July 13, 2010

my boys.

I have relationships with a ton of guys. no, not the creepy "we're going out" kind of way. i'm just the chick who most guys think of as a sister. and i seriously don't like any of them as anything more than that. ha. 
tomorrow jared piper leaves to the MTC. 
next week paul nahrwold leaves to the MTC.
in august andrew larsen leaves to the MTC.
novemeber- adam liston leaves to the MTC.
and there are many more too....
meet my boys. from left to right: paul,jared,adam,and andrew. 
then of course, kylee and I are on the ends. we're cool like that.

i am so proud to say that they're my friends. nothing in the world is better then seeing how happy they are to head out to their missions to serve the Lord. it really is amazing the change in their countenance's and the new found determination each of them has.
today i really came home and got all teary eyed, not because i'm in love with jared, because i think it's so awesome that he's decided to serve the Lord and because i'm so excited to say i have a brother on a mission. 

Today we went and did baptisms for the dead in the Draper Temple. It was beautiful and such a spiritual experience. i love the temple.
my thought for the day:

July 1, 2010

my. trek. journal.

TREK 2010
June 17, 2010
The Bus Drive: Insane. I sat with the 6th ward, not a huge fan of my own. I sat next to Liz Vanwagoner, we've been playing "would you rather." The 14 year olds in their ward are pretty much jumping off the walls of the bus, they are so hyper. wow. Oh! Along with all this commotion, I became nauseous and ran to the back of the bus bathroom and pretty much threw my guts up. I feel soooo much better now though. lol. ps- started the dang time of the month today as well. :S Props to the Pioneer women and the sickly. Going to trek on a mere three hours of sleep is an horrible idea.
The bus drive cont: HORRIBLE. The nausea continues. I moved closer to the front of the bus next to daddy. As we were riding the bus after our pit stop we were watching a pioneer documentary and the movie "Legacy." But surely I had my wonderful handy dandy garbage bag.... It's not motion sickness, It's the stomach flu, no doubt.
Martin's Cove: Unfortunately, I was unable to go on the hike to Martin's Cove. I was much too flu-ish. I hung out with dad and traveled around through the museums. It was neat to learn more about my ancestor who died on the sweet water in the Willie Company, his name was John Linford. It was great to look through even more history we didn't have back at home of him. Even though I was unable to attend that experience, I really feel closer to my ancestors and am so appreciative of the wonderful pioneers who endured so much in their crossings, to bring to pass all the many blessings and joys I enjoy today. With me being ill, it has given me a reality of what it must have really been like. Dad and I were able to go into the missionary couple's living room to rest, even nap. I felt much better afterwards.
Camp: I am burnt, not from the sun, but from the wind. The wind here is 60mph. Wow. We had to bungee our tent onto a ward member's truck, if not we'll fly away in the night I swear! I'm tenting with my parents, We are all mashing onto one air mattress. It is pretty much hilarious. Anyway, tomorrow is our pioneer clothing day trek- hopefully I will be able to heal in the night. *fingers crossed* Goodnight world.
ps- The stars are beautiful! I saw mine and Brevin's star, I'm happy now.
The Trek: I was able to wake up and attend, overall the stomach flu was almost completely gone. It was amazing and totally an answer to my prayers. The walking really wasn't too bad, I'm at camp now with a terrible sunburn, but overall it went well.
The Women's Pull: What a spiritual experience. As the men went "off to war" I began to tear up, I can't even begin to comprehend the amount of faith and courage it must have taken to leave or be left- away from your loved ones, never knowing if they'll return. As we watched them leave we sang "As Sisters in Zion" (My pioneer is the chick who wrote that song) I was overcome by the spirit. We began making our way up the trail, which by sight didn't look too hard, but in reality, it was quite gruesome. My face- I could feel it turning bright red and I began to wheeze from my asthma. It felt like I had a new sense of motivation, and almost as though someone was helping me pull it to the top. As we approached the top, there was a man playing "The Spirit of God" on his harmonica. We then were greeted by all the men in two lines with their hats on their hearts. It truly was a beautiful spiritual moment that I'll never forget. After the women's pull I rode in the handcart all the way
  to sweet water. Thank heavens for strong boys, medicine, and inhalers.
Sweet Water Crossing: My great X10 grandfather died at the sweet water. So this was a very special event for me. The missionaries giving the lesson told us to pick up a pebble and make it represent something we need to let go of, We then threw our pebbles in the water. We then crossed. At first I didn't want to get wet so I had Matt Maycock piggy back me across, then I decided I would regret it if I didn't. The water went just below my chest. It must have only been 2 degrees. As I was crossing I couldn't help but think of how they crossed in the winter when the weather was -11degrees and their clothes would freeze to their bodies. I can't even begin to imagine. I was also able to help one of our miamaids- Sbeidy Mora across the river because she wasn't tall enough, I felt like those who helped others across. It was a wonderful experience for me. We then headed back to camp after 10 miles of trekking.
Camp: We played a bunch of pioneer games with the first and fifth ward. It was blast. The pony express came with letters from our parents. I cried, I sure do love my parents. It broke my heart to see Jameson asking mom if he could burn his letter in the fire. He was kind of a huge poop this trek. My guess is he must be going through some sort of guilt as he sees all his closest friend either putting in their papers or getting ready to leave on their missions.
Testimony Meeting: Since there isn't much to say about this day besides one of the other buses breaking down, and adding all the people in it to ours, that's pretty much all that happened besides the wonderful testimony meeting. It was beautiful. I didn't bear my testimony, but it felt like it wasn't my turn to this meeting. I really got a ton out of what everyone had to say. Adam bore his testimony about missions- which of course made me ball, in hope that Jameson would be listening to what Adam was saying with his heart. There really isn't anything in particular that stood out to me, but I will never forget the feeling I've had today. I feel whole again, this has re-birthed me and has opened my heart and mind to what is really important in the life and how I should be willing to sacrifice for the Lord and his Gospel. I do have a testimony, my Savior lives and loves me. He died for me because he loves me. I know that everything important to me is important to him. I'm so eternally grateful for this Trek experience and all that I've learned, but most important- for the spirit that has so fully fed my heart. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.