offended anyone in the process of my college meltdown. please forgive me. 

This blog isn't meant to piss people off, it's just my honest opinions, and I have the right to them. That is all :]

i'm nothing but a tree hugger.

October 27, 2010

i believe in a thing called love. just listen to the rhythm of my heart.

So today... cough. this week has kind of been one of them crap hole weeks. so.... to cheer me up and remind myself of all my blessings......
here's a list things about my life that I love:
-my roomies
-my family
-my missionary ;]
-letters from that missionary
-pictures from that missionary.
-etc. ha
-a roof over my head
-teachers that are understanding and open minded
-my friends back at home (who i miss)
-my cooking skills (that actually aren't too bad)
-my glasses.... that should have come 2 weeks ago ha.
-my Shea butter body lotion along with my margarita body scrub. Ahhh yeah.
-my artistic.ness (olso my speling skillz. haha)
-my mom
-my dad
-anything that says saturated on it. ha. i know i'm bad
-my stuffed dog. Duke.
-your mom... haha jk
-chocolate chip cookies
-aeropastle perfume
-hot tubbing
-running with the roomies
-feeling healthy, but eating whatever i want. lol
-painting my nails.
-sunflower seeds
-snap dragon flowers
-the smell of rain. without the sent of cow.
-cities. not the whole 5 turkeys and 5 cows to every 1 person
-brothers from other mothers
-brushing my teeth
-jokes that are actually funny and not hurtful
-sleeping in without being questioned
-going to the temple
-drawing fun pictures in my scriptures
-peeing in pools. lol jk jk
-my cellular device
-my down comforter
-small towns..... not
-a good internet conection
-music (good music) -not cRAP
-laughing till it hurts
-my laptop
-my printer
-Ashley for helping me write this. lol
-my baby. (Camera) don't worry folks. lol
-good health
-Las Vegas
-makeup... etc. cosmetics.
-clothes, cute clothes!
-stores that sell cute clothes
-fast food other than Mcdonalds
-stores besides Walmart
-the ability to fart because you have your own room. lol!
-Cruella. Deville (My cadilac)
-classes getting canceled
-blondie swearing because we corrupted her..... bahaha
-the list could go on for centuries........

Anyway. I will add more as they come to mind. I'm so much happier now. =D

October 26, 2010

sleep. eat. repeat.

today is just like every other day... 
I wake up. go to art.
come home have lunch.
go to sewing or the tute.
come home chill for a while.
then aerobics or yoga.
I would quite love some change.
I wanna switch it up! 
I have no more motivation. poo.
any suggestions??

October 25, 2010

i heart poetry

morning light
i awake from dreams.
nagging thoughts
arouse my heart, what will be
though here i sit, with much to bear
no burdens lifted
all happiness. 
empty rooms
i do not share, my aching soul
for learnings sake
i rest the habit towards its grave
i move beyond
no destination.
blind contours of gray
yet always.
a new canvas to paint
in hope for the rebirth of light 

i love my daddy.

this post is a tribute to my daddy and his patience with me. my dad is so wonderful and really is my best friend (along with my mom) i love them both so very much!